Insane times

Well, they had to make an example of him.

And I get the occasional SJW comment, taunting me about showing my face. Doing a podcast. Using other names.

More than one person has posted here, which they wouldn’t know of course. There is a fluid format.

This is a deliberately shitty blog that deliberately doesn’t advertise. That’s the point.

  1. that is not necessary on the internet, for the same reason announcing you’re going to a strip club to your boss doesn’t happen either. It’s none of their business. This isn’t Communist China, this would never have happened there.
  2. if a person cannot handle particular content, it is clearly labelled and easy to avoid. I make it hard to find this place, which spares me a lot of bullshit.
  3. it is a little like the fox, as they imagine themselves, taunting Little Red Riding Hood.
  4. most politics is a satire itself these days, making it difficult to tell who is actually joking and who is really that mad.
  5. I don’t like politics. Seriously, I just have to live around these people so they come up. I’d happily stop discussing these things if they found useful occupations.
  6. They love to come after anyone who looked at you for more than two seconds on the Tube, searching for abuse and public denouncements – friends, lovers, spouse, children, acquaintances, school chums, old teachers, that one guy from the pub you chatted with at 2am. It’s amazing the people they can pull out of their arse.
  7. It doesn’t end. They know this. They want to balance the books by evening the stats of “terrorist” by slandering political opponents. Previously, this caused Shy Tory syndrome (Labour of the 80s positions) but escalating to accusations of unpatriotic behaviour is especially vindictive. All they do is label you “far right” (there is no reason or definition to this, but they use it to mean Nazi when that cannot be historically accurate) and they can take your rights away. Thanks to a label. Less human. Oh, irony.
  8. Well, technically it will end when their money runs out. However, they make the most example out of women, by placing them into proximity to not-rapists. Them or their children.
  9. The twisting. I am bored and thinking of putting this piece on hiatus. Toyed with it a while.
  10. The Always Lie thing. Why try to impress a con artist with your sincerity, where you have it? They view it like a serial killer views a conscience, a pathetic weakness.

It reminds me of the stories of black people having drugs planted but with thoughtcrime.

This defamation isn’t a permanent state, already there is tension. They’ll pick on the wrong target eventually. On the other hand, a lot of it seems that way so until then, is a joke really worth your life, your safety and the happiness of loved ones, who may be elderly, ill, disabled, dependent or simply the shy, retiring type?

Well, that’s why we’re waiting until they run out of money. It’s like the non-engagement discussed before. Let them start spotting enemies where they don’t exist, they were going to witch hunt everyone eventually anyway.

And boy, are a lot of us pissed. The group of Not Them numbers in the double digit millions. I like those odds. Consider the desperation of doing this, a man who made a joke that wasn’t as bad as things televised by the BBC in the 90s. Their weakness is shown in going after people like this and it serves to expose them. This is turning more moderate people against them every time. They’re a small group of a few thousand individuals, tops.

There is a classist element in who they punish. It’s illegal to punch a working class person unless you call them White Van Man Neo-Nazi, nobody is allowed to question it but Labour didn’t get in. Politically they shit the bed and are loathe to lie in it.

Posted 2012, no arrests.

Yes, it’s a comedy. That’s our fucking point too.

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