Does crime pay?

Not the ingroup, it’s not supposed to.

At this stage it’s like live-in reparations.

You could stick the immigrants on a golden throne and it still wouldn’t be enough.

It is an invasion because it is a forcible taking of another group’s resources (no ingroup right, they didn’t build it) but joke’s on them, they’ll get the bill soon. Global debt / Global population = how much money you have to magically ‘earn’ to stop being a slave. Most of them can’t earn one dollar. ONE. That’s the problem with denying IQ. Most of the world is non-white, so most of the debt will fall to….

… who will respond the way they always do, war and famine.

It is treason because – invasion, duh. Did you ever get a vote on post-War immigrants?

Did they get a vote on Scottish Dependence?

I don’t question your citizenship, I deny its existence!

Transhumanism: tech-eugenics

We can’t improve people the obvious ways or they’ll know, so let’s blame technology for our control freak megalomania live-forever delusions!

Individuals are fine, individualism is a cult.

it is the project to alleviate all pain and distress, maximise gratification and fulfillment, abolish ageing and sustain human life indefinitely.

Have you met really, really old people?

They are bored to tears.

You can’t alleviate all pain without making someone numb, distress without making them stupid (the blissful idiot), aging (cell change) will happen if you want memory and there are already too many people on the planet for food demands so unless you plan a 99% style famine, living forever is unwise. Do you want to live through every nuclear war and fall into the sun?

You know what it really is?

They wasted their lives, their youth in hedonism. Now they’re gonna die and being narcissistic, they can’t stand the idea the world might be better off.

Instead of admitting the fault, they assume they can try again like a video game an endless number of times.

They’re staring down the barrel of a gun and trying to make themselves bulletproof.

Mostly Boomers.

You know the type.

The word “consensual” has replaced moral, you don’t need to argue the latter anymore. Something “fun” cannot be wrong! – Bad Boomer logic.

A true repentance shuns the evil itself, more than the external suffering or the shame – Shakespeare

The Reaper is especially pleased to claim these people – alcoholic, druggie, promiscuous wastrels.
The West will be spared as soon as Burning Man is cancelled.

Do you want technology companies to own your body?

There is no property right without bodily first. Otherwise, what owns the property?

If you want to give up your self-ownership for magic beans, there are better forms of slave.

The hubris of assuming they know what your genitals should look like. Trust those people.

The West has too much fake money to spend on this shit.

If the abolition of suffering is the primary goal, it implies the abolition of life – which would be the only way of ensuring that nobody and nothing suffered. Bottom line transhumanism is therefore only one step away from advocating death as prophylaxis.

The techno-Rapture. You die, but you live again, forever! With jet packs!

(instead of wings)

Autistic idiots.

a drugged-euphoric life are all preferable to a conscious and free life insofar as they entail less suffering or more pleasure. Even if such a life led to rapid death, it would be preferable on a purely hedonic calculus.

Hedonism is never worth it, in any true calculation.

They’re already brain dead to even consider this. Any survival instinct is dead.

Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course – Shakespeare

But there is another side to transhumanism; which is the transhumanism that denies itself and operates by deception and dishonesty.

This is the transhumanism of mainstream, modern, almost-ubiquitous totalitarianism – a  transhumanism that aims at omni-surveillance and micro-control of the population.

This transhumanism sells itself as hedonic – as enhancing – but is motivated by the agenda of control. It is the strategic push for intercommunicating ‘smart’ technology, for omnipresent cameras and microphones, a society in which everyone carries a tracking device (smart phone) that monitors their activity to a fine level of discrimination – and seeks always to extend this (artificial ‘intelligence’, self-driving cars, the skies filled with drones…) – and to make it mandatory (microchip implants etc.).

The police state is in your pocket and you paid for it, multiple times.

Phones smarter than the people using them.

Mandatory – mark of the Beast.

e.g. you aren’t allowed to have a sex anymore, women, or at least, let this man in a dress tell you how to be a woman, which is so much better than a Monopoly Man doing it!

The only saving grace?

It won’t work.

They aren’t smart enough to develop technology better than God.

Pride is the first sin.

Men/women, nothing to fix!

Anyone who claims to know how to fix, or even significantly to improve, the relationships between men and women by changing The System is in fact on the side of the enemy.

Male, female, claiming to be progressive, claiming to be traditional.

It reminds me of a quote from that cuck John Green

‘Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.’

Sure, the “freedom” in slavishly following your impulses….

Reminds me of

Professional activists always want the gravy train to keep chugging.

You can’t trust any of them. Yes, even the ones you like are capable of lies.

An e-celeb is not your friend.

People tried to warn us about Hollywood

We didn’t want to listen.

They tried.

Model/actress pings to me. Most of them aren’t either, more escort/hooker. Especially one that stars in one of the most recent major TV shows. A co-star with similar origins is the male equivalent, dashing but dumb. So, so dumb.

I want to see them playing Romans next season doing what they normally do off-camera.

The papers still publish one particular lie about one of them. In literally every DM article.
Why? She planted it. She plants a lot of real and even more fake stories in gossip blogs, that two-faced whore. But sure, she sure loves the heat a new replacement has taken for being an All-American blonde. Nope, it all belongs on the fake Goody Two Shoes.

Don’t hate the beautiful one, hate the fake one.
She’s a spoiled Princess type, look into the background. The replacement is a better person, everybody thinks so. Meanwhile Snooty still thinks she’s better for class reasons…

She laughs at the idea of attending church and marriage entirely but is bi$$arely intrigued by the prospect of getting married. Again. The only reason she got the ring last time is because she played stay-at-home mistress the last time. Why the split? Temper temper, not so nice when push comes to shove.

Example? Public example?

There are videos that hint at the callousness, covert narcissism is a bitch.

She tried taking a stab at Emma Watson to win easy points in the press. She failed in part because she misrepresented the subject. Problem? Emma has never been easy and did nothing with Harvey. Unlike the one trying (and failing, brainless tart) to call her out…

who has been seen in all the wrong places but never top billing.

The other, real reason? She has never been popular, will do anything for a career boost (or befriend anyone) and she fears the younger actress. Younger women in general she resents, most of her female friends are older, by quite a margin. So terrified is she of aging that her face keeps changing, look at old photos of the cheeks, nose, jawline, I mean… really.


At least Emma isn’t famous for being a doormat, a fake doormat at that. She happily cheats.
I have witnesses. Trophy wife who’ll never get a trophy… and wasn’t any good at being a trophy wife either.

Why am I newly pissed?

I’m really hoping she doesn’t move to London.

We don’t want you here.

None of us.

No Russian would be safe. Normal men are beneath her, you see.
Word to the wise, if you’re going to be a lifelong snob, have something to be proud of.
Traditional women don’t get tit implants. They’re real as her personality.

Don’t blame the man, she wanted them. All the better to seduce you with.

Eventually I think her eyes might disappear from all that Botox. Worse than Jolie.

At least she couldn’t see women to go randomly green at, I suppose.
I guess the biggest stickler to Americans would be that she has no non-white friends. They try to befriend her in a very diverse area but she wants her photos to look a certain way. Even white brunettes tend to get the chop over time. She seems to think most white people are trash too. She’d know, abandoning most of her friends like hot shit.

They don’t want her back.