Link: Stock screwing

A title of ‘stock fuckers’ sounded too vague in this economy.

“The way to get paid the most in the shortest period of time is to convince government to artificially increase stock prices.”

~coughs in Tesla shares~

“The long term on this is the destruction of the entire economy. Why? Put the rich on welfare and they become lazy – just like the poor.”

The Valley is full of Ivy League douches making a quick buck off the taxpayer, there are no geniuses anymore.

There’s no such thing as Tech unicorns. All the engineers who founded it leave, what happens? They buy an island next to Branson, is the value of the company greater, like the IPO price led you to believe?

There are no geniuses.

Technology won’t come riding in on a white horse to save you. You need geniuses and a level of selfless work ethic over years with definite high-risk and remote, but possible high-reward. Well, we got the second, where’s the first?

Tech could never fix humanity’s problems anyway, whatever atheistkult led you to think.

There have been no true innovations out of America since you let Asia steal your upgrades by funding their factories to do so. No coincidence. It’s like international tech communism. Americans do all the work, China rips it off. To each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

But sure, America is the global superpower…. keep telling yourself that.

Even Tesla and Space X, who I mock with love, didn’t patent certain things because they knew China would use it as an ‘instruction manual’. That’s the canary in the coalmine right, there, from people who freed certain patents. The reason we have those and trademarks and such is so a company can run without the competition stealing its shit. So the company lives and to retain its earned advantage. Globalization has ruined entrepreneurship, if the big companies don’t rip you off, hundreds of small ones will try as if they lived down the road (worldwide shipping). Your Government won’t protect the IP of its people, then wonders why real growth tanks….

That, in short, is why another Apple is impossible.

Property rights in a high-tech society must extend to IP or why bother setting up a tech company? Why cure cancer if you’ll lose billions testing it because Asia will just steal the formula?

Most current “tech” companies are just AI developers in disguise anyway.

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