Update to population point in Automation

So you all see it.

Update: I would like to point out humans shifted in the West to a more K model as soon as infant mortality dropped. This is a fact, it is so overt in nature it proves itself if you only look. It demonstrates itself. The rest of the world (e.g. India) has failed to make this shift to reflect medical changes and that is why the Malthusian trap will hurt them more and others like them (presently by things like a drop in standard of living from overcrowding), since they choose to ignore this selection pressure change. That isn’t our fault, they could copy us, they seem to think they can have their cake and eat it, have too many kids and just cash in on the prosperity from the finite resources as before, a billion mouths and counting. No. For the same reason I can’t buy a cup of coffee then wonder where my money went. If your culture doesn’t adapt, it is culled by the inevitable courses of events. You can’t keep outsourcing your problems, including by blame games. System is broke, fix it.
The shift the Victorians called civilizing or civilization was well-known at the time, they wanted imperialism to expand these benefits.
Common sense is about survival so no, I don’t give a shit what IQ China claims to have, they are stupid by dictionary definition. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/stupid

They are pursuing a pre-Industrial sexual strategy, producing a billion economic drains like resources are infinite and ignore the mathematical impossibility of it turning out in their favour.

China is the most heavily r-population in the world, they are leeching off the global food supply now to avoid famine. As in, one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. This includes Europe’s dwindling local production too.

Section 3 China.

“China bumped into the natural limits….” Definition of peak-r.

Screencap for the trust issues

China’s food demand and supply is often cited as one of the driving factors for the increase in world agricultural prices.” Stop blaming Brexit.

Demonstrable fact and the first page of sodding Google, people.
China food crisis, China food shortage, China food supply, China food demand, China food security.

Like I said before, they’ll eat each other.

“Despite its vast size, China is land poor — with only 20 acres of arable land per 100 people — according to the World Bank.” – CNBC

I tried a cheeky search to see how easy this information is to find. I’ll include it on the economic post but
they were right, there is a known connection between the variables.
China undoing its one-child policy will revert its prosperity, it’s inevitable.
The Relationship Between Fertility and National Income
Recent paper 2016
The Relationship between Fertility Rate and Economic Growth in Developing Countries by an Asian.
“On the one hand, total fertility rate has a negative effect on economic growth in the current period”
The most populous continent/race isn’t Africa/n. It’s Asian.
You must be pretty stupid to be worse off than Africa, after all the shit we put them through. China is trying to put them through more though, classic r-respawn pattern.

The EU know this.
“Changes in fertility partially follow changes in the economy, with an average lag of less than two years”


They actually want to expand their pensions in China, that’s how slow they are to adapt.

china is fucked, capital F, a shortlist
“China will begin a pilot program this year to transfer shares in state-owned firms to social security funds in an effort to make up for shortfalls in the nation’s pension scheme, according to a notice published by the cabinet on Saturday.”
“The whole retirement system must be overhauled” it opens.
They refuse to stop being collectivistic, with huge population density numbers, they will starve themselves to feed old people who refuse to work. The culture is backward, sputtering to a halt as it deserves and also refuses to account for their tortoise-like genetics.
“pension gap is widening” Really?
Raising the age tiny increments changes nothing and you know it. Some of them expect to retire at fifty. Working for less than half of their life. Fifty.
This type of slothful society doesn’t deserve to survive.
It isn’t pathological altruism, it’s entitlement from the ingroup. Those implode, when resources contract back (what goes up…) to the previous norms, pre-boom.
“True, at the surface, China is beginning to grapple with one of the most severe demographic challenges in living memory.” Historically unprecedented demands on the land, emigration/immvasion is required.
Japan has a better balance of consumers (drains) to producers, and their economy is more honest about its debt.
China will be worse off than Japan, it must be.
Problem caused by too many of us? Let’s breed more of us!
A solution only a politician, a sociopathic one, might consider sound.
“But there are two reasons why China’s alleged demographic time bomb will fail to detonate the way pessimists allege.”
No, between your ego and math, you lose.
“And they are increasingly globally minded: nearly 300,000 Chinese now study in the US.”
Globalism has been great for every country that adopted it, of course.
I bet they wanna stay there too, only to vote in more Communism, those BASED Asians too snowflake to hear the mere name of Taiwan.
“But, by itself, the demographic shift will not be the undoing of China’s economic miracle.”
Yeah, getting bitten by a snake isn’t the problem, it’s the venom.
Writer for HSBC lies, no vested interest in there.
So successful they hide data. Con artists need chumps to sell their shtick to.
“The bureau gave no reason why it stopped publishing the data and did not reply to questions from the South China Morning Post.”
“The decline in fertility rates may be more due to the impact of China’s rapidly growing economy, as a similar trend has been observed in places such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.”
Yes, you want to be compared with Japan…
“they may require significant encouragement to have any children at all,” the report said.”
Yeah, their real growth is dead/dying. The Asian Princess culture or Little Emperor Syndrome did them in.


It’s the worst of all possible worlds.

New Money, ugh.

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