Can America be conservative?

As I’m trawling for UK data for that econ post I wanted to schedule, I’m bumping into a lot of basic bitch think-pieces on America and the clear decline of the crony capitalist Empire. It seems completely futile. “Let it go, let it go!”

Real talk. Real talk. feat. facts.

Who cares about America, in this century?
Who cared about them in the latter half of the last one?
They didn’t even care about themselves, if you look at things like the Gold Standard.

What would they go back to? They can’t even discern different kinds of European anymore and the Russophilia is cringe-inducing at this stage. They weren’t even the first white superpower, that was Great Britain, and look how they mock us, their blood and formerly, founders.

It sounds like they’re just jealous of the Anglos with a long list of actual accomplishments, that didn’t drop into our laps (like the geographic convenience of not being bombed to smithereens in WW2).

Do you want to be French instead? Maybe Spanish? Those were the main founding factions of America. You speak English for a good reason. We won. We stupidly assumed that tradition would carry on once you left our, then-flourishing Empire, to trail-blaze your own. You can’t just pick and choose the history that makes you feel cool. This includes a conveniently selective memory for the ways your “honorary Aryan” *spits* friends tortured or genocided your ancestors when they had half a chance.

I’m drifting to Fuck America, as a general policy, since they started this Melting Pot shit in the first place. They had no problem with it when they were the dominant global superpower.

I don’t think they’d have any problem with it still, were it not for the competition with China and Russia that they refuse to admit are in cahoots (partially with the EU). That is the current geopolitical landscape. You can’t fix something you refuse to believe is broke.

America is broke. Which year would they even revert to? What could they afford, with that Swiss cheese economy? None of the Americans I’ve seen agree. They think sometime in autumn 1957 was the social apex of human existence and long for the halcyon days of long work weeks at dull jobs, bad over-priced home appliances and the suburban horror of tupperware and microwave living.

Yes, the past was perfect. Please, I know he’s evil but watch Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, it’d do you a world of good. I think the fixation on the 50s is fivefold.

  1. you’d just ‘won’ two wars (with help).
  2. capitalism went batshit crazy and credit was easy because you’d had a Baby Boom of high-IQ ethnic Europeans and most of the world’s gold.
  3. many of your geniuses had died off with only their works remaining but you’d replaced them with TV. This is the time you became fully atomised beings, cut off from the relations under your own roof. Read Affluenza.
  4. it seems like the men didn’t work real jobs and many led cushy lives as desk jockeys shortly before being outsourced to China.
  5. the good systems of the past century were still in operation and new infrastructure was a plausible investment. Sci-fi took off during this time and stroked every American’s ego to hyperspace dimensions.

You still refuse to come down, after all this?
The American Dream is exclusive, it’s white and WEIRD. When you invite other people to that party, it spoils. That bubble of prosperity was temporary, paid with your own (and our) blood but you refuse to believe it, to accept the harsh reality that that world will never come back, for structural reasons.

Maybe something similar to the 50s superficially might return, but never wholesale the way you fantasize, falsely. Peak America was always going to implode because city living is only for the minority of the rich (and we know it’s also an IQ shredder, yes). There’s a limit on crappily-constructed condos you can build around a city. The 18th century-19th century larpers are intellectually honest enough to admit you do need prosperant traditions and cultural richness. Media doesn’t count as education or entertainment, it’s a symptom of the dygenic slide beginning with Hollywood and the abandonment of the Code. Do not fall for Boomer propaganda, many nuclear families were glued together by poverty, on the breadline. You wouldn’t want to replicate everything.

Your demographic dominoes, to pick on one feature of your vaunted Melting Pot society, were set long before then. The rest just sealed it tighter and tighter until it leaked into more and more of your lives, the way class issues and dysgenic decisions always do. How many people in the blessed 1950s were barely scraping by? Class struggle has been a main fixture of the American Dream (it’s no coincidence you have to start out with nothing) and all politics in human history. Imagine having a new oven to look forward to for half a year. I guess it’s better than Ikea? It’s easy to look at any middle-class people now and think Ah, I want that life. Yes, it was simple. You’d be bored in a month. No clubbing, no porn, no Tindr. Most of you would be totally ill-suited and pulling your hair out within a week. You’re about as traditional in lifestyle as your iPhone.

Stop kidding yourselves, the rest of us can see.

