How women feel being chatted up

Picture the bus or train creep.

They act like you engaged them in a conversation. That, or you owe them in their mind because forming a sentence is the new standard of bravery for numales. 0-60 or you’re a “bitch”, or, ironically a “whore”, which is who they should be soliciting for that. (Why don’t women like modern men? Maybe because you won’t stop insulting us for having human boundaries?)
Like a dog with a chew toy, they refuse to let you politely leave.
Nothing is more inane than how much they supposedly lift, how much they supposedly make, how good a ____ they supposedly are…


This applies even if we fancy you at first. The interest level drops. Modern men are more vapid than the average woman in any previous time period. We’re instinctively repulsed by this. Men needed courting so we could slowly care about your bullshit.
What do you think the common whine ‘but he’s different!’ is referring to?

You’re insulting us. We aren’t shallow. You clearly are (with men, it’s science and porn doesn’t help). You get rejected. You call us shallow, despite turning down someone superficially a good catch. You brought it up?

Do you cuss out companies if they don’t select you for a job?

No, that would be stupid. Women talk, so this isn’t any less stupid.

Related to the deceptive guy who claims to be friendzoned (you said you just wanted to be friends, you said you didn’t want to date, you invited hang-outs…) mixed messages weirdos, becoming an ogre that totally justifies your rapedar instinct in .5 milliseconds – you were never in the running because women cannot think with a penis we do not have

At least they can’t complain of something else like strangerzoned. Entitled prissy bitches. It has never been socially acceptable to solicit people in the street. You aren’t arrested, that doesn’t make it normal or acceptable. You’re signalling that you lack social connections or skills to get any woman to pay social attention to you without chasing her. Literally, physically stalking her down a street and yes, it is stalking. At most, they offer you their number, you don’t have to ask. This is how socializing works and you don’t automatically assume it’s a sexual thing. Not everyone is desperate or looking.


this, the apex of the loser pyramid

No means no but no also means fuck off when you have to repeat it.

You can’t change it. It’s biologically impossible. In thinking you can change it, there’s something wrong with you or you’re a rapist who doesn’t actually care what the lady thinks.


We have a phrase “…who are you?” trans. for Americans: you are nothing to me, leave me alone.

It’s the original stay in your lane. Bosses use it too, it isn’t sexual. It can also mean stop talking if a person must be in a meeting room. It works by the power of awkward silence and body language, like …women.

Then after intruding on personal space in public (every society has rules), being rude repeatedly and trying to force interactions (up to physical contact, unwanted, unsolicited, technically illegal*), you present us with a choice to accept this hostile takeover bid or reject you.

Yes, I wonder why the rejection rate for cold approaches is almost 100%.

It’s a mystery for all of time.

I have witnessed women troll men who come up to them. Wastehistime was a response to wastehertime, if you look it up. As in, if you want to play emotional head games, women will win. I don’t advocate talking to anyone this desperate because as well as verbal hostility (ugly) they are probably literally violent.

Ask yourself, since male upper body strength is twice that of women, approximately the same divide as regular men to NFL players;

Why should we have to let down gently an entitled stranger who wasn’t smacked as a child?

…Exactly, they’re not our problem. We escape the situation.

The men complaining about women who complain about harassment is like playing spot the vegan but reducing your rape odds. They could go to a gay bar for a month and report on what it’s like…..? They never do.

What to do?

Don’t approach strangers randomly. We can see the stink lines of desperation. We’re embarrassed for you. Think: do they talk to me like a child? Well, you don’t know this is something humans don’t do. So yeah. Valid.

*you can’t just go up grabbing people, that’s assault
if it’s only friendly, you’d do it with men as often

You want a connection, expand your friend groups. Yes, hard work, like all relationships. This also controls for people on your own level who will respond to you.


Bitch is now a compliment solely because these losers have changed the accepted definition of it.


How obvious do my titles have to be on other websites, I wonder?

Seriously, you’d think Google hadn’t been invented.

Someone help me!

A major scene, you’d think it would be memorable….

I guess the vampires weren’t sparkly enough?

And the true vampires don’t wear plastic fangs, children.
[so nb NOT Cruise]

I still can’t believe it’s getting a TV series.

Before I die, I have a short list of people I want to go down in very public flames.

You know it’s bad when anon gossip columinists, plural, go gently on certain stories.

Fingers crossed for Spielberg, personally, near the top but not at it. How the Hell is Jeff still walking around?

Go back to ignoring us now.

Capitalist kitty

Worse than buying bonds before a collapse in the class, worse than buying French gilts, worse than buying single company stock, worse than falling for the siren song of “options” over cash, worse than an actor agreeing to be paid in net profits, is buying something calling itself a “currency” backed by precisely zero humans’ labour.

Those tulips smell lovely.

And to this day, nobody knows who invented it. You’re legally barred from purchasing land, the only real investment, with it. Every idiot you know is acting like 2005 with house prices, laughing at you for not buying it. If there’s one thing that motivates your investment strategy, it should be the emotions of the idiots who read one blog post or ‘trust’ a public adviser, reliant on clickbait.

