A list of reasons vegans are stupid

These are rhetorical questions because they are impossible to talk around.
I am only doing this once. This is not everything. It is off the top of my head.

Farmers kill animals they cannot sell.
They will sell it to other customers i.e. the increasing demand from China and India. This is never-ending.
Animals are domesticated and bred by eugenics through centuries or millennia of animal husbandry and rearing practice, they could not survive in the wild without humans any longer.
Shoot the dogs, release the wolves into the wild. Domesticating “dogs” was evil.
Most meat reared for human consumption is a prey species. Left in an ecosystem over time, they over-populate, catch disease, suffer from decreased living standards, predate or aggress against one another in panic, starve since local resources are finite and there are massive die-offs. That is the greatest suffering available to an unintelligent species.
Show me the ancient vegan tribes that survived longer than one famine.
How much technology (and electricity) does the vegan diet depend on over others?
You need thousands more studies on vegans (most medical studies cannot be replicated) to be this cocky.
Humans picked off many predators, natural predators e.g. wolves in Europe, to make ourselves apex predators.
Arable land cannot be taken up with animals we cannot eat or otherwise use, especially since a greater square footage of area is required for the denser vegetable nutrition requirements of a non-meat eating diet.
The arguments for chicken guilt sound an awful lot like the arguments for white guilt.
Chickens are crazy, pigeons would be better but provide less meat.
Emotional appeals do not apply to species that do not experience pain like us. No vegan advocates saving the insects (a protein source, used in dyes) unless you count bees. Bees die before consuming the honey they produce, there is a surplus.
Good butchery practices cannot be developed if we do not continue to study animals.
Medicine will grind to a halt unless vegans put themselves up for gruelling medical testing.
Animal testing allows us to kill the animal for dissection and reduce human mortality. Tell a child with cancer why you don’t want their meds to get funding. Go ahead, try.
If you hate humans so much, why live in urban areas of the highest density and avoid sterilizing yourself?
Europe is the only sustainable continent by population. In any discussion of food supply, you must look at the demand issue first.
Non-white races have the highest demand for meat. This is because there are more of them but also because of cultural, tribal practices in which meats are preferred and how they are prepared.
Can we eat an animal who dies naturally or by accident? Define accident.
Can we eat lab-grown meat? Why not develop that, when there would be no carcinogenic chemicals in it?
Why not regulate massive food companies, don’t you people love involving government in everything else?
Why are vegans trying to convert people like a religion?
Isn’t veganism a religion for people who refuse to drop other unhealthy habits e.g. drinking, drugs, promiscuity and shallow sleep?
GMOs were developed to meet plant yields. To feed a vegetarian world, you must eat GMO. This sterilizes animal models.
The arable land to allow wild animals we cannot use does not exist.
The land would be stripped by allowing these creatures to ride roughshod since we killed off their checks and balances.
How far back do we go in cloning old predators? Shouldn’t we care about the Neanderthals too? They were smarter than us.
Your government is producing more meat than ever. They are selling it internationally. National solutions do nothing.
Would you ban the sale of meat? If not, we are forced to conclude you are eating it on the quiet. Human meat is already illegal to sell but has been sold in modern times as other types.
How do we fix soil fertility?
What about soil erosion?
How many local species of creature must die to clear farmland? Farms do not naturally exist. Trees and bushes take up the space. Don’t you care about the fluffy bunnies, rare birds or foxes?
How many vegans give a damn about the illegal immigrants who work at slave wages in dire conditions to pick your greens?
How many vegans are willing to grow their own food?
How about working part-time on a farm to nurture and pick their own food? Why not? Why are you too good for manual labour? If meat-eaters must butcher their own food, why can’t you manure some carrots?
Meat-eating evolved to spare us calories, how do you propose we replace those and the nutrient-density of animal products, let alone magically evolve new brains and key organs e.g. stomach?
Where do you intend to source your animal quality collagen?
How do you prevent the purity spiral of healthy eating, moralistic dieting into eating disorder?
Vegans cannot exercise, they require unnatural sources to hit regular caloric requirements. Considering many modern humans exercise wrong (for their body’s needs) and in excess, where do the good calories come from and isn’t it wasteful to produce food for the vanity of abs and asses? Better to leave earth fallow for nutrients.
Why do vegans refuse to eat sheep but wear their ‘fur’?
Agriculture changed human society forever, true or false?
The Industrial Revolution changed food technoloogy forever, so why do you think we can dial the clock back without a subsequent collapse in living standard?
Why are un-developed humans (<25) allowed on this diet? Allowing a child or teen on a special diet is considered abuse. Young adults are still developing in the brain and the reproductive and hormonal systems, diets are medically dangerous.
Food prices would rocket, you classist bastards.
