When the rapist is the victim

The PUAs don’t talk about these cases.
Was she asking for it?

If men won’t defend us, and women can’t defend ourselves….

oh, but White Knighting is so terrible, because obviously white people can continue to exist if you allow the schoolgirls to be raped by rapefugees. You pathetic excuses of men sicken me, as scared of the label ‘white knight’ as the lefties are of ‘racist’, except there’s an obligation to defend your own and you know that.

Don’t finger point at the Sexual Revolution, no, it’s the fact she can vote, that bitch. Everybody should belong to everybody else, right?

False rape accusations are proven that way through a judge, not some random’s opinion. To automatically assume spotlessness based on sex is what SJWs also do for their own e.g. pedo teachers. If it weren’t for the assumption, post-Rev, that all women ‘want it’, that rhetoric wouldn’t fly. That’s just demeaning, women are not the sex that frequent hookers.

There’s a sick twist recently. A white woman is assumed whore until proven decent. Oh, like every man is a rapist until proven male feminist? Sexist pigs, in both cases.

The greatest enemy of the white woman is the white male who refuses to acknowledge a responsibility to stick up for her against the outgroup, even when, in cases like this, it’s clear as crystal. It’s one thing to be a misogynist, I hope you die alone, but it’s another to pretend you care and then be a coward in the name of your sex.

I’m sure the brown dude was the real victim here because he happened to own a penis. Eventually, they’ll come for you too and then how u gonna cuck for them?

Yeah, it’s the evil white women. Ignore the fact most of the anons pushing that line aren’t white and salivating at the prospect of the women you’ll abandon for their clutches. But they start with the women, then they come for the men. If you studied history.

Problem is, would we bother speaking out in defense of men who wouldn’t do the #1 male duty = protection? 

I doubt Western men are capable of it, they sit at home whining about how women don’t fancy them.  psych2go.net/5-ways-women-fall-love/ Women love protectors. Duh?

2 responses to “When the rapist is the victim

  1. The state punishes the criminal not only because he did an unjust thing; but because he undermines the state’s monopoly on violence. Most of the time those things co-align, but in case of preventive self-defence against a thug with apparent intent, this system misfires. “He didn’t rape her after all, so he’s not a rapist. Intent doesn’t count, he’s a victim.”

    As for “protection”, esp. preventive rather than retribution (that state provides), it is indeed a man’s duty – to his family. Where is her father? Where were her brothers?

    BTW, I love the way Telegraph cucks describe the attacker: “The 17-year-old, from the coastal town of Sonderborg, was forced to the ground by an English-speaking man who tried to undress her.”


    “English-speaking”. That nailed it.

    • I’m not going to defend rape when it’s done by a woman nor by a white person, as may be the case here. Still evil. If anything can be claimed evil. However, English-speaking is used in UK papers as code for immigrant, because it’s not common among them (look up our sign translations). Why mention English speaking, if it were an English man? Old immigrants learn it at school, so they must be new. The Guardian would’ve been all over it. I don’t blame you but our newspeak is like a milkshake of bullshit. There’s a learning curve.
      The monopoly on violence doesn’t extend to sadism or hedonism, it’s monetary to my understanding. Here, you can’t defend yourself because the target is often so cos they’re white, a hate crime to anyone else, the attacker almost always not. I wonder if they stopped collecting data… most has never been allowed to be gathered. EU human rights excuse, would ‘incite’ and inflame tempers.

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