What Generation am I?

I looked this up because, by one researcher’s standard, it turns out I’m not a Millennial but actually Gen Z and it gave me a miniature life crisis. Considering that fact, I am quite obviously Gen Y, I consoled myself.

The only one really set are Boomers because the post-War period was stark and easy to define.

I’d say 1999 should be the cut-off for Gen Y and all else since is Gen Z.

I do wonder what we’ll call the one after.

Core values and other details here


One response to “What Generation am I?

  1. Gen Y as such is a classification which isn’t really very helpful, since it’s surely too large in size (number of years) and too overlapping with the more natural division between Xers and 00s to mean much. Gen X and Millennials should have a clearer dividing line, too; I suppose there are a few years there which could be for those who fall in the gap between the two… 😉

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