Sweden on verge of financial crisis

Apparently Islam beats oil money, in an unexpected twist.


With a fertility rate like theirs, property should be cheap.
But Bitcoin isn’t a bubble.
Ironically, if you’re in the very situation you’d need crypto, there’d be no electricity to access crypto.



2 responses to “Sweden on verge of financial crisis

  1. > With a fertility rate like theirs, property should be cheap.

    1) They have rent control.
    2) It doesn’t work like this. Low fertility depresses the property prices in ageing small cities, while big cities keep vacuuming all the youth. It might be that low fertility rate can push the prices in the capital even higher then it would be otherwise – instead of uniformly populating the country, the youth flocks into the last pocket of economic activity.

  2. Japan has been inviting in Koreans because too many jobs are without workers. Sweden, like the US, thought Muslims would be a safer bet than other people. Both are losers. Expect unreality from lower IQ atheists, always. Yes, I know a lot of intellectuals who are atheists and we’re usually friends, but we agree about the lower IQ atheists. Sweden went atheist by teaching the children god is dead. US and most of Europe it’s the same, with the same results. The only reason Denmark isn’t financially dead is because it became the new capital of pedophilia. Even Muslims are shocked at that, but no doubt the wealthy ones flock there as they do Sweden, rape capital of Europe.

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