Video: Aziz the Creep

Your skin colour isn’t a pass on abuse of power.

He’s always been a two-faced creep, like most male feminists, and especially those who aren’t white, but spend all their time bashing white men. It’s so you abandon the men and he can predate on you.

Yes, shephard, leave your flock. They don’t deserve you, they’re independent and responsible for any situation they’re in. This type also lie about what a situation is until you get there, common in Hollywood. Whatever happens, they can play the Psychic Card i.e. you should’ve known what the situation is without me asking you.

Victim blaming, you’ll notice. Offers don’t work like that.

You don’t go on a date unless consent is given, that’s kidnapping, so how does less consent go here?

If men want us to trust them, they can’t call us stupid when that backfires.

He was bitching Jennifer Lawrence ignored him and his texts (asking her out) and the public pressure from his status made her cave and appear with him in public but she friendzoned him like he deserves. He still attention-seeks with her like a puppet. Stay in your lane, grossboy.

How long until James Cameron or Steven Spielberg? Are they too big?


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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