Pet peeve?

The world isn’t broken, it’s the people in it. They don’t even care. These days, all the bad people believe they are good. The lies and the phoniness get to me. They hate the truth that would save them. If people aren’t good, the world isn’t good – think about it. Instead of “changing the world”, a symptom of the disease, all we need is to let people see themselves clearly. I do care… but most people are too weak to help, too puerile and needy of base gratifications to aspire to anything challenging or true. The idolatry of celebrity, huh, look at the atrocious quality of the people we admire. Why? That’s what I’d ask. The low quality of modern humanity presages a terrible downfall, for all of us. Stop treating adults like children, we don’t have the time!

cut from an interview. I bet they’d publish a sex life story though, right?

Let’s just pat everyone on the head en route to their credit card.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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