This is so autistic I’m actually liking Richard Spencer.

Send help!

Christ, what happened to you Sargon? He reminds me of Brian Griffin, he just wants to play contrarian intellectual and poseur skeptic and no, that isn’t how this works. This isn’t a game, these are people’s lives and futures and past.

Damn, don’t make me throw my weight behind Spencer, I already felt for him as underdog when the pacifists kept punching him. I didn’t see anyone else going out to talk like that in the face of such violence. They sat behind their screens all tucked in and safe, scoffing at the man. Is he smart? Jury’s out. Is he smarter than Sargon? 

Talking to everyone like they have a 110-130 IQ is stupid. Assuming they’ll listen to you and they like you as well. This isn’t a civil little tea party where everyone is just like you.
If you have facts, and you can use rhetoric to push them first, you’d have to be blind not to do it. Most people don’t sit around reading books, let alone good books. You bring the culture to them.

Politicians are messengers, not philosophers. Sargon sounds like a basic e-celeb. It signals strong midwit, like the academia admin type that nitpicks about the wrong pen ink on their paperwork. Your rules do nothing. The power structure isn’t you, you happen to be proximate. Why are you smirking?

This whole convo is like some Mean Girls level shit and I am disgusted.

I really want a TayTay song outta this. “Hiss hiss?” “Backyard bitch?” “Secret snitch?”
I am low-key amazing at writing songs. I might do it and send it to her.

Sargon is so fucking mocking of the Renaissance. WTF have you done that trumps it, huh? Where do you get off? He doesn’t even distinguish the Italian one from the others, did he know? I doubt it. Where do you think that beard fashion came from, for starters? The Borgias were pigs but they had style. He uses all this imagery from the Romans and so on, which is personally a little LARPy like that smug mongrel prick Vox Day, while flagrantly disrespecting the good virtues they stood for, especially PHILIA, love of the family/nation/people.

Fundamental to existence. Reason we’re talking about them (and few Romans ever retired, dotage, it was caste-based and you had to survive and earn it so no chance Sargon would be sitting on his arse pontificating).
I doubt Sargon’s type believe virtue even exists, because like God, if they tell themselves it’s impossible, they aren’t failing at anything and anyone who tries for more in life is the loser.

Consensus reality, morality determined by consent, really? Do you know what utter fuck-heads humans are, historically? No, they cannot be trusted. There’s an illusion of freedom in society, you never actually had it. He’s screeching about the natural gravitation of standards back into society after the PoMo nightmare, drip-dripping like a feed of a prosocial IV. Yes, you might fail to meet one of those standards, it isn’t personal it’s life so grow up, you gigantic crybabies. I’d rather tackle this muck head-on than let it sneak me one day and probably fatally.

Sargon has become a windbag and Spencer is coming across, in comparison, as a poet.

He’s speaking well above his station to try and drag down the tall poppies of history.
Who are you? You’ll be forgotten but your actions can still be meaningful. Silly Richy gets it. Why not pool resources, don’t your kind love to do that? Isn’t that the premise of democracy, ah, but a national bent makes you uncomfortable. Why? Do you hate your own, secretly think they’re inferior and stupid?

That bitter layer of poisonous scorn on his tongue is sticking with me, you can literally hear it. There’s no such thing as a mild lefty, they always end up like this, with a raging hate-on for the mere idea that white people could stop self-loathing for five minutes and have a peaceful, powerful culture (not over anyone, just minding our own business).

Spencer is trying to be a politician, or, in old terms, a courtier. He is playing people but if the enemy is using those tactics, you would have to, simply to recover ground. I can see what he’s doing and it’s a strong way to wrench the Overton window. I’ve been keeping out of it, I could always try to boost it though.

It is tempting. I’m watching closely now. It’s a false dichotomy to assume you must take 100% of someone’s current beliefs wholesale, you can pick and mix the workable ones, ah, but that’s intellectual labour. Might get a headache. Could break a nail, scratch your new handbag, drop a tampon… the idea that natural laws like hierarchy don’t apply to humans is ludicrous, there are different ways to measure superiority but that’s all science is, the performance differentials (you’re good at A, bad at B). You act on the information but it can’t tell you how, it aims for the truth, that was always true. Dominance hierarchy is established in social psych and they’re far-Lefty.