If just one person in the world has differing dietary needs, animal murder becomes a statistic again. What about homicide, death penalty or nah?
Humans have different eating patterns, at least by timing – grazers exist. The same would apply to chemical needs for animal products.
Why don’t we equalise it by banning all takeaways and expensive restaurants. The middle of the road places could easily cater to this mode of eating for the masses, the takeaways are full of toxins and the rich places are too exclusive. Think of it as caloric communism.
You must prevent illegal tree-napping, the logging practices of places like Ikea (founded by a fascist) because poultry, for example, need trees of many kinds for shelter.
Aren’t vegans just squeamish on the whole?
Trees communicate, in pain, they don’t oppose the use of wood in their house. Alternatives are available.
What is the cap on global population and the cap on national limits for infrastructure and food security purposes?
I have never, ever in my life heard a vegan utter the term ‘food security’.
Don’t carbs make you fat?
Why do vegans carb load when you claim to care about health?
Ban vegan junk food. The market shouldn’t exist.
Does the water exist to farm the things you rely on e.g. almonds in California?
How do you refute the evidence (try Authority Nutrition) that grains caused the American obesity crisis?
At the very least, grains should not be the bulk of any human diet. This goes more so for modern mixed grains. It’s war-time rationing that made us depend on grains.
What about harmful food packaging? I don’t mean just BPA-free plastics but the neurotoxic effect of aluminium cans or the discarded items that animals get snared on and die?
What you argue is anthropocentrism and this is true but considering how humans are the only species trying to conserve others at personal expense, why is this bad? How is it possible to do more without harming animals, humans?
How do you transport your asinine requirements from all four corners of the globe without an abundance of oil, I’ll wait.
Vegan recipes use the same five ingredients and ingredient restriction is unhealthy, like any fad diet defined by blocking out entire food ‘groups’ when there is no such thing in nature as a food ‘group’.
Ingredients can be sourced to extinction, discuss.
Farmers think vegans are stupid unless selling to you. You must raise livestock to make the farm truly fertile, it’s a system. You can’t remove a block, it’s like Jenga.
Malnourished humans count medically as starvation. When famine has the same track record as your diet, it isn’t a diet. A diet doesn’t require artificial supplmentation, it is sourced from the organic environment.
Where do you think certain vitamins come from? You can only get them through animal sources or only the animal sources are properly absorbed by the human body e.g. bovine collagen.
Gelatin capsules are gentlest on the human body.
Speaking of, why are there GI problems in vegans, resolved by eating good meat?
Do you know what adrenal fatigue is?
If diversity is the best policy for organisms and sustenance, why do you all live off soy?
Many a soy product is poorly produced and contains contaminants and toxins. Yes, they do.
GMO soy exists.
There are plenty of obese vegans. This should not be possible.
What is the longest a person can go full vegan without health problems, including mortality?
Why do you spend so much time discussing your food and none discussing your shit, when the latter is as important to monitoring your health on a special diet?
Altering the nutrient profile of your diet slightly causes permanent brain damage. It’s a fragile, complex organ.
Why is every vegan stressed? Stress is physical, in the nervous system and cardiac system.
The body produced anxiety to urge us to hunt.
Why do non-meat eaters in studies have mental health problems? Heme isn’t causing your depression.
Anything with a vascular system is meat e.g. fish, lobster. While you spot this, you miss how the systems tend to develop. Animals eating other animals, including their own species.
How would you propose we prevent this?
Chocolate exploits slave labour, whatever the label.
Growing certain trees e.g. cocoa bean, in large quantities, unbalances the ecosystem. Trees take up too much.
Look what happened to a popular breed of banana tree in the 50s.
Blood diamonds aren’t as bad as coffee.
Coffee also funds the drug trade. Drugs sold to children.
Why do you need stimulants if you have natural energy?
I never met a vegan without sleeping problems. It can’t be guilty conscience so what?
If less is more, why don’t you get on board with sustainable clothing too, or does that cost too much money to be ethical? Child slaves making your fast fashion wanna know.
How do you define animal consent and if they cannot, human?
Cooking our food improves its nutritional value to us and our tastebuds followed. Vegetables tend not to follow this rule and if it all tastes so great to you, stop with the nutritional yeast because yeast lives matter and you’re farming them in the same way we cultivate dairy with affinage.
Is human breast milk acceptable?
Why don’t you try to ban sale of bushmeat, in light of Ebola risk especially?
Can vets administer medical treatment on animals, including antibiotics?
What if they’re unwilling?
Old vegans look like prunes. A good diet makes the person consuming it look healthy, so what gives?
You can’t choose to be non-human.
You can’t eradicate the history of animal genocide by your ancestors that led to your birth.
Fix the war thing before presuming to judge other humans and species.
There is blood on your hands whatever diet you choose, why not admit this?
Cannibals, historical and accidental.
