What’s going on in Greece?


I think you need more orange cheese and powdered sugar before you insult European food.

Reminds me of

Credit GSOGM

” It is essentially the restoring of the historic Silk Road established by Genghis Kahn with his arrival in Europe and Alexander the Great who almost reached the Chinese province of Xinjiang.”

Rape and invasion. Because a different kinda Asian doing it is fiiiiine.


In short. Yes, China has power and money. But it doesnt have class, the respect of the world and the ability to win hearts and minds.

The autistic (negative common sense) over-working is due to the fact they are not very smart and know this. Where would they be if we hadn’t given them maths? How stupid of us. They’re rice farmers with delusions of grandeur, completely ill-suited to freedom (1984 government) and lovers of socialism (they cannot feed their population, but keep fucking). All they care about is money but how long until the West, especially USA, stops buying their cheap shit? All America would need to do is buy all the yuan on the market with the more valuable dollar and immediately cash it all in for the gold that will back it. Instant bankruptcy, they couldn’t do it. It’s Emperor’s Clothes with cash. Why do you think that story was set in Asia? They’re not allowed to tell the truth if it offends (SJW playbook). Their population is too dense for all real resources e.g. farms, too lazy to personally maintain complex ones, they steal and rip off any semi-decent invention. So their people who can innovate, don’t.

Reminds me of a belief system.

When white people stop grinding the gears of non-corrupt labour, we love our strikes, they’ll eat each other. Again.
Those are IOUs on future white slaves. Er, how do we respond to that again?

You think the Greeks are going to get off their arses for you, when they won’t do it for their grandkids?

The West and EU is pumping them full of worthless money.
It’s hilarious, they think we’re actually trading with them.
We can just confiscate back national resources for national security.

We do it already to our own citizens, you aren’t fucking special.
Slavery is also illegal, you can start a war with our superior military if you want, bitches!

Click to access ukpga_20150030_en.pdf

We’re not on the gold standard on purpose. We dropped gold backing to trade with Asia. Think about it.

Yeah, Greece is getting played….
Not like they can just bomb the boats incoming or sink the ones in port any time they like. Hell, steal the boats. What they gonna do? They’re happy to drown their baby girls.

They had thousands of years to develop. Still rice farmers.
Africans were smart enough to fuck a little less and pluck food already growing, that’s common sense.
Asians, especially China, will be a case study in what not to do, how to kill a society, there is no survival instinct. They didn’t have the Ice Age or Black Death or as many wars (civil and regime change don’t count). They’re not battle-hardened people, at best they were cannon fodder. They used to murder their geniuses (Africa never did this) and still banish them in the name of collectivism, the original Communism. Hearing them complain about free speech is like the Muslims who come here, relieved they won’t get stoned to death, only to hear them talk about the glory of Islam and vote for the same oppressions. Asians vote in more big Government, look it up. They don’t deserve free speech if they don’t defend it at home. They won’t let Westerners say Taiwan in white countries.

Mob rule? Live by it, die by it.

6 responses to “What’s going on in Greece?

  1. lol The ugly American strikes again. I don’t think you were his audience. You Brits eat as much fake food as we do, don’t you? (corn syrup)
    My wife’s Greek. We eat real food.

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