Why would you hand over your DNA?

Is this racket still going?

Those tests literally don’t work, they’re like a mood ring with percentages.
This is a company, not forensic archeology. They can only compare the present result (you) with the previous results, mostly mixed-race American applicants.

“Ancestry stores your spit sample so it can be used for quality purposes, such as making sure the lab is running as it’s supposed to and the testing is accurate.”

sampling bias, my nemesis

As recently admitted, they own you.


“Also, by submitting User Provided Content through any of the Services, you grant Ancestry a sublicensable, worldwide, royalty-free license to host, store, copy, publish, distribute, provide access to, create derivative works of, and otherwise use such User Provided Content to the extent and in the form or context we deem appropriate on or through any media or medium and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed or discovered.”

“They still keep trying to say they own your data,” said Winston.

It’s a database grab, the genetic database’s purpose is to engineer themselves (like the white HIV resistant gene) into superhumans, possibly plant at crime scenes (if you become a problem) and/or re-write history by messing with labels of the ‘ethnic’ groups.

If you don’t believe me, here’s 23andme’s next ‘phase’ (yes, like a military operation): research.


You’ve paid to be a lab rat, you’ve handed them research materials.
This is the most important data you’ll ever have.
They can produce sperm from DNA now.


This is a company, they are not police and held to totally different ‘ethics’ aka none, effectively.

To take 23andme again, it was founded by a Jewish woman.


It’s completely political.
Most biotech is based in Israel.
Sequoia, which is an investor in 23andme, has an Israel division.

Why do you think they win so many Nobel prizes? They own the companies doing the research.
I can give you the god-damn address and fax number.


“The fund typically invests in companies based in Israel”

Less than half a percentage is too small to detect anyway, they use the < sign for a reason. It means between zero and that number. Guess which is more likely.

Has anyone applied to every company offering these services to detect the volatility in report?

AKA barefaced lies, it’s a giant con.
Buy a crystal ball or get down to a copy of the Domesday Book if you’re British. The results would be reliable.
Why do they need you to fill out what you think you are, if they already know?
As a last resort, upload a picture to The Apricity. No surgery freaks.

I say last resort

Bonus shit post of the day
TA is full of yellow fever losers. They think Asians count as European (?)… talk about category error.

“I trusted and confided in him. I thought he was my friend, but he showed his true colours after I (very politely) rejected his sexual advances. He became a completely different person, cursing at me and calling me names.
At one point I even wondered if it had been somehow my fault, I wondered if I had really lead him on like he had accused me of doing. But then I met other people who he had wronged, other girls who he had threatened and harassed.”

Yeah, it’s never on them to behave like an adult.

“I’d heard enough rumors about his numerous gratification attempts to know that not all of them could be baseless considering the respected sources. It’s a smart idea though if you look at it from his point of view. Find a theme that will bring in desirable young people and then deteriorate to your true intentions. For a horny, middle aged guy, building a European forum where you know you’ll get a few hot young women to join is a pretty smart idea from that vantage point. The only problem could arise when people figure out that’s what it really was and is about. I always wondered how a single childless guy nearing 40 could really be this “great preservationist harbinger”.. Though he looks older than 40 tbh..”

Why don’t women join?
…Freedom of association includes creeps.


Not that they’re pedophilic… they just prefer women who look like minors. Sexually.
Asking about Asians is fast becoming the most reliable test. Separates the libertarians from the right-wing, who pick up a history book from time to time. There’s one looker in the OP and she aged horribly. Nicer pic included because she seems like a good person. The mixed race age… differently. Like an Uncanny Valley thing.

fuck anime

Listen to the anime talking.
“Asian women stand out from this crowd because statistically they are the least involved in such affair.”(whoring)
OK ignore the massage parlours and demographics of prostitutes.
“Statistically they in most cases build strong and bonded families.”
Nope, they are the worst to divorce. Tiger Mom is nothing compared to the warpath of a divorcing Asian.
“and then there are the ones who date whites just to get a fashionable mixed baby, but when you entire culture is full of beta males it’s easy to see why they want to date foreigners.”
I’m sure it has nothing to do with money.
There’s a whole comment about how masculine African men are.
I see the propaganda has succeeded. There are more gay African men than Europeans. Ask Milo.
In Asian families, a White coming in doesn’t own their children. They belong to the grandparents (abroad) so in a divorce, wave bye.
After all those long discussions, the women are sluts…. sure, Jan. White women mix out the least of any combination, but sure. ‘White women are whores’ is truly the meme of European preservationists.

Personally, I was traumatized to find recently that the Asians are tighter myth came about because their mothers groom them to use products to snag a rich foreign husband. There’s your racial loyalty and traditionalism. I was told this by a Chinese woman who successfully did this to one of my countrymen, I had spotted something like this in her handbag.


They’re toxic. Did I tell her this? No.

Maybe we have another candidate for why White/Asian mixes have fertility issues?
Vaginal pollutants!

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    So, you are willing to give them your DNA because you want to know who you are? What if they are full of shit, are jewish, and can use your DNA for whatever purpose the see fit (like maybe frame you for a crime or steal your superior DNA to make them a better baby)?

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