Market risks 2018

Pension collapse risk, more 2019 imho.
How many people saving for retirement know it’s bound up in funds aka the stock market?
They spend so much time insulting bankers and investors (they are investors) and capitalism and greedy profits, it’ll be intriguing to see their response to a dip in expected yields. Yields they feel entitled to, magical money tree.
I think next year is more a risk, as the see-saw tilts to the consumers, who refused to breed producers, opting instead for historically novel abortion rates. Combine that with record-low, almost nil savings and this will never, ever end well whatever mathematical miracle they pretend to pull out. It’s impossible for infinite growth in an aging/dying/declining society.

Democrats already suggested the prospect of taxing IRAs and 401ks.
Commies never leave money on a table.

Many millennials will be at the prime working age of 30 and many Boomers around 60, critical ages. I’d expect to see a major shift in the workplace and its rules then.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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