Brass Balls Part 2: Freudian Psychodynamics Bonanza

Part 1

“We decided to laugh. We clearly weren’t having that conversation today.
You waited, I deliver more as a result.

[on second thoughts, this is posted out of obligation so you probably shouldn’t bother to read unless you have a sizeable grip of the issues and even then the quality lacks compared to my batting average, you are warned]

It’s like a pick n’ mix of edge.

Believe what you wanna believe, I do not care, it’ll happen regardless.
This blog is one big FU and a record so I can point and say, …told ya.
There’s a lot of information here. It won’t all seem relevant but it is. Oh boy, is it!
This is like when you untangle Christmas lights and it all lines up perfectly.
You wonder how it got that way in the first place. Time and liars.

Gen Y is working through some issues collectively.
Millennial Woes is really hitting it on the head with that name.

Usually, I don’t bother with any video beyond a timecode of 14-17 minutes. That’s assuming I like the topic. Youtube’s algorithms agree with me and those, split into parts, get the most views. This keeps the edge sharp (kek) and the waffle to a minimum. I’m sure there are less fussy birds but this video’s title alone was inspired.

“Anything untrue isn’t there to be lived. People can stand what is true, for they are already enduring it.”

Millennial Woes is unique among bloggers, for his heavy NRx background.
“That’s why I despise midwits. You simply can’t talk to them. They don’t even try to understand you, but instead move to disqualify you as fast as they can.”
I get ahead of myself.
“they can’t process it, it’s too much. It’s kinda like that.”
Theme for this post.

Reaching public goals with personal actions is eternally fraught with obstacles.
“Before you expel the third communist from the Party, let them make their argument. They say that the Party doesn’t have enough resources to incite violent revolution, and the workers don’t want to revolt anyway. Counterfactually modifying the “workers’ actions” node to a revolutionary state is a waste of time, because there’s no link between any modification of your own actions and that node reaching the state you want. Likewise, modifying “government policy” is useless, because the Communists don’t have any clout in the government, so even if you found a wonderful value for that node that would make all workers happy forever, you couldn’t change it.
Instead, she says, oppose labor reform laws. These are already unpopular, and even a small party like the Communists would probably have enough power to get them shot down. When there’s no labor reform, workers will get angrier and angrier, until they gradually revolt and overthrow the system, getting you what you wanted in the first place.”
e.g. to apply it us, minimum wage is rejected, more people pissed off with the Government that outsources to even cheaper labour. Min. wage passes, more unemployment to be replaced with immigrant competition, inflation in the monetary supply pisses everyone off with the Government. See? The majority of politics is circular like this.
The key question here is: which is better for us, ingroup, in the long term? That long term strategy, time preference, is something our opponents cannot match, and should be pushed to fullest advantage.
Shallow solutions are just empty signalling i.e. be nice to the terrorists discussed there, or why can’t everyone get along? concern trolls. The Look at me, I’m vegan people. Conversely, we must be the opposite, but signal the substance superficially.
Like attracts like and attracting the right sort of people is imperative.
“This may seem trite, but I can attest that a big success factor in life is just being calm enough to do the obvious when it really matters.”
This should make for uncomfortable reading.
“So to get the sort of thought leaders that we want, we tolerate and even encourage qualified leaders to take credit for
thoughts developed by others. We let the charismatic people we prefer as leaders pretend to have developed the ideas they talk about.”

Oh, look. The Elon Musk method. Even the same damn suit, subtle as shit.
I’m sure there could be an Alt Right parody of this. Maybe involving one of Roosh’s blonde blow-up dolls.

As for Elon the tech nerd’s replacement hard-on, I was recently proven right.

I mention this for new readers who don’t get my track record. I rarely repeat myself.
Another sacrifice? Fine. Here’s something nobody else has picked up on yet.
I sat on this for literally a year and none of the midwits twigged.
What does Trump do?

He’s powerless against a public figure who says nothing, because there’s nothing to bully back at.

He’s 100% passive reaction. He’d be weak as a kitten if the Left just STFU for years.