I could see Richard replacing Milo, easily. He just needs to moderate the enthusiasm. Court the working class and it’s sealed, basically. Start with food, music, clothes, the cultural products everyone enjoys and has opinions of then into work balance, hobbies, higher aspirations and dreams. Nobody is listening to their dreams, poor people aren’t allowed to dream any more.
Improve the balance of signalling like Coulter. Nobody sees her techniques because female, a common mistake to make in politics.

He’s hitting all the right notes like a fucking songbird, all positive and chirpy, he’s playing political futurologist (we have the data), and so Sargon – like the ally he is- just stews in envy or jealousy or malice or whatever is going on, it’s a big blob of emotion. With friends like THAT.

Is Richard younger than him? I’m sensing it’s a young popularity contest thing because previously Sargon had the rep as the ‘educated’ one and Richard has that eye-twinkle they mention from sincere belief that a hollowed-out atheist could never duplicate. They don’t actually hold beliefs, see, and they create nothing. They collect things to signal intellect, I know the type. I know it on sight.

I was thinking of this but with indoor voice. It’s a long bitch fit. It’s almost an HOUR. Sargon doesn’t get periods but I’d assume he was on one, it’s unusual to see this acting-up in a man. Excuses and feels. I’ve never known a woman take longer than about 25 minutes. This is remarkable. It almost sounds like a parody, if you look at the title.

We know it isn’t.

He’s actually serious.

That’s the characteristic of the modern left and the death knell of their power structure, that imperious scold’s attitude. What does he offer but commentary? He alludes to things without explaining (we notice) and probably thinks that Richard is betraying intellectuals by sharing information and resources because there’s a secret ivory tower thing with this type, they want you to keep listening to them rather than learn, move on and seek out info yourself. If you knew how much they ripped off, quoted or referenced, you’d know they’re not really that smart, they repeat things long-dead smart people thought and updated it with pop culture references.

He doesn’t seem to want to empower people and that’s sad.

Expected as hell, but sad.
I know any group in the world right now is tired of being told what to do and told to sit down and shut up and listen and belief by self-styled intellectuals who sneer at them. They want answers, reasons and solutions.

Excuses won’t wash, mate. He’s like an anchor at this point holding back any functional discourse to stop, collaborate and listen while he monologues off on a tangent. He does this with his friends, they let him but that isn’t a discussion. It’s a fucking lecture.

Stop lecturing people when you have nothing to say. Opinions are shit but at least I admit it.

At 12m, he sounds like a Valley girl “I found it really hilarious, like-”
Smart people don’t talk like that. Sorry, no.

Did he lose IQ points from heavy drinking or something? I called it in private when he had that …In Stupid series run, it’s completely obnoxious in the most pretentious way. Pastors are less self-righteous. Most people aren’t SJWs and have a good point if you get over yourself to listen. Books written by people just like you can miss a lot of life lessons and critical thinking and common sense. It’s totally subjective but trying to tower over other people who are also on Youtube. Nobody’s really above there, nah.

If Haidt is so great, do book reviews instead of bitching? Be USEFUL?
Humility will come to kick him in the balls eventually. We aren’t here for you.
You aren’t a brand. Nobody is?

I’m sure he really found it “hilarious” that a guy more articulate than he is was talking over him. Doesn’t savour bitter, those grapes.

I’m tired of these salon-type ‘debates’ where they spend the whole thing packing straw men and mutually agreeing how terrible random person is (poisoning the well, toxic female behaviour, super gay).

Admitting that monarchies are stable is not dumb. Glorifying great cultures supported by that class is not backward. Many of the ideas they love came from those systems. A future monarchy obviously wouldn’t look like a past one, men on YT really miss this point. You can improve a good system, you cannot fix a shite one.

He feels threatened by the new rebellious types, they’re strange and extreme to him. Talk to people like equals? But I like my soapbox! If I can’t talk down to them, I won’t talk!

