Typical Asian IQ lower than Whites

I thought this was obvious but I hadn’t cited why before.

Flynn is one of the greatest writers on IQ. He wrote a book on it.

Historically, this has been the case, there isn’t something magical and innate about it. Mathematics, while teachable, is only one element of IQ. Then there’s the widespread cheating, which would drop the score average a few points, bringing us to approximate parity in spite of their educational investments and parental abuse.

Many modern studies make the sampling error of only studying brain-drain immigrants, which confounds by class (the biggest factor) and education (affluence to be in the first world). They also isolate specific populations of Asia instead of testing the entire race.
Flynn did the leg-work. If you want to know about Asian IQ, this is the seminal book on the topic.
Accept nothing less.
He distinguishes between IQ and achievement because no, they are not the same. The variables are discrete.
“In this case, the author shows that Chinese Americans’ occupational achievements are generally far beyond their IQ — as if they had a mean IQ 21 points higher than they actually do.”
You can’t blame nepotism on all of it.
We can learn from them to boost our own. Not to copy everything, but some of it.

Here’s a taster he wrote on the topic if you’re unsure about his writing.

Click to access UAIChapter18.pdf


“The problem addressed in this paper is first to thoroughly document,
and then to explain, the impressive scholastic, occupational, and income
achievements of Asians in America. In the past, some psychologists
have cited apparently impressive evidence of a superiority in general
cognitive ability. It turns out that that this evidence is seriously flawed
– and not merely because of failure to allow for the intergenerational
increase in scores but also as a result of seemingly endlessly compounded
sampling deficits and corrections and adjustments introduced into the
norming studies. Be that as it may, with IQ held constant, the Asian’s
achievements exceed those of Whites by a huge amount. Once an IQ based
explanation has been discredited, attention focuses on issues rarely
discussed by psychologists – such as other psychological characteristics
and multiple cultural supports. These are contrasted with those operating
in other cultural groups, some of which perform far below what might
otherwise be expected.”

In pure IQ terms, Asian supremacy is a myth. Do not conflate the variables.

This book debunks in full why that is and I can add nothing to it.

IQ isn’t everything, as the “model minority” show.

Here, Asian is a PC term used to refer to certain types of religious rape gangs. It isn’t a paragon in our minds, they represent something closer to the Asian average (look at the rape rates and compare to Africa), and yes, regression to the racial and lower-class mean does apply in these cases, over time (as they’d be breeding in those populations and living in those conditions).

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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