Still, there is one group stupider. (I don’t care if that counts as a word, don’t @ me).

The EU-China land bridge builders. Bridges work both ways? You’d have to be especially thick to build a LAND BRIDGE during a time that a previously wealthy continent is experiencing demographic decline and being overtaken with African (and low-quality Asian) marauding rapists and bandits. You have more money than us and more schoolgirls. Where will they go, if there’s a land bridge? For their sake, I hope the debt falls through prior to completion. It probably will.

Watching the financial news is like reading Emperor’s New Clothes. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you pay for it and just – trust us, it’s there.

Currencies are backed by citizens, specifically their sweat.

I’m starting to see a connection between box office records and the economy. If anyone wants to follow that thread, I say go for it.

Some charity

Most foreign charities are brothels anyway.

I said the NGOs. Nobody ever listens.


Like, seriously, why does anyone look up to these awful people?

Search Jolie, Queen, Clooney, Beyonce, Markle… just Ctrl+F it.

I doubt the Larry thing will ever come out.

Video: How to ruin a meme

This bears repeating.

I misuse memes as a joke for people who know and around people I don’t like because I know they can’t pull it off but clearly they will try to imitate me because they always do and that’s exactly why I can’t stand them. Not only is this super-petty and deliciously enjoyable but in scientific terms children that is known as a counter-signal.

Let’s call it what it really is, being a massive bitch.

I started me-me.

There, I can go to my grave pure.

I’m pretty sure this is why fashion is ridiculous. A hot person won’t lose in bad clothes. A normal person needs to dress well and benefits from sane fashions. Bland clothes are worse, they are more stupid because they make your genetics far more important than ridiculous clothes. It’s like an Amish version of Bat signal.

It’s also why the left can’t meme because the left can’t dream and the left can’t scheme and the left can’t breed and it’s really a very long, tortured in-joke at this point.

Game of Thrones Libertarian Edition

This is far too kind.

I want to see a version with OPEN BORDERS FOR WESTEROS.

Because Dothraki aren’t rapists, you bigot, it’s their culture and the Golden Company are just doing the jobs Westerosi don’t want to do.

It’s amazing to me how many supposedly big-brained intellectuals completely miss the point of libertarianism.

Open borders because, for some reason, some strange reason, libertarian societies cannot meet their own demands. Far from admitting that’s the same failure as Communism, which has at least been tried (and seemed to work, for a little while) they see that as a success. The noble loser? Globally, it fails on human nature too, just like communism, since most humans aren’t 128IQ autistic middle-class white men.

IQ shredder, whatever you want to call it. It’s a dead theory.

Prior to libertarianism, bringing in hostile foreigners to replace the native workers was correctly named treason. A leopard cannot change its spots and we have DNA now, the days of “we’re all the same” fairytales are dead.

Libertarians want loose borders but locks on house doors and cars, I’d rather the reverse, personally. How about respecting the property right to native homeland, ya dicks?

You cannot have free trade without open borders. It’s the polite term for pathological capitalism, screwing the ingroup so a particular master company owner can make 13% extra profit to evade from national tax coffers. You can’t have crony capitalism without two-faced “libertarians” playing both sides.

What libertarians lack in character they make up for in obnoxiousness.

You shouldn’t need the State to impose, enforce or enhance your INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS but okay, I’ll let that one go. Some day.

You know where you’re most individual and snowflake? The forest! Go fuck off and larp like a pagan instead of acting like you know what a society or civic duty to it are. Society bribes libertarians to leave it alone.

They want to spend tax money other people pay, they’re basically Democrats.

I’ll stir the pot a little and say that neither Darwin nor anyone else care what these bachelors do as long as it’s far away from the tax money of everyone else, ironically, also to add that degeneracy isn’t a human right nor, technically, a legal one.

Can we set up a pleasure island facility for libertarians a little like Pedo Island but they can also never, ever leave or post online again? Death by hedonism should be legal, the State should provide the morphine for that particular suicide.

Note that they only exist now we have the medical structures to baby them. Oh, the irony.

Thankfully, that’s going away pretty soon. Like, this half of the century.


Freedom to fail in a libertarian society means letting them die from STDs including syphilis, that sends you insane, minor injuries from hunting like animal bites, drug overdose and picking a fight with someone who looks like a pussy but isn’t, which if it’s a libertarian starting it might actually be a woman. I would support this freedom to die without any state or social group coming to their aid. Then again, libertarians have never bothered to read what eugenics actually was – all the freedom stuff but also the responsibility stuff too.

In sum,

Society will assist you with prosocial decisions

…and leave you to suffer antisocial ones personally.

Libertarians want equal outcomes for stupidity. Where’s your nursemaid? Who will volunteer to clean it up? Lack of common sense is anti-fitness, it always dies when left to its own devices.

“Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”