Voting and women

I’m not going to say where I got these comments because I don’t know if the authors would want to be connected with them. You’ll notice lately I’ve been blotting out more identifying information just in case.

Small detour about Spencer since I’ve been ignoring him for years, hoping he disappears. I am a good judge of character, like most women. That was before I looked into him.

We need to worry about nonwhites, not white women.

Damning chart

race differences > sex differences
Genetically you would expect that.


Glaringly obvious.
But, according to comments here, looks like the stalemate between females and Alt-Right males will continue.


“Women have always been able to own property.”

Not for married women in the U.S.

Land of the freeeee

Marriage changed women’s legal status dramatically. When women married, as the VAST MAJORITY did, they no longer had autonomy. Instead, they found themselves in positions of almost total dependency on their husbands.

A married woman could not own property independently of her husband unless they had signed a special contract called a marriage settlement. Such contracts were rare and even illegal in some parts of the country. What women PERSONALLY BROUGHT to her marriage or EARNED during marriage, including WAGES, became her husband’s. He could manage it or give it away, as he chose, without consulting her.

If this law was in effect today, married women couldn’t own anything, apply for a credit card or get a loan without her husband’s signature even if she was earning a paycheck. Everything, including the money she earned became her husband’s.

The Married Women’s Property Act had passed in all states by 1900 that permitted married women to own property. If I’m correct a law similar passed in NZ much earlier…in the 1800’s.

Let’s put it this way, as an example, I know a 41 year old woman (3 children BTW) working full time who couldn’t have borrowed money to start her dog grooming business, the business her husband was adamantly against until she began showing a profit and paid off the loan. (Understandable because he was probably concerned about debt if she failed, but consider she was working and everything she was involved in would be in her name only.) Eventually, he backed off……..but only a little, after she began giving him profits not necessary to run her business.

She saved a little money from her job and used that to start breeding one female dog from show stock with other show breeders’ dogs, caring for, and selling the puppies for show on the side for quite a bit of money. Those dogs not qualified for show, she sold as companion animals.

She became an AKC judge working only on weekends, at first, eventually rented, then obtained a loan to purchase a small building and land for a grooming business showing a good profit from all three. Her husband said “no” at every step of the way. She’s 68, still breeding dogs, AKC judging and grooming business doing very well. Her husband over 75 is ailing. There’s not much he can do anymore, but rather than put him in a nursing home, she’s making sure his every need is taken care of, the household finances, everything involved in home management, and her business.

If you can provide, you should. Work isn’t evil, especially for women, read the Bible?

Then, on top of that, some men don’t want women to vote…to vote for policies that don’t discriminate against them such as was before the Married Property Act.

Listening to these men, there’s good reason women want to vote. Unfortunately, all White women are blamed for the massive numbers of non-White women voting for only their self-interests, not the country’s.

Suffragettes got the vote because they already paid taxes. Who dares mention that?
I’d be happy to give up my vote if I didn’t have to pay taxes on my earnings.

You’d have to be a fool not to take that deal. There are better ways to influence politics than voting anyway. Let them have their little popularity contest.

And with my monies, I could buy a hundred votes!

The system works!

I’d like to ask these men what women should do after child bearing age and children gone. Sit around twiddling their thumbs or be of service to their husbands at their every beck and call?

They’re stupid enough to think women would still do any form of work – including cook, clean, sex, errands, they really are that naive. Like only men can strike? Well, if the men are taking care of you, let the learned helplessness kick in and make them do twice as much!

Imagine how sad you’d have to be, to envy a woman in HR.

Women were never servants to their husbands, even in the 50s. Those women were hard.

It’s very difficult for women to contain themselves when hearing there are some men who still think this way and it’s a movement making headlines. WOW!!!!!!! Anyone looking can find them in the Alt-Right. Although, feminism has gone much too far, these antiquated attitudes coming from the Alt-Right help feed it along with open hostility, women for president, not wanting to get married, single mothers, and liberalism. Women are saying F-U to the Alt-Right.

not wanting to get married can be valid depending on your options
like, some people shouldn’t breed, some people can’t afford it, some people have tragic options, some people have diseases, some people would make awful parents, bad breeders are worse than genetic suicides

There are ways to encourage young women to WANT to have children, but it appears the Alt-Right, rather than seeing both males and females as complements to each other, is going in the opposite direction in favor of creating a culture that subjugates them.

they don’t know any social history
You try that, your society dies.

I also found discussion of Spencer which I’m putting here.

The jury is still out on spencer as far as Im concerned – some of what he says is correct, but there are definite signs that he may be from the other side… I dunno. I do know he is against Christianity, so i cannot support him. THAT is the missing ingredient in all the ‘alt right’ stuff that dooms it to failure.

Well, his dumpy plastic Russian turned breeding sow to keep him on the hook so ew, as far as I’m concerned. I think I’m going to be sick. I long for the days I thought he was homo, that I could understand. He still might be, in denial. Keeping up appearances. Why else keep flirting with men? Andy was blushing in that recent stream, others noticed!

“A profile on Spencer by Mother Jones revealed that Spencer dated an Asian American woman before Kouprianova, saying that some of his supporters would “find that terrible.”

It’s impossible to take a man seriously when his taste in women sucks so much, we’d rather he suck dick.

An obvious Russian spy, really? The only thing she lacks is a neon sign.
Sealing the union with kids is the blood-curdling point. That’s what they do.
The kids are there to control you by threatening things around them.
Russian IQs suck too. Don’t cuck for Russia.

Now onto alleged …
“I, myself, remain unconvinced of that. Spencer’s repeated lack of concern for the welfare of those around him starts to emerge as a pattern of malice.”
Someone put Woes on notice.
“He is not the kind of man that can be the face of anything successful.” “He’s exactly the kind of figure those that run the media want: surrounded with degeneracy and corruption, doomed to eternal failure,”
This supposed plan about the Russians “enslave all of Europe to the mixed race Soviets” would make the wife choice completely 100% logical.
He lied about them being separated so at this point, I’m gunning for liar.
“No such thing would occur in Spencer’s neo-Kalergi European Union, where the worst stock would rapidly outbreed the best and in so doing produce Trotsky’s “White Negroes”.” Well shit.
“Richard Spencer’s Russian wife Nina Kouprianova translated some of Dugin’s writings, and this link to the Russians creates an obvious conflict of interests in Spencer’s expressed views.” No pro-white man could date an Asian then a Russian (they’re also part-Asian). No.
This makes me doubt he’s white himself, I know plenty of left-wingers who would never marry, let alone breed out. Not just race, which is too generic, but nationality.

He makes me cringe so badly.

Once a degenerate…

I totally get why people keep punching him. Don’t assume everyone in a scarf is left-wing. I think there are many right-wingers who’d take a swing, some with metal bats….

I could think of a list of names off the top of my head.
Yet another “American” thinking they can control Europe.
Blend us and blur us into member states with no distinguishing cultures or thedes.
Maybe he should study what we’ve done to people like that.

The worst insult I know applies to him:

English major.

Update: something clicked while I was out at dinner.
Spencer met the woman in 2009. This was when he was libertarian, after years of ‘research’. Libertarians think people are pretty much equal, evidence be damned, it’s spergy theory over empirical fact.
In 2010, he said in the recent interview he set up the name website. In under a year, after meeting a Russian, who he married shortly after meeting (date unknown) he suddenly becomes right-wing enough to think we need an alternative one?

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