Online, as in life, it’s best to avoid anyone who screams stereotype. There’s something wrong there.

Off we pop to more relevant-seeming breakdown.

“They’re still doing the bidding of those who clearly do want to get rid of the women.” MW

Kinda like a cuckoo bird and its eggs, if only we had a name for it, right?

There were a few comments posted about the economy and that’s an interesting development. You can’t have a healthy birthrate in a dead economy. Maybe the solution is better capitalism? I have no idea how that would work. Demographics is almost the exact same thing as the economy, after all. This is shaping up to look r/K but I warned you how r-types with a sniff for change would try to tradlarp, the paper Ks, self-aware r-types. Curiously, perhaps the reason they resent women so is because they know the protection they seek from other men (Muh Brotherhood types) would preferentially go to us?

“Youtube is its own thing, it is that important. It’s central to our success.” MW

Ed-you-kay-shun. As I said in Part One.

It’s depressing how many resources Gen Z have when we had nothing.

“There was no levity.” He clearly wasn’t reading me….

“There were no women around, of course.”  MW

*cry me a river playing*

*stares in calendar* openly, is the word required there
I’m listed in places. You have heard of my other work, maybe some abandoned blogs.
Who do you think made that rule of the internet?
There are no girls…? Who would make that a rule?

“There was lots of frustration, despair and loneliness.” and there isn’t more now?

Tara as the first? Okay, if you want, sugarlumps.

“And then other women arrived, over the last two years.”

This narrative is way too neat, but fine. I’ll let these slide rather than out anyone.
Wait, he means Youtube channel women only. Yes, that makes sense now.

The edges of reality are a little more frayed. Sweet blog subtitle for when I up and move again.

“sharing knowledge, spreading ideas” cooperation?

Women’s channels are “more light, upbeat” that’s feminine. That’s what we need, a civic balance of energies rather than twenty men blackpilling us all to smithereens.

Social referencing is literally how women work… wasn’t he gay? Shouldn’t he know this? And why do we reference? Why do women obsess over gay men? They’re seen as classy. They’re polite and cultured. Woes’ politeness is his best weapon, before his intelligence. That doesn’t hurt.

Southern raising awareness while a journalist doesn’t speak too much for her character, a poor example.

Explaining how you gave women free advice doesn’t sound as good as I think he thinks it did.

Please get to a point. Any.

“these women have made sacrifices” true but like you, they do get paid for it

I mean, some of us don’t? I can leave any time I like. This was part of the plan for those of us who can think with long-range sniper planning. I chose the written medium because it’s hard to trace. You can get the ideas out there without showing your face/tits. It is possible.

It’s less narcissistic though, and he misses that, Youtube is the medium of narcissists. So far he’s being a dramatic Millennial about this. Yes, harassment is more dangerous IRL for women. Good point. And so is being a woman, period? Like, which sex is likelier to get stalked? Raped? Abused in a relationship?

You’re not special for talking into a camera on Youtube, sorry?
Not one of those women has contributed anything to white culture.
Neither have the men. Spouting the obvious from 50 years ago doesn’t count.

Please get to a good point.

MGTOWs really don’t like traditional people, women just make easy targets.

“They’re guilt tripped, shamed” why are you listening to genetic suicides?
Their opinion dies with them. You should stop smoking because that’s clearly in your best interest. Kids? Well, that’s for the individual to decide, if it’s even an option. If anyone should pressure them, it’s their own family, nobody else. Women already get it in the neck from that one aunt who wants the fun part, to coo over a baby then hand it over for a change. Note how the MGTOW complain they ‘can’t find a traditional woman’ but then flame that very breed? Hmm. I think many of society’s problems were caused by breeding out of wedlock, Stefan is right that if you could choose one thing to be born with, it’s parents who are together, but they also ask the woman to get married. How? I covered before how in Southern’s case, that doesn’t select for the sanest women:

Or is it that they won’t listen to a woman until she rushes a man, ANY man with a functioning pee-pee, to the altar, because clearly such a woman would be a good person, a balanced person and have her head screwed on straight?”

