Condell’s fondles

He’s ever so gentle with the truth.

Better than Stefan and to the point.

They keep Molyneux’s videos up to keep people away from this guy.

No, they know. It’s class war.
They don’t view poor women as human. Or poor men, but still. This explains male feminists, who cannot openly insult the poor but they can insult ‘racists’ too poor to live in a white area and suffering the consequences. Holding brown men to the standards of white ones would make them the same class – can’t have that.

Ban public schools and you might see a change, if they don’t move to homeschooling. They see the threat, it’s a deliberate betrayal. You bring in people to hurt those you want to see hurt (not-so-silly rabbits). There is no social justice, there is only working class oppression by signalling middle-class twats. Prior to their spotlight theft, the poor had a voice – their own. They will throw every identity at an Enemy like the kitchen sink. All but the one that really matters, class. You aren’t allowed to talk about that. They might feel some of that (anti-)white guilt. Poor women are outcompeted to work as nannies for the middle class, poor men aren’t diverse enough to be taxi drivers. Oh dear. Oh course, the middle-class signalling cuntmonkeys of the Left like it this way, it’s a sign of their power. Like how male feminists date black girls to slave roleplay in bed, they feel like that brown people crowdsurfing scene in Game of Thrones.

You and I both know that in any reality, the white blonde woman would’ve been raped by SOMEONE. Call it Taharrush or something else, same practice. “It’s alright,” she says, “those people won’t hurt me.”
A new stratospheric level of conceitedness.
The maternal instinct is perverted, as you can clearly see as a crowd of brown people chants Mother, like the hybristophiliacs who think they can change rapists, cheats and killers. Exactly like that. We used to leave those people to natural selection, not deciding national policy. When do we put them on trial for placing other humans in harm’s way, aiding and abetting?

Look at working class actresses, I won’t name names. However beautiful, they fail.
If low IQ men cannot stop themselves from rape (they can), there are two solutions: deportation or the death penalty. If it were women doing it, I’d say the same. The ones calling themselves teachers shouldn’t get off lightly either.
I would mention one point almost nobody does. It is better to be a male victim of rape than a female one.
Why? Well, the little boys are more likely to be believed and so less likely to be targeted. In addition, the girls are told they don’t understand what happened to them and he was just a “boyfriend” (ban this term) or that she is actually a prostitute, which the rapist claims. Make filmed prostitution illegal by enforcement and unfilmed genuinely punished, and these girls might actually get a look-in. Age of consent was brought in to stop child prostitution, it was meant to rise at a later date. Later on, biological proof for how wrong that (if it bleeds, it breeds) idea is came in but no change. Both sexes are told to man up and shake it off. Rape is the result of conquest after an invasion. It always has been.
But baby gets what baby wants, because baby is backed by a lot of charities and people with money.

The Third World isn’t a plot of dirt, it’s the shitty quality of people that aren’t willing to make the sacrifices we did in our history for a better quality of life. Britain’s spate of hangings in the 18th Century, for so much as stealing a crumb of bread, eliminated those shitty genes for a time and made the 19th century such a lovely place… until more waves were imported with the same problem. It doesn’t sound very kind, with an historian’s eye, to import people who cannot cope behaviorally in the 21st century and the First World, to invite them only to hang them. Of course, the people inviting them with pretty signs don’t really care about them and don’t want to be taxed for them more directly (like if you buy a pet, you have a duty to care for it), which will change obviously. The prisons are full, we never had a referendum on the death penalty. It makes you think.

After Brexit, there’s nothing stopping us. After all, they believe in democracy, right? And liberal democracy, people are allowed to have one vote and settle the matter? Plenty of prog countries have direct democracy, votes all the time. Don’t they trust us to think the correct thoughts? And how many rape kits have been tampered with by “Asians” intentionally entering forensics to cover for their cousin?

In the late 13th century the act of hanging morphed into the highly ritualised practice of ‘drawing, hanging and quartering’ – the severest punishment reserved for those who had committed treason.

Britain’s ‘Bloody Code’ was the name given to the legal system between the late-17th and early-19th century which made more than 200 offences – many of them petty – punishable by death. Statutes introduced between 1688 and 1815 covered primarily property offences, such as pickpocketing, cutting down trees and shoplifting.

And the economy did great because property rights were enforced. The Empire would’ve been impossible without that regulation.

People weren’t crowding to move here back then for some odd reason.

Later, liberal MP William Ewart brought bills which abolished hanging in chains (in 1834) and ended capital punishment for cattle stealing and other minor offences (in 1837).

What a lovely person, wait until they commit a serious crime before punishing them. The ones he dubs minor don’t count, have at it!

Think: if a farmer is running on thin margins and their most valuable possession on legs is a cow, stealing one cow isn’t just a cow –  in context – it’s ruining the whole farm and making his family starve. Sure, “minor.” To a professional politician.

as did abolishing the death penalty for under-18s in 1933: no-one below this age had been executed in Britain since 1887.

Like psychopaths were never children.
Like children are never sadists?

A few years later, in the 1930s, a wealthy businesswoman named Violet van der Elst became a well-known campaigner for abolition. She argued that capital punishment was uncivilised

What about the choice they made to be in the dock? You don’t just fall on top of someone and rape them by accident.

and harmful to society

stupid bint, it’s called a deterrent

and that it was applied disproportionately to poor people.

Rich criminals can afford good lawyers. Still, getting some criminals is better than no criminals.

In fact it was his friend Christopher Craig who had shot Miles during the pair’s bungled break-in in Croydon, Surrey, while Bentley was detained by another officer. However, Craig was only 16 years old at the time of the crime and was therefore ineligible for the death penalty. 

Why, was it less murdery? That’s the age of consent for sex (wrongly) so he’s old enough to produce a life but not to be held responsible for ending one?

They’re still using this technicality, by the way.

Why not do it, they can’t punish you?

Labour MP Sydney Silverman’s continued attempts to pass abolitionist legislation in 1956 foundered, but the following year the Homicide Act of 1957 restricted the death penalty’s application to certain types of murder,

some animals are more equal than others

such as in the furtherance of theft or of a police officer. Up until this point, death had been the mandatory sentence for murder and could only be mitigated via reprieve – a political rather than legal decision. This change in legislation reduced hangings to three or four per year, but capital punishment still remained highly contested.

In 1965, the Murder (Abolition of the Death Penalty) Act suspended the death penalty for an initial five-year period and was made permanent in 1969.

Anyone want to contrast this with willing immigration?

Capital punishment was in 1998 abolished for treason and piracy with violence, making Britain fully abolitionist, both in practice and in law, and enabling ratification of the European Convention on Human Rights.

By Blair. You trust Blair to make treason less of a crime, right? Why would he do that, other than the Goodness. Of. His. “Heart”.

Referendum or bust.

Pat’s on BitChute, LiveLeak and PewTube.

Ah, but we can’t discuss the historical or scientific implications.

After all, we’re free and equal… and those are opposites. Freedom is the ability to be unequal, if your nature requires it. Read Harrison Bergeron.

There is also the demographic side. They know the miscegenation numbers are low for white women, of all categories available, so the only way to produce those mixed babies they crave (on another woman’s behalf, because you’re liberated!) is to produce the conditions of rape. That is a level of evil I cannot comprehend.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg thinks he can ignore a government.

Look how much he has on everyone (worse than doxxing).


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