I like the part where holding people to different standards is wrong? Have you read Darwin? Do you think that laws are magical and saying we’re all equal makes it so? I like the Queen’s line about making someone shorter by a head, it was really egalitarian. Let’s be nice to all the rapists because death penalty is wrong but fines are also wrong when the person has money, totally not politics of envy BS. Trying to isolate people is bad for their psyche, modernism has failed.

It was an experiment. It failed. What comes next? They don’t know nor care.

People like this cannot admit it from ego.

I admit many things I don’t like, you must, to plausibly change it.
We’ve become sociopathic, brother against brother, in the quest for cash. This is not us. This is transient as a mode of false culture, there is some false consciousness going on with the people bragging how red-pilled they are and changing nothing.

They’re seeking that brotherhood of truth online but these guys have nothing, they’re like gram-negative culturally speaking. Navel-gazing and pointing is not constructive. What are you doing individually, what is unique?


They sit there going on about oppression. Do you mean class? They never mention the elephant in the room, classism. They admit to IQ but more to secure their position as middle class, like that one hasn’t done most of the damage by deceit, meanwhile their position cannot be challenged. Sure, you really care about a worker’s freedom to tell you to F. OFF. You think hard work is beneath you though, you’re so much better. More than the fact you make a living sitting around talking, you definitely don’t wanna preserve that bread and circuses, nay, you want change and revolution, by going back to around the 80s when you had the freedom to call people fags, and not to do something that might require leaving the house! Or sacrificing, for other people! EW.

All the other power dynamics are a distraction from the class shifts of the past century.

Are you blind?

Hillary didn’t have a terrible showing among women (slightly over half) because of Bill.
It’s because they were poor and she was the type of “lawyer cunt” that would keep them there.

Democracy isn’t the best system ever, that’s modernist propaganda, they control who you vote for. Does he know about the Neoreaction critiques? Does he even know?

“I’m sorry if we trapped Richard Spencer”

No such thing, you absolute moron.

Getting a man to tell you what he believes, yes, you’re master spies.
Worryingly, why are they doing this? Why are they sabotaging?
It sounds like a common thing, no? It’s SJW tactics. There’s a certain type of Left that pretends to be all harmless and nice and docile while they mine you for information, like a strip mine. Then they snitch on you, scupper your plans or plain oppose you, while claiming to stand for the status quo themselves (I detest the fence-sitter and it’s unnatural for a man to be in that position so they’re the worst). Like a fairweather right-winger e.g. Yes I believe in capitalism but not capitalist controls on imports … well, then you don’t, do you? If you were intellectually honest, why not say you don’t? They’re using you, I can see they wanna climb him like a ladder. Of power.

This is sick.

They’re building on all the lies in the MSM and acting like everyone should give them a handjob through the screen.

i’m ragequitting at this point for my blood pressure, it’s too spergy, soz

This is a good year, a positive year and I’m not getting dragged down into trendy dramu biz.
I’m also not dogpiling on Spencer because it’s so fucking fashionable.

It’s quite apparent who the smart one is here.
I just want a series of Millennial Woes and Spencer hashing out the details like a dynamic duo of how this would work from every erotic angle. Yes, erotic. Every crevice. Sue me. 😛 Spencer representin’ America, MW as Europe.

Update: if you want to save a few hours watching the actual ‘debate’, pretend you don’t know it’s Sargon saying this. His basic premise is that there’s no such thing as White people and if there were, which there aren’t, they wouldn’t be pure enough, somehow, to be classified.
Imagine this train of reasoning with another demographic detail.
Hermaphrodites exist so there’s no such thing as a “pure” male or “pure” female.

How would you describe the politics of that person?

He isn’t right. He’s not even wrong.

This is why HBD is important.
The conflation of ethnicity to citizenship was also rotten to the core morally.
Plenty of European people live in America. Plenty of German people don’t live in Germany. New lands are acquired by right of conquest but generally speaking, judging what should be by the normalcy bias of current lines is arguing from bad faith, he knows well they constantly change.

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