However, why aren’t we also holding men to this standard? And a standard it is. Men make the offer of marriage so conceivably, if it’s so easy to find someone, they can do it better and it falls to them.

How can a woman force a man into that? Even the Church says not everyone has to marry. The Bible says chastity is a virtue. Marriage is Not to be entered into lightly?

The manosphere’s sole value to men was self-improvement but it stopped short of anything new and cultural. They fear the duties of masculinity a la Pajama Boy, neither will marry or breed or produce anything of merit. Death will wash over them and who will notice? The satire of Fight Club has become Drama Club and the cancer has spread to the AR.

The ones who call us “precious white whores”

How little must they think of the men if they think that of white women?

I do wonder how much that nose job cost though. He hates white people but wants to look like us? What?

I’d forgotten about all the narcissism. ~facepalm~ HOW.

The Actually, I’m Aryan line, fellow white, is actually one Roosh was pushing with regard to himself. I fear he won’t debate you on the value of Europe (not that he has a valid opinion as outgroup) because you’re known for Rotherham videos and the sex tourism stuff Roosh sells is basically advocating rape of white girls. Roosh is quoted as thinking of white women as all whores. His whores, for the taking..


Signalling trad won’t entitle you to a nubile waifu after you burned out on degeneracy, the Alt Right isn’t a human fucking coupon company. You failed, you didn’t become the type of men those women seek and pointing to your fellow r-selected sluts changes nothing. There are plenty of happy married people.
There were some very wordy? comments that I shan’t bore you with, but here’s a snippet of one that might’ve been onto something.
“It’s the hypocrisy women keep pointing out… men put their fingers in their ears and act like the totally insufferable
born-again virgin types… they’re just entitled brats… who want to larp the patriarch”. “To care about (sad men in comment sections) is pathetic… Where are the leaders? Who are we meant to follow? …And do what exactly? Men have done sweet FA… (they don’t deserve respect, didn’t earn it) and blame us for failing at being men. Nah, that’s not on us.”

Is there such a thing as moral hypocrisy? Well, does an ex-sinner have any moral authority, to use the proper term, to order around people who have never committed those sins?
Logically, no. By postmodernism, Boomer logic of “Experience”, yes, because they claim to repent. Experience of degeneracy pollutes your thinking, the moral reasoning is totally impaired barring few exceptions that wouldn’t want to lead anyway.
Doing anything for years isn’t a “mistake”, that’s single mother logic, where did the hypoagency come from, males?
I don’t trust that. Deflecting attention to the outgroup is something r-types excel at, do they seriously think all women in the world are morally like USA college skanks? And these men usually claim to be well-travelled? I can think of plenty of good women, the irony is they’d all avoid those men, so yeah, they probably never met if the ladies could help it…
What is the positive plan? What is the action? And why do the Useless ex-sinner “Ideas Guys” think they’re exempt from doing it? e.g. marrying or at least not being nomadic (classic r). There isn’t a single paragon among them and actual, real Patriarchs don’t seem interested in leading the degenerate men. Quelle surprise? They’re just circlejerking in the comments section about who needs female attention less (get a room). The ones who constantly go on about Da Wimminz are the needy crybabies. I have more in common with a European man than I do a woman from Timbuktu and that’s a fact. They aren’t redpill anythings to deny that, I doubt how many of them are really European?
It is true that, to paraphrase, “women will never follow a man they don’t trust”. Women are slower to love than men for that reason, in studies. If men are hopelessly immoral, they can’t complain when women respond to that in kind.
I feel like there’s suddenly all these male feminist types that expect if they throw out the correct signals, they’re entitled to the group’s women…. fucking r-scum.
And when that fails, as negging always does with K-women, they begin to criticize imaginary things (slander, those bitchy ‘response videos’ are self-promotion). Sorry, are you a bitter old crone type? How is more pajama boy histrionics the epitome of alpha male, again? SJW tactics, they must be more like SJWs than us.
Bonfire of the Muh Dicks when? 

