Video: Britain’s Hate Speech Police

Most recently, police refused to chase a suspect because the ground was too muddy.

They expect a cushy pension.

Britain used to lead the way in terms of liberalism, speech is core to this.

Why is Pat not more popular?

The guy’s a living legend.

A THIRD of people in Britain believe they cannot speak freely on controversial subjects such as immigration and religion for fear they may be criticised, lose their job or be prosecuted.

The study by the New Culture Forum, a Westminster think tank, warns that Britain has developed a “culture of silence” where people censor themselves in the workplace.

According to a YouGov poll more than a third (36%) believe they cannot speak freely on immigration, while 31% feel constrained on religion and 27% on ethical issues; 20% feel they cannot express their political views.

Royal Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britain never-never-never, shall be slaves!

Put him on Question Time with Mogg and I’d happily pay for a very expensive ticket.

The days are numbered on the Politeness Police. They keep asking for more money to oppress us. A legitimate authority is politically neutral. Mrs Grundy was never this much of a shrew.

The New Church Ladies

On the bright side, to make it official policy (still no end to rape gangs) and ‘crack down’, this must be closer to over than we think?

Hurting feelings now means more than hurting the body itself. Investigate rape? No. Investigate stalking/burglary/rapes*? Nah. You can call a white woman a hooker if you’re a Muslim man, but the white woman can’t call him a piece of shit in return.

When equality under the law goes out of the window, the People will turn on those given ‘special protections’, especially protections to harm everyone else. I believe this is deliberate, to distract us with racial and religious matters while the transfer of money and power is under way. We’d still have severe 5th column problems if they never came/were deported.

*Most reported ‘burglaries’ are actually a new form of crime, actually a stalking/burglary/rape. They target a woman, follow her home, spy on the home (also illegal), pretend to burgle it and happen to rape her while they are there. This gives them a better legal defense if caught. That’s why police don’t investigate ‘burglaries’ anymore.

There’s no police for real crimes, but taxes continue to soar.

If the Alt Right really wants to rustle jimmies, convert to Islam and read all the parts about sex slavery at a feminist demo. Untouchable.

One response to “Video: Britain’s Hate Speech Police

  1. I can tell you why he is not more popular. He is an Israeli-firster who will NEVER identify the jew as the problem.

    I tried to have the conversation with him myself many years ago.

    He is a Zionist stooge, which makes him basically untrustworthy with the entirety of the issue.

    Pat has one gear: hate Islam, but he loves every jew no matter how much of the catalyst and continuation of the very problem THEY are.

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