Japan, a matriarchy


It was all going well until the Chinese invaded.

Nobody wants to talk about it because they’re still doing it.

Now you have two races of “Japanese” women.

Guess which is real.


It still is women-led, but the men just pretend.

Men get allowances from their wives.

I wonder if the weebs will change their position on Japanese supremacy now?

In a race with low sexual dimorphism, I don’t think the matriarchy/patriarchy distinction can be made.

And it varies.

e.g. White Italian – matriarchy

White Greek – patriarchy in places, historically, modernity is a matriarchy.

Those are also very traditional areas.

This is not a coincidence, men in charge seek novelty and progressivism.

Patriarchal areas died out as men socially allowed themselves various self-destructive things, that ruined their societies (and no, they didn’t care) e.g. clubs their daughters would waitress in and strip clubs. Most modern societies are like this, being high-tech and based off America, which seemed initially matriarchal during ideas of a nation as a female (Columbia) extending to mother earth and Britannia while still in the Empire. This, until times of war led to gruelling taxes on some men. To justify this, the cartoon Uncle Sam was over-used for every shake-down and now all the men are in debt (national debt). Hey, at least you got a male-looking representative!


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