There’s a conversational storm in a teacup, everything’s going around in circles and certain people profit off the drama. The same topics on a loop for years with no progress in thought or direction. How is that good?
There’s a reason Yank means to steal in English.

There really is too much bullshit to sift through and make any sense…
Take this with a mine of salt. I’m missing a lot out because books could be written. Terrible books nobody should ever read or care about, e-celebs are as bad as the Hollywood set, certainly no more degenerate.

The witch hunts are interesting. Who do you think profits?

Women as communicators? Groundbreaking. Really glad it took 18 minutes to get to this point.

Really regretting saying I’d make a post on all this. If this is all about individual women, I do not care and don’t know why I should feel accountable for the sins of others. Where’s the bread for this sin eater?

“hearing it from a woman, it sweetens the red pill” *glances at blog title*
K ya got me there.

Why would women want to lead men who hate them? I mean really.

“That – Women have no place in politics.” Do we have a place in tax revenue?
And imagine if all the cleaners, cooks and mothers left it to the men?
Imagine if deadbeat baby daddies had to raise their own bastards?

Child Support goes to the parent holding the baby. Why are women left?

“This isn’t politics, this is culture.” Again, camera diaries add nothing to white people.

Women busy with babies can’t make Youtube videos. That’s why.

More anecdotes. Exactly what this video needs. I don’t care much about the daily operations of my own uterus, so why is the supposed situation of these women relevant? Whether they have children or not doesn’t change this supposed signal boost. I’m actually rather pissed at that point, like it’s a rationale?

baby rabies = superior woman?

Eager breeders are crazy, male or female. Staying single isn’t a sin. In fact, the Bible describes a simple, holy life as heavenly in its virtues. Why must everyone be shacked up, SOMEHOW, there’s more proof for socialism. At least that actually occurred at points in history.

Woes himself has no kids and doesn’t seem to want any. And?

Do I listen to him any less? Or is it a personal decision based on the greatest investment a person, especially female, can have? Where did all these Americans suddenly get the idea they can shame people for living in sin? What if they’re not living in sin? Having a boyfriend (or gf) is plenty degenerate. That isn’t traditional at all. To my knowledge, for comparison, MW is single. Isn’t that less degenerate than sleeping with someone out of marriage?

Yet, girlfriends are held up as noble by these guys, like if they put out, they must be a good person. Nah, still a tart. A single-male slapper, but a slapper nonetheless. Serial monogamists are among the worst people you will ever encounter. It’s a predictor of r-traits, in my experience and others’.

Why is NRx doing fine, still quietly alive? Logic, consistency, moral authority and statistics. Polite, open-minded people who eschewed trolls from putting them off progress. The average IQ is certainly higher.

What does AR lack, at present? Basic data for its common rhetoric. First off???

Is a childless woman useless to the world? Where’s the proof that women are entirely baby-making machines? Is the sole purpose of men to die on a battlefield too, while we’re talking trendy archaic-sounding bollocks? Who are these women marrying? If some men should Man Up, why not all? Isn’t this pressure societal?

Why are bachelors good and spinsters evil, when men control marriage?

Anglin knows nothing of European history, clearly. Politics is as much female as male. Certain courtesans made more history than Kings. Plenty of spies were women.

It’s odd the contrarians object to other contrarians. Almost like they don’t want the signalling value depressed by more normies. Since, obviously, a woman can’t have her own best genetic interest at heart. Compassion in women? Where’s the data! /s

I figured from the intro about the future this was leading somewhere.

Must I do everything myself? The future is what you make it.

These people are useless. All of them. To the wider world, quite useless.
I’m just thinking of all the real-world bullshit I’ve been through to help people like this, and wondering if I’d undo it. I can’t say I wouldn’t undo some of it… I still have time, I’m thinking about it.

I’d hate to be an e-celeb but certain people seem to need it. What else would they have? What incentive is there to fix the problem if they’re paid to talk about it?