If you were starving on a boat, would you not be instinctively forced to eat fish eyes? This is known to occur. The brain goes into a frenzy for nutrients.
Will you forcibly prevent tribal peoples from raising and consuming animals?
Alcohol isn’t the most moral beverage, it has more in common with dairy than a drink. Soy is also suspect. Then there’s the Russian mafia’s role in vodka and so on. Olive oil adulteration by the Italians?
Your body requires fermented products, dairy is the best source.
There are herbs that resist eating e.g. spices. Isn’t it immoral to eat those?
Do vegan children display poorer health e.g. shorter?
Fructose is worse than regular sugar. It’s in fruit and promotes cancer.
Juicing is bad for you, no fiber.
Isn’t pushing veganism on kids at best propaganda and at worst a religious movement slash cult?
Why is there bullying and abuse and isolation if you’re not a cult? You act like cultists.
Isn’t it more sad to bond with a human over plant life compared with sex, race, sexuality and so on?
Veganism is a fandom, agree or disagree?
Wild animals hate us.
They carry disease e.g. Black Death from Asia.
Different cultures have different tastes. I doubt India will ever go vegan.
The metals in your iPhone were mined by slaves.
As far as reducing suffering, shouldn’t a top priority be sex trafficking (the most common slavery) and rape gangs (the same but without monetary exchange, kidnapping and brainwashing)?
Should we force prisoners onto a vegan diet to reduce their aggression levels? This would work.
What is your position on snails?
How do we rid ourselves of vermin (rats) and pests?
Why do vegans dispute which foodstuffs are cruel and also rarely mention drinks?
This includes the way drinks are served e.g. leather coasters.
Official stance on coral, this is important, as coral is edible. What about seaweed?
Isn’t seaweed too important to marine life to pick?
Humans are domesticated by the state to be used for our products (labour), like bees, true or false?
Our organs are stolen post-mortem by the state, suggesting they do indeed consume us.
Blood donations.
Transfusions of medications developed with animal products or by animal suffering.
Nature is red in tooth and claw, why is a better life the one where they don’t have anyone who cares about them (legal term duty of care)?
Why don’t you go after China for having legal animal abuse? They boil dogs FFS.
Horse racing. They’re going to run anyway so where’s the line?
Are animal breeders abusing them? exception: dog breeders
Aren’t your supposed beliefs largely arbitrary based on virtue signalling? If you couldn’t virtue signal, how many vegans would stay that way?
Isn’t that last the reason nobody respects vegans? We know you can’t shut up and do it?
There are precise tests offered by companies of your microbiome. To my knowledge, not one advocates veganism. Send in samples to test and they will tell you which things you need in your diet and why, via app. Show us it’s healthy. They’d love the PR too.
Why should every animal survive? If pandas want to go extinct, shouldn’t that be their choice than being bred for human egotism?
Why not raise food standards on meat production e.g. less chemicals added as preservative?
Don’t you know crops are sprayed and treated with that stuff too? How else to survive the shipping containers?
There are studies of pesticides on fruit and veg and no, you cannot just ‘clean them off’.
Feeling better without the health outcomes to prove it is scientific, it’s called the placebo effect. There is also the nocebo effect.
Humans are trapped in cages of debt. I never met an egg subject to inflation either. Humans farm other humans.
Do you believe in Darwinian evolution? Then why oppose natural selection?
What is the property right of a non-human animal?
What to do with animals that attack humans?
I can control who comes into my house but I’m told I cannot control who comes into my country. Do rights have limits? I can control what I eat but I cannot control or ‘shame’ what others eat (verbal abuse) nor change what my body needs.
Biologically, aren’t crustaceans insects, the way lobster was counted?
Can we eat ants? Aren’t ants alive?
We can’t eat honey but I guess you’d be fine with flies. To me, that sounds like a gap.
Can we swat flies?
Humans cannot live without microbes, our digestion would pack up. Probiotics are found in animal sources and the likes of honey.
Manuka honey is mostly sugar.
Vegans shouldn’t have pets, it’s animal slavery.
Killing old animals is wrong (unhealthy for us) and young ones is cruel (agreed) but what’s the good medium?
If a lion wanted to eat a vegan, would they shoot the lion or let it?
Purely carniverous animals, should they be genocided? Like dinosaurs.
Are vegans obtuse as a debate tactic or are you really from such a sheltered upbringing you don’t know how the countryside works?
Your official position on culling.
You find a dead but delicious animal, what do you do?
Estrogenic products are not good for men. Not that estrogen is bad for men, it is naturally occuring, their body produces and needs it. However, combined with xeno plastics, isn’t it sexist to expect men to follow a diet that hates their body?
Their balls shrink and they grow breasts, this isn’t imaginary.

I cannot be bothered to do more, you get the point, yes?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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