The Faux Skeptics

If I know what you’re going to say based on all your previous videos, I’m going to be pissed off you made another to waste my time and stroke your ego.

I know, they’re easy to influence.
They’ve nabbed my ideas in the past, while claiming women add nothing to society…

sage comment

“The cancerous skeptic community reeled people in by feeding them babys first red pill on how insane feminism and political correctness/minority activism etc has gotten, yet they don’t go further into how these things arose in the first place and how our current societal model fuels these movements and is pretty much powerless to stop them.
Once the normies take a little red pill the skeptics just keep feeding them outrage videos on the same level, not going any deeper and using a cult of personality to keep the viewers locked in the same place for as long as possible.
They coordinated with each other to pass around viewerships to other Youtubers that got on board with their gang and coordinated to release videos on certain topics at around the same time to push narratives.
As viewership stagnated they turned to drama to keep up interest, as they were officially ‘anti alt right’ a couple of the more cognitively deficient ones went after alt right figures and started coming off badly in exchanges, their egos, that had been fuelled by their subscribers and private discord circlejerks, couldn’t handle coming off second best so their channels are one by one suiciding themselves by trying to ‘debunk’ the alt right.
There seems to be so much cognitive dissonance within them, many of them are basically anti islam yet they go after the only movement that has the balls to deal with the islam problem in the west…
They offer no solutions yet still play the ‘call someone a nazi’ card when someone has the bravery to realize something has to be done about the huge problems we face.
The skeptic community was nothing but a racket for shekels and to feed the ego of a few nihilistic, smart assed former members of the online atheist community.
I think the thing that got me most about them is not that they were making money or getting attention, it’s that they refused to be honest after the money got too good, while larping as intellectuals that were in the pursuit of truth. They couldn’t admit what was real when it was right in front of them and collapsed back into marxist moral relativist, hair splitting argumentation, personal attacks, retreating to safe spaces and pretty much all the things they attacked SJWs for doing.
It was the utter hypocrisy of them I grew to hate.”

I miss Internet Aristocrat. Perfect concept, tumblrisms are missed.

That Asian girl ruined him. Common Filth has been winding down too, I think we’re still waiting out the opportunist self-promoters.


These people are the worst.

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