Calhoun’s mutant men

I find it funny the manosphere has managed to completely misinterpret this. I waited a while to see if they’d self-correct. Judging by this post, you can tell it’s spiraled down into:

“If men got everything they wanted, the world would be perfect.”

You are wrong.

To summarise – when four breeding pairs of mice were allowed to reproduce under ideal ‘utopian’ conditions, the colony entirely ceased to breed after three years, and then went extinct. 

Men are destructive and their most destructive impulse, sex, run amