Do not feed the Old Media



It reminds me of the stupid liberal writers, some of whom I know, that write for huge newspapers and magazines for free. Last Psychiatrist did a thing on that. If you do it for free, it’s a hobby. This is a hobby.

They need you. They pay you. You won’t gain new viewers from the idiot box. You’re slowly coiling a rope around your neck then handing it to them. Feed them bullshit, troll lines you know they’ll quote verbatim.

Treat them like the joke they are. Allow the viewer to laugh at them.
The Emperor has no clothes.

Do you know how many of those places I could’ve interviewed at? Influence or attention, pick one. No, you cannot be Bruce Wayne and Batman.
I don’t even want this blog getting too much traffic because I know too much or predict too much in advance. If it got into the public way ahead of its time, it would be pretty easy to figure out my circles. Especially from the financial stuff, which is oddly specific, ain’t it?

Like, I wanna spend 2019 in a NZ bunker, cowering. 2018 is a nice year by comparison.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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