Link: Sargon the afraid

In case you haven’t seen it. Sargon doesn’t care about his race, he sure values his ego. You’ll recognize patronizing laughter and refusing to answer any questions (even from the mild MW) as the hallmark of a man with no argument. Stefan would demolish him. In 2018, FINISH HIM.

Hates collectivism
Rallies individuals.

How is the liberal position just “I don’t care” for half an hour.

Then you shouldn’t be in a f-ing debate about it.

Argument from apathy? Isn’t that a normalcy bias?

You don’t care about your countrymen, that means you should shut up because we are listening, fellow White. We can hear you, unfortunately.

they want you to keep listening to them rather than learn, move on and seek out info yourself. If you knew how much they ripped off, quoted or referenced, you’d know they’re not really that smart, they repeat things long-dead smart people thought and updated it with pop culture references. He doesn’t seem to want to empower people and that’s sad.

What is white?

Spencer should’ve pointed out that in optics, white is the only pure colour.

Science is autism’s only cure.

The correct answer is “Sargon, how many grains of sand are in a heap, you’re being silly.” If you wanted to be pinned down, genealogy exists, if you can’t place your tree, GTFO.

Who wants to break it to Sargon that the Enlightenment was a self-aggrandizing piece of propaganda, different from the rise of science over many centuries up until this day? The supposed Enlightenment was contrasted to the Dark Ages, which they totally made up – they didn’t exist.

These were the first smug atheists, I’m unsurprised Sargon takes them as writ.
There were plenty of revolutions and revolts and things like universities began from monasteries during the so-called Dark Ages. Education was prized, meritocracy started, diseases were investigated…
If you look, most major scientists were religious so I don’t know where that attitude comes from.

The Enlightenment mythos makes no sense without the Dark Ages to contrast it with. Burden of proof is on you Sargon to prove the Dark Ages happened. I’ll bet he’s a Dark Ages truther.
The Enlightenment was a bunch of French dudes self-fellating in prose and proving nothing.
Society pre-existed them, duh. However, they did destroy France, so ….

Atheists turn everything they touch into socialist shitopia.
With no God to look after them, they crave a State nanny.

Also, the Enlightenment in authorship was more white than the KKK.
Because listening to a dead French imperialist is so much better than an American.
It was almost entirely rich French people, mostly men, because it was driven by cafe culture, so caffeine and syphilitic shame. They hated the poor. There was a war.


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