Multicultural Future?

Kaku is ridiculous.

Yes, the future is Star Trek, no delusions there.

No more or less than Star Trek.

Yes, current politics won’t change at ALL. Ignore the inconvenient science of demographics.

Yes, the sub-100 IQ majority of the planet won’t blow itself up or start WW3 with nukes, we’ll become space travelers. You can trust an idiot with a machine gun, times a million.

Yes, obviously all differences borne of evolution will be magically forgotten because the porn network exists.

Everyone will be happy.


Scientism Commies.

We don’t have an economy, fix that and I might believe the other shit is possible.

These people are selling you a rainbow unicorn. You can buy it but you’ll never get it (kinda like a Tesla, ba dum tssh).

When the money runs out, don’t mourn for these people. They deserve to lose their shorts.

When university funding of “scientists”, the new priests, stops, will they be dedicated and research at personal cost, like Newton did? Not in a million years. They are there for the easy money. State funding of science has killed the golden goose. In Newton’s day, there weren’t scandals every five minutes. There was rigour.

Con artists hacking p-values. Theoretical physicists don’t really need to prove their fairytales to have a career (real proof, not looks good on paper). It’s astrology except we’re sure planets actually exist. Tiny strings? Not so much. Sounds like a teapot moon or a dragon in a garage. An invisible dragon.

No multicultural society (or atheist, same thing) has lasted ONE war, ONE famine or ONE economic collapse. He speaks with all the arrogance of a man who never saw the world pre-WW and doesn’t care to pick up a history book either.

Silicon Valley would die if disconnected, as a parasite, from the USA.
If you can’t find clean water or grow your own food, you cannot claim any intellectual superiority. Your own ancestors would be revolted, you’d be considered lower in status than a child.

EU = not what it is, that’s what they claim it is. The EEC was just a trading group.

Planetary communication = we lose our passwords constantly, Sky boxes malfunction and databases get hacked or wiped. Our technology is sub-par, Pollyanna.

These people are realistic as their spherical cows.

We are more religiously obsessed than ever before.

I don’t mean the Muslims, although it is fastest growing in the most populous continent, Asia.

The evangelism of equalism needs to die.

If a Type 0 Civ lets the toilet cleaner boy pilot the space ship, they die.

That’s why you don’t see Types beyond.

Equality is the progress killer. Your ignorance is NOT good as the truth.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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