Video: Bitcoin with JP

I have been waiting for this for literally years.



This will be our time’s Tulip Bulb Craze. All the signs are there, except tulip bulbs are real and have A*E*S*T*H*E*T*I*C value.

Anything the Lopez guy plugs financially is a scam, in my opinion. Ponzi, from someone of that level. He’s like the everyman internet entrepreneur schtick, like that slimeball 4 Hour Work Week charlatan who pretends to come from a common background. The one who gives nothing to the world but interviews useful people. Like white guy Oprah. Total waste of space. Can the internet entrepreneur celebrity fad die already?

2 responses to “Video: Bitcoin with JP

  1. Jaime Dimon approves of your opinion

    But, please stop. Just stop it.

    Also stop with the Ponzi scheme nonsense. It’s just stupid.

    If you’re going to criticize cryptocurrencies, stop being lazy and come up with something we haven’t heard before (and we’ve heard muh toolip maineeuh muh ponzee once or maybe twice before…).

    Your analysis and criticism of the Neoliberal Marxist Poz is brilliant, insightful and inspring, which is why you have an audience.

    But on crypto you are so painfully ignorant you don’t even seem to realize you’re embarrassing yourself. Again, for the love of all that’s rational, stop.

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