Haidt: Thinking you’re right, everyone else is wrong

There’s a signalling competition with the fake right, where if you don’t endorse disproven/baseless, stupid ideas A B and C, you must be a faker and immediately abused, disowned and cast out to die. It’s classic projection. Every now and then, there’s someone shocked I can hold a subtle, more consistent opinion containing more than one controversial piece of information connected by logic e.g. Asians have interesting IQ data but they aren’t superior intellectually because to run any major society you can’t be corrupt or Yellow Fever is just as bad as White Fever or cultural appropriation is a good concept and applies mostly to White cultural products like language, technology and art or Europeans aren’t automatically moral especially the useless majorities in places like Southern and Eastern Europe, whose best days are centuries/millennia ago. Sorry for having standards.

God forbid someone actually think, right?

Let’s stick to echo chamber stereotypes and never step out of the imaginary pigeonhole your enemies drew. Smart career move, definitely won’t backfire.

Haidt needs to be more famous, he should be up there with Peterson but he doesn’t really pander to the angry internet men blaming Teh Matriarchy, (because The Man is too mainstream) let alone suck up with trite but poor analogies intended to make the listener nod, agree and never understand anything more complex than baking a potato.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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