YouTube SuperChat and the Significance of Ironic Nazism

In my day, it was called hipster racism. Get off my lawn!

Internet Famous Angry Men

proNazi When does tolerating pro-Nazi hate speech become complicity?

YouTube’s SuperChat function has unquestionably been a boon to livestreamers. “SuperChats” are essentially premium text messages, which pin the buyer’s post to the top of the chat for a period of time so the streamer and other viewers are highly likely to see it. The creator gets a cut of the money from each SuperChat they receive, and the user gets the thrill of interacting directly with their favorite YouTuber. Some creators use SuperChat for karaoke sessions, or as a way of taking Q&A from their audience. However, some alt-right/alt-lite YouTubers like Blaire White, Roaming Millenial, and Laci Green have lately been receiving SuperChats from anime internet Nazis, who are willing to pay 5-15$ to pin the fourteen words, swastikas, holocaust jokes, etc. at the top of the chat.

Let me be clear that the shitlords who tend to receive these pro-Nazi…

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