Link: Bestiality orgies

We’re worse than the Romans, perhaps.

The dark truth about bestiality parties

In a major newspaper. This is where “if it feels good, do it” leads.

“consenting adults” is a lesser form, trying to appeal to a kind of legalism

We don’t let ‘consenting’ adults do plenty of things. Certain things you aren’t in the right mind to consent to.

Hardly anyone is mature enough at 18 these days to know what is actually good for them.

Appealing to minors, like the sex section of teenage magazines, is outright grooming.

“One woman describes how her first time was in front of her husband and eight other members of their BDSM group.”

I remember a commentor on Vox Day’s site suggesting that these pain/pleasure circuitry malfunctions, as well as being indicative of other mental illness (it’s always the BDSMers, isn’t it?) would fit many of the ancient criteria for demonic possession, demons being best known for their sexual sadism.

Personally, I don’t trust people who have to pervert any of the necessary pleasures for life.

This isn’t like handcuffs BDSM, the nice PR version, like lipstick lesbianism.
It never is. Escalation is common with addicts.

I was re-reading this link and well, it fits.

The immature fixation on sexuality as a polyfiller for the spiritual emptiness is too true.

All these Hollywood types high on their own fake PR have no idea what they’re dealing with when they host the PC term for orgies: sex “parties”.

50s parties involved a table of treats and dancing to a radio.

This will come back to haunt them, I guarantee it.

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