Don’t listen to the manosphere on women

It’s like asking an SJW about being a stay-at-home mother, they avoid it and they’re hostile so if you wanna marry with kids do not ask a group of perma-bachelor genetic suicides.
They might be good on other topics, like finance and hobbies, but they project all their failures away on this little one so it’s completely 180 ass-backwards wrong. You get male spinsters in their 30s demanding a 17yo Russian virgin they couldn’t even pull at the male physical peak, 18.
It’s the core topic they go on because they’re secretly obsessed (like the MGTOWs on female websites) about but it reminds me of the men who visit hookers and insist they’re good with women. Maybe because in many cases, that is them. They’re too stupid to know the women they solicit are whores. Do you want advice from that guy?
Consider the common complaints – women ruin everything (cue rattle throw), we have data proving it and state spending favours women.
Well, they ignore all the data they don’t like, do not seek out data which might prove their false faith false and fail to account for the male half of the fucking equation e.g. men don’t marry so women get pregnant out of wedlock, the rise of deadbeats and imagine if we stopped spending on women. Aside from being literally sexist because women pay taxes, no more free birth control. Would this make them happy, or sad?
I don’t think it takes a genius to figure that one out.
No free STD shots for men and no abortions for the consequence dodgers.
Happy or sad?
I think they’d riot, frothing at the mouth, right alongside the ghetto.
And they’re just as bad as the feminists, for producing children and then wishing to murder them rather than spend time and money caring for someone, it’s a damaged human you’re dealing with.
So they don’t really hate single mothers, it’s the narcissism of small differences, many produced them by failing their spouse (if you lead the house, alpha man) and divorcing. They’re just the male equivalent of the angry feminazi who wants more money for themselves and narcissist who wants all other groups to suffer, a bitter shell of a person with a thin sense of esteem and cheap ideas. As you might notice, that selfishness is the root of their problems.

You can’t ask an inferior person about how to be better than average.
Emphasis on You Go Girl?
Emphasis on You Go Galt.
~It fits!
The men need a woman like a fish needs a bicycle!
The free market cost of fucking around is a shotgun wedding, you stupid motherfuckers. Please explain how you plan to dodge in that case.

Would this make them happy, or sad?
If the Government stopped bailing out their dick.
I agree, we should stop bailing everyone out. Starting with men, because their gender role is provider.
I have a game where friends screencap me interesting Youtube comments.
Right click to open image and delete anything after a ? to see full size.
Inspired by a man’s post, sent to me by a man.

~~~slowest of claps~~~

Someone looked for negative evidence! A man of humility/quality!

Manning up refers to a series of useful actions, not text game scripts.

Ruined narcissists are only contented if they ruin those who come after them. They burned out, as player burnout widely attests, it’s a dead-end and so they now crawl like worms after women young enough to be their daughter or grand-daughter? They encourage vulnerable young men to do the same, under the guise of loving them and saving them from their instincts. Like the 70s feminists do with women.

The sexual revolution was for men because sex is all the low quality men wanted. They’re now pajama boys, porn addicts and general wastes of space creating nothing of civilizational value. 

If you only associate with the trashy women, 1. you are trash people, you don’t get to use the word degenerate as a pejorative and 2. you have no right to comment on non-trash, which is the majority if you look at say, the stats on US college sluts (only 20-30%). For the same reason you don’t ask a fat person for exercise advice.
The data they hide is the data that shows they lie.

4 responses to “Don’t listen to the manosphere on women

  1. The Manosphere is a quarter right.

    They correctly identify half the problems (half the problems are with men), but then they misapply solutions.

    Women need protection, and that is the man’s role. PERIOD.

    …But letting women abuse that devotion from men is the worst possible thing you could do to them.

    Protect her, but don’t put up with her shit either. Give your word and keep it – that is the essence of honor. Don’t try to see if she takes it as good as she dishes out. She never will. She can’t help it.


    You can’t be pissed at a woman for trying to be like a man in the ways you don’t like, and then turn around and be pissed off at them for NOT being like men in the ways you would prefer. You need to MEET THEM WHERE THEY ARE, FFS.

    And WHEN you need to, withdraw to solitude. Remove yourself. They come to reason, because even though the woman is a first a creature of emotion, and then a creature of reason, she will come around to reason. Let her off gently, it’s her nature to be that way. …And if she doesn’t? You chose poorly. Split the blanket, and think more with big head than little head next time.

    You can’t win against Mother Nature. …But you also don’t have to be a dick about how you work with her.

  2. > Women need protection, and that is the man’s role. PERIOD.

    Not man but men, and boys in blue on the leash of The State are good enough substitute. I mean, when was the last time you physically confronted a bad man over a woman? It is retributional rather than preventive in nature, but I’d say physical security for women in the West is not the main reason to have the man around.


    Look around. See a lot of men that can’t help themselves to not act manly?

    Masculinity has standards. Those standards are hard to achieve and require a good deal of sacrifice. There’s also a double standard in place: the bar set exclusively for men, women automatically qualify by being young and fertile.And to make sure men push hard to meet those standards, women tended to shame them on their indolence and cowardliness since the time immemorial. But now? Now they fight ‘toxic masculinity’ instead and preach that ‘gender is fluid, and masculinity/feminity can mean whatever you want them to’. No wonder civilisation went to gutters.

    My observation (although both my wife and I are Russians) is that a good man can manage anxiety level of his woman. That’s the number one trait. Maybe the only one that matters.

    Protection is not about preventing damage, but removing the situations where she feels vulnerable, and hence – anxious. You don’t have to demonstrate your superior fitness level and MMA training (although those are always good), just make her feel safe.

    Same for providing: it’s not about bringing in a lot, it’s about her being sure you will be able to support the family no matter what. In fact, you can screw this one while being on top-1% income. Just act stressed about your job every single day and keep complaining about your stupid boss that can fire you at any moment, or the markets being shaky, or whatever. Bonus points for spending 12 hours a day in the office VS 30 minutes quality time with her.

    It also helps to explain the nagging and how to deal with it. Nagging is a manifestation of her anxiety. Usually, there is a situation with two clear outcomes, and you know which one she would prefer, but your opinion on the subject is different. At the same time, you don’t want a confrontation. So you just kick the can down the road. “Let me think about it”. “We’ll see”. “I hear you”. But that’s the worst possible course of action! It just reinforces her anxiety loop. She will return to the topic again, and again, and again, and her anxiety will grow with every iteration until the clarity is achieved. Give it time, and the clarity will take a form of “you don’t care about me”.

    Just be clear about your intentions, all the time. Say “no”. Say “I don’t want to”. Say “I will do this instead”. As long as you are not acting like a jerk, or say it all the time (which just means you two are totally unaligned and a poor match), that’s much much better than postponing the decision, or forcing yourself to accept her preference over yours (she will see it on your face, and it will spoil everything for her – unless you are a resource she doesn’t emotionally care for).

    So many men fail this one, it’s unbelievable! They end up with either creating conflict and alienating their woman, or turning into self-hating resentful pushovers.

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