TLDR Markle

My post from a solid year ago is trending and yes, I knew this was coming.
Harry is always the damaged rebellious one, this was never going to change.
The woman is a control freak and the Royals have forced her to tone it down, like with the make-up, to be seen in public. Did you see the way she grabbed his arm so he wouldn’t talk about her friend? I’m not saying it’s abuse, but I’m not saying it isn’t. Their first official appearance together and she’s sticking her arse out like a Vegas girl.

Possessive hand and everything.

She spent the interview on self-promotion. Nobody is here for you.

At least the friend’s details leaked anyway. You’re welcome, bitch.

This is the woman who dropped her husband, broke up a marriage to get a part (slept around with directors a LOT) and dropped her live-in boyfriend the moment she met Harry. She didn’t let him finish getting the words out to the proposal before accepting.

In a totally hypothetical scenario, he would’ve been totally hypothetically barred from marrying a divorcee. We barely recovered from Eddy’s fuck-up with a literal whore (she worked in an Asian brothel). Let alone an American, and a mystery meat one. That’s why they traced genealogy, to find out what exactly she is (supposedly).

Nobody’s buying it but we all have to smile and nod and be nice.

In public.

In private? Much laughter and derision.
Oh! Oh, the headlines!
The dogs like her, implying she’s mystery meat.

The joke went over the heads of American journalists completely.
Gets along well with dogs, does she? If only that meant something else in GB.

The only way this could’ve brought down the monarchy more is if Harry pulled a mantrum the way Harry has a habit of doing and hypothetically threatened to elope, to Scotland or America. The Queen had to give in, but she’s restricting them in other ways, like the shame location for weddings (Camilla is overjoyed nobody has space to hate her anymore).

The official response has been deeply sarcastic.
He’d previously forced her on the whole family at Balmoral, they didn’t want to meet her.

Corbyn’s response too, he got a dig in about how much ‘fun’ they’ll have together. He’s been with Abbott so it’s hardly a race thing.

She’s a two-faced clotheshorse who is given those clothes and accessories like a WAG. She loves the lifestyle. Would she be allowed to divorce him? Yes, before kids. After, nobody is sure, it depends if the Queen is still alive.

The fam is terrified she’ll divorce him, blab, take a book deal, go on reality TV, start her own show (maybe like Oprah) and maybe star as herself in a film about her life. I hope there’s a NDA at least!
Would a child of a foreign nation be legitimate?
Would the child be allowed to return to America? Honestly? No.

Update: why is this post so popular, I’m getting worried.

No really, please stop sharing this. Parts of this aren’t common knowledge.

2 responses to “TLDR Markle

  1. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:

    Divorced, older than him, manjaw, foreign commoner. Ugh.

    So beta; he could do so much better…

    That Her Majesty and the rest of the Royal Family didn’t stop this, and boot Harry out if he married her anyway as they did Eddy back in the day, shows their corruption, alas… (I’m a monarchist and no republican, but damn, I can increasingly see the appeal of the sentiment of ditching them…)

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