Sim People and speech

The AI takes familiar features (from celebrities) and morphs them. I can place a few of the celebrity features and the occasional historical one, they must’ve used internet photos.
Top left looks like a young Winston Churchill. I’d know that face anywhere.

It’s like that morph tool that’s everywhere but in higher resolution.

AI actors are already old hat. Look at the AI on Beowulf. That had me sitting back in my seat in shock.

The Governments already have your speech from routing your cell phone conversations through satellite feed. These must be able to produce “naturalistic speech” from the sheer volume of input. Nobody knew why they were recording but I figured it must be something like that. Idealistically, they could use it to trace a terrorist wherever they placed a call in the world because the AI would flag it up but the fact they’re trying to manufacture speech, and not just track it, is really creepy.

The first software on cameras made the actors look younger, and it dates back to lenses before that.

Youtube is also owned by Google.

Why do you think I’m not on Youtube?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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