What would they be contributing in their ideal society? What does it even look like? Have they planned moves from now to That? These discussions don’t happen, because they are useless. e.g. moving to expose the Pill as unsafe and get it banned would help birth rates. Ah, but then men would have to accept sex isn’t free like the 60s promised.

29m I hate to say it but so far I’ve only heard white knighting. 99%.
It’s bad when a woman notices and gets frustrated.

Some good points but overall, STFU and get to the points that aren’t gossip. It’s like listening to a vapid woman, in part. So-and-so said this, but so-and-so did that!

On another note, why are high IQ and low IQ people being lumped in together based on sex. Why are low IQ women being encouraged to breed? And both sexes are equal in society in the sense their input is valid and necessary…

Fuck I really want to delete this, I don’t care any more. Midwits don’t listen.
They didn’t listen years ago, they won’t listen now. I’m checking out mentally.

They’re completely missing the points.

Failing to distinguish equal opportunities, which most of them would advocate, to modern feminism, the non sequiturs that result from these aspersions are nauseating. Did men not sow discord and drama with their internet boyfriends in acts of valiant self-promotion? Remove branch from thine own eye, fellows.

Alt Right men aren’t against race mixing, look at all the cucking for Asians they do.

Consider the optics of THAT.

Their line won’t survive the century so maybe breeding is for losers atm.
While times are good, you’ll be burdened as they get worse.

Nobody mentions the elephant in the room that is – whites can’t possibly breed enough to outpace everyone else within the century. I guess maths isn’t their strong suit or they’re just blaming Da (White) Wimminz.

Yeah, presently-young white women are the reason Boomers aborted so much, Gen X too, and also why young men won’t marry and settle down because clubbing is apparently a culture?

“White women without bfs and husbands deserve rape” one comment reads, and that’s the tone of the thread because the truth makes liars reee.

Okay, that’s it, I’m out. Until the genetic suicides get down off the high horse I’m not helping that.
It continues “These women should be raped by iron rods and broom handles. It’s not for our pleasure, but for their
When are we taxing the bachelors like Ancient Sparta? How about flogging the weak men into some character? Until they bleed, scar or should we go the whole hog and remove chunks of flesh or layers of skin?
username Bill provides a polite reply “we can’t roll it back to the 1950s, never mind the 18th century.”
Yeah, males like that would’ve been hanged and the world wouldn’t mourn.
The snake is outta the can. Putting it back in requires dialing back the Sexual Revolution. Not a word. No, you don’t get to blame women, men are getting plenty of sex but the world has fewer European babies. That’s the problem.
The feminists are being proven correct on one point, which irks me: there are men jealous of the progress women have made, in the economy and in being self-reliant. The ones who fail at those things most are vicious about it. To say women don’t get abused for existing then go on to do it is perplexing from people who claim to value morality and reason. You don’t need to ban women from something they’d fail at anyway.
The sex with higher sexual disgust baked in isn’t the source of degeneracy but the same weak men gripe that nobody wants to take responsibility…. huh.

Then there are the people with delusions of Machiavelli, comment: “Phase one: trolling the cuck / trolling the slut out of you is nearing completion.”
I’m so glad I don’t share a sex with this. Absolutely relieved.
Remember: without male sluts, there’d be no demand for female ones. I guess logic hurts? That awkward moment MGTOW is smarter than you. They cut off the demand for degeneracy, the celibate ones.
The upside of all this is the genuine men who want a future have seen the psychopathic mask slip from these guys. They can’t say, “well, it’s never happened to me and I haven’t seen it, so it can’t be real.”
You could just make a female account and post your exact same opinions with no change?
I knew I had a post about that but God knows where it is.

comment from a random part of the internet about the decline/collapse
“There will have been nothing else in history to compare it to. Isn’t it great to be alive to watch our overlords take us into the history books?”

Millennials are especially fucked. The order of fine to fucked goes: generational, racial, class, sexual, from most important to least e.g. any Boomer is better off than the other groups, but a rich black man will do better off the system than a poor person of either sex.

