The challenge of the alt right

Yes, it’s about class.

Yes, it’s about injustice.

In the simplest terms, politicians broke many laws including peace-affirming ones.

Further, the native Europeans of their founded and developed nations are not allowed freedom of association. Their safe spaces are intruded upon against international law. They are forced to pay for their own oppression. They are ridiculed by phonies in the media. If you push someone’s back against the wall, no amount of speech law threat will change their feelings to be happy about it. It’s survival.

There’s a sizeable Streisand effect going on.

The West’s politicians belong in the last century.

3 responses to “The challenge of the alt right

  1. When you say it is about class, the irony of this is their “fearless” “leader,” Dickie Spencer is a welfare king who is receives gov’t subsidies from his cotton farms. Dickie Spencer “cares” about poor white men as much as an upper middle class feminist like Amanda Marcote “cares” about poor non-white women. Ask if Dickie bothered to bail out any alt-right guys who got arrested? Somehow, the trustafarian Spencer couldn’t be bothered….

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