The libertarians (and civnats, Fairweather Americans with a passport to Singapore because they’re so dedicated) do not object to their current system. As an outsider, this is mildly infuriating. It’s like claiming you can unbake a cake or re-virgin a whore. No, it is fucked. Where you go from here is the choice.
They only object to being second-class citizens in the system they created, which was created with the defined purpose of replacing them, the serfs whose sole function was to outsource.

They’re married to their mistakes.
Aspies full of high-falutin’ intellectualizations about how this Titanic with a big hole gored in the side can be turned around. That changes nothing, does it? The past is set. You don’t need armchair philosophers, you’d have nothing to do with “warriors” (America has never had a cultural tradition of them, you’re thinking of Europe again) but you do need builders and especially farmers. You need people who can create life, not a stack of papers full of navel-gazing claptrap.

If you don’t want to do the building work for this better society, stay in the chair but shut the fuck up. You don’t actually want it. It’s almost as bad as when Americans try to sneer at Europeans like you’ve got a history to be proud of. Yes, because all your policy making worked out superbly, didn’t it? Just look around, fellow Anglo!

I don’t know if you Dodo’d the geniuses or if academia is merely keeping them down for grant reasons. A smattering of those with a hefty dollop of common sense that your current ‘thought leaders’ never had would be ideal, but don’t let it turn into the snowstorm of an egocentric, censorious priestly caste. There isn’t always a nice solution to nasty problems. This isn’t the My Little Pony universe. You allowed it to get like this by putting your feet up like only a philosopher in the 20th century tradition could get away with and now you need to clean up the mess your naive, grandiose beliefs caused because nobody else is coming along to do it for you. Britain won’t fix it this time.

Now the Americans have successfully replaced themselves in full-tilt libertarian zealotry, they think they can just click Undo and revert to a European-like state minus our culture.

(The culture is the best part???! The definitive part??!)

There is no American culture, it has never been clearly defined against its North-Western European forebears. You’ve always had a melting pot of stuff you inherited, from clothing to farming equipment, you’re just screeching now someone else is handling the family jewels. After you invited them in.

Well, you didn’t want to prioritize family, in any definition of the word [1]. This is what happens. A series of lonely individuals with no power beyond that. You cast yourselves into the cultural equivalent of outer darkness and have only yourselves to blame. To focus on the selfishness of What about Me? is not a culture, it’s a societal suicide note.

Okay, your elders had an easier youth. So? When do you skip in the time machine, life isn’t fair bucko. We have this hand and you must play it. With any luck, our twilight years will be far brighter. The future is ours, that is revenge.

You have the Constitution pointers with no idea what the Magna Carta was, the Congress complainers who refuse a more sensible Parliamentary system, Muh Rights whiners who don’t know the first Bill of Rights was English and a nauseating emphasis on modernist statute (and all its requisite dogma) when Common Law and natural justice were fine for thousands of years.

Absolutely fine.

They worked.

If you wanted a small state, you’d talk about those things.

Instead, you seem to want the same bloated statism but with your identity group at the top of the heap. This is equally unsustainable and irrational as any other. You don’t want to be King of the Tower of Babel before it goes down. If America doesn’t shed its undeserved pride like old, matted fur, you’ll keep attracting fleas.


The Explanation of Ideology: Family Structure and Social Systems

Update: If anyone wants my answer on when we might have some big changes on these topics and answers to related questions, I predict by March/April 2020 – 27 months from now. I don’t see it possible on a more compact timeline without undue suffering.

5 responses to “Can America be conservative?

  1. “I’m drifting to Fuck America, as a general policy, since (((they))) started this Melting Pot shit in the first place.”

    Fixed it for you. (((They))) first tried it in 1924, but didn’t get what they wanted until 1965

    “Now the Americans have successfully replaced themselves in full-tilt (((neo-liberalism))) zealotry”

    …And that too.

    There was nothing remotely libertarian about it.

    • Libertarianism is basically the Jewish handbook of how to screw a nation for as much cash as possible before moving elsewhere (or when you’re kicked out again). Was Rand not a clarion in this regard? Look at any powerful libertarian group and find out how many don’t have primary loyalty to Israel (not many). Open borders for labour is a libertarian idea. The classic Left opposed it.

  2. (like the geographic convenience of not being bombed to smithereens in WW2

    You can plainly blame that on jewry and that asshole hero of Brits’, Churchill.

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