Why was homosexuality illegal?

The public health hazard, just show them this video.

Womb envy + Pregnancy fetish = HIV craving.

Trigger warning, even I was like

fuck you, jim boy

fuck you with a used condom from your dad

So we’re clear, you can’t be a rapist if you’re

a – brown

b – Muslim

c – homosexual

because no judge will prosecute you.

If you aren’t taken down, does it really count?


Why Are Drug-Resistant HIV Strains Becoming More Prevalent?

It’s a fucking mystery, children.

HIV subtypes are so genetically distant from each other that we might as well be talking about a different species of virus per subtype.”

Salvaña says that needle sharing can create drug-resistant strains because “HIV subtypes can mix and the mixed HIV strains will combine with other subtypes as well.”


These are the gay guys that make gay guys look bad.

You don’t see lesbians pulling this shit. Lesbianism was never illegal.

6 responses to “Why was homosexuality illegal?

    • Bro, I write, and so I work with gay men and women. Yes, it is that bad and often worse. Most were raped as children (sign of a very liberal, often Godless society), and according to psychology training, the mind stops maturing then. This is why gays are childish and often so cruel and vain–just like children. Peace to you. If the Washington prophecies are right, and many other prophecies back them, then pretty soon, the coasts are toast and with them, the liberals who promote both gays and Islam.

  1. Reblogged this on B'Man's Revolt and commented:
    This has got to be some extremely weird mega-trolling meme. It can’t be real, can it?
    WTF is wrong with people?
    I have always had an aversion to homos, but was able to tolerate them as long as they did their nasty anywhere AWAY from me. If this shit is real, I am completely sure I was always right about my disdain.

  2. These people have to be sociopaths who just happen to be gay (if this video has any factual basis). Pushing a gay guy’s face into the mud while raping him in order to spread HIV? That’s not the behavior of typical gay men who work as nurses, podiatrists, hairdressers, financial consultants, hospice aides, and the like. Death cults aren’t indigenous to homosexuals only.

  3. Yep. You know, if you were a traditional Native American, there wouldn’t be an HIV problem. Kind of like Eritria and Iran, but our women take out any problem. If pigs are used to take care of any side issue, be sure to sell them ASAP, just in case. Yo, the old women did that with revenuers butting in on their egg money from certain things back during Prohibition. BTW, most of the gays I know find liberals are total morons and would like to go back to the good old days. Too many of them are beaten or tortured for not joining the nazi Party USA. And, more, over 50% of military suicides are rape related.

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