Generational is due to economic factors. Brief detour because this is more interesting than the superficial idea that a woman is valuable if she pumps out babies. What is this, Japan?

Do they even know Japanese people aren’t one race? Did they bother to look it up?

Where’s the quality? Most young people aren’t ready to be parents or would be crappy ones. I can’t even. By that logic, Shantelle from the ghetto with 8 kids is more valuable to society than me. Where is r/K in this, you fools. A white society wouldn’t necessarily survive, let alone thrive. Where is your basic data?

Americans lecturing Europeans when they won’t move back, also, ahem, problematic.

Then there’s the delusion of saving people already bleeding you dry via the government.
This isn’t reciprocal. Those people could help you, they don’t. A survival level of selfish doesn’t make you evil.

There are too many people. Avoid those places and people if you want to survive. Humans can stampede one another like elephants to acquire resources, watch Black Friday footage.

After the EU comes down, the SCO must follow.
The bond of Russia and China must be shredded.
And what about the manifest destiny of America?
When China goes down, where will all of them wanna move?
They want to replace us here, it’s been their plan all along. r-types must migrate or reduce their own breeding. Abolishing one-child law was the canary here.
That’s a billion people, from one nation of a whole populous continent (more so than maligned Africa) more than all of the global white population combined. That’s a hatefact for you.
Liberalism is based on eternal control of ourselves.
That is a lie. It’s downhill in human progress from here. The Victorians maxed out on RT compared to us, reaction time being the best metric used as a correlate for IQ, which cannot be faked. Flynn was all about nutrition, not schools. It’s a one-time boost, this is our normalcy bias. Remember, America let in Africans long before it would allow the Chinese.
Did you never consider there might be a reason?
“But it faces a massive predicament: It’s running out of resources.”
Certain populations are like fleas, but the PC term is parasite tourism or economic migration. The basic principles remain.
They move wherever you are foolish enough to allow them to move in, bringing problems wherever they go.

MW used to be this smart but in the past couple of years I don’t know where he bought into the creepy nationalist fertility cult. I think Alternative Right’s blogspot also posted about it and I linked so I won’t repeat.

Yep, thought so. That node is dead.

Why recycle?

Europe has plenty of people, we’re at sustainable population levels. The rest of the world needs to stop.

The men whining need to stop expecting someone else’s child will fund their retirement. No, party is over, go home. You were born too late to cash those chips. Look at the infrastructure, we can’t do anything but contract the population to simply maintain standard of living, logically. Millennials are correcting the Baby Boom, since we can’t afford to breed much it’s hardly a choice but a useful one for society. Single people are funding useless eaters, nix that and rates would improve.

The people complaining about special snowflakes act like every white baby is Mozart and get triggered when it’s pointed out they might be intellectually dishonest and using that identity as an excuse not to forge a more unique one (identification is a defense mechanism, meant to be followed by moratorium). The totally reactive approach makes you quite useless in a debate, you have very little to prove that isn’t easy to find out if you know where to look. By going on and on about lefty dramu, you don’t stand for much that’s new because you’re spending so much time standing against total idiots and wasting your time trying to change them. People need exposure to the truth, not more mockery of lies. It pollutes the discourse because by blending too much you make it hard to know when you’re serious. Your channel originally had a lot more philosophical and scientific bent, but the bulk of videos lately appear to be internet spats most people do not care about or random chit chat. If you did useful book reviews or theory assessments like Molyneux did with r/K, that education would get out there.

Back to the problems. Who profits from the Migrant Crisis?

Red herrings aren’t nearly effective as black ones.
“in China we can say they have to take in the refugees, but that is easier said than done.”
Damning coincidences.

The best comment was buried.

A toast to you, Good Sir. More valuable than the video, actually.

Why the Victorians sharing the technology of the Industrial Revolution was a bad idea.
“But this initial boost phase of profits gushing from automation is short-lived; as the tools of automation are themselves commoditized and become available to anyone on the planet with some capital and ambition, lower cost automated competitors come to market, destroying the pricing power of the first adopter.
Once an enterprise is competing only with other automated enterprises, profits fall to near-zero as lower cost competitors emerge. Competitive advantages are small once a field has been commoditized/globalized, and there is little pricing power left except for brands that establish some cache people will pay extra to have and hold.”
We know Africa won’t take over the world any time soon, their national IQs tank too low.
Africa bought out by Asia will. Where do you think they wanna dump their surplus millions in population, with this literal bridge to Europe? At least the Africans are polite enough to risk drowning.
Control borders?
It isn’t like they could force us with a wa-
Some nukes are de-activated on a schedule. Meaning? If the grid goes down, the economy crashes or government is facing civil war, various countries will release nuclear weapons without a target or intent, which would set off others.
“China has ICBMs with 5000 kiloton warheads.”
Here’s 150 tons of nuclear smoke.
“In the absence of warming sunlight, surface temperatures on Earth become as cold or colder than they were 18,000 years ago at the height of the last Ice Age.
Already stressed land and marine ecosystems would collapse.
Unable to grow food, most humans would starve to death.
A mass extinction event would occur, similar to what happened 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs were wiped out following a large asteroid impact with Earth (70% of species became extinct, including all animals greater than 25 kilograms in weight).
Even humans living in shelters equipped with many years worth of food, water, energy, and medical supplies would probably not survive in the hostile post-war environment.”
Sleep well, white man.

This isn’t just our extinction. We take everyone with us if you look at the facts. Who feeds the Third World? I did posts on foreign aid, dammit, the data is out there.

from a post about race replacement immigration to Europe:

This is what happens when I get bored.

The SHTF chapter of Enjoy the Decline might be useful to some of you.
I can’t link to it here but it’s a good book.

For the more spiritually-inclined
There’s a difference between seeing things and knowing what to make of them.

What to do, what to do?

“without consequences, so long as he’s not seen to be doing so.”
There’s a lesson in that.
Who already does this? Who owns a brothel he doesn’t use? Look at what a person has and what they use, what they claim.
There’s a unique gap? There must be a reason.
“How’s the amazing “Fourth Industrial Revolution” working out for you?”

There’s still time, neolibs.
There’s still time.
Mogg for PM.

It’s Dexter in digits but I’ll leave you with this quote.
“They won’t win. Because one good thing came out of all of this. They showed themselves. The top 1% of the 1%, the ones in control, the ones who play god without permission. And now I’m gonna take them down. All of them.”

Welcome to the true purpose of the Alt Right this entire time.
We didn’t wanna ruin the surprise. Your awakening is redundant when you do nothing.

I relinquish all support to the self-destructive until further notice. International cooperation was a silly idea anyway. I’m not tagging this post because honestly, I hate it. I hate being Cassandra and pointing things out years before they come to pass for people who will never listen to me. Unless they’re blaming me.

If you’re waiting for the other half of the video breakdown it isn’t going to happen.

Not much new happened.

Southern is Jewish, not white. The Holocaust tweet has done the rounds.

Yes, the men are hypocrites, but where are the K-selected men?

Not making Youtube videos, apparently. Skip to the second half for anything approaching a broader discussion. 46m yes it’s about corrupting people, not just women, but also undoing it? There’s not much to add about pointing out what I’ve been doing for, again, years.

54m finally some reasons.

I had expected from what I heard before in places that this was going to be productive discussion. Again, a drama and gossip bitchfest, mostly. Fantastic. This has thoroughly depressed me, on hols and previously in a kite-like mood. He doesn’t get it, none of them will. Go back to NRx, Woes. You can be of use when you go back to discussing things, instead of the small minds people blogger you’ve become.

The quality level on this post is so poor I’m putting a warning at the top.

The standards will come in whether you like it or not.
You can get with the times and people like me or be left behind.

It’s really that simple.

Only the useless have to fear a world of standards and decency. K-shift beckons.

Less sure how we’ll get there exactly, now.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New One.

One response to “Brass Balls Part 2: Freudian Psychodynamics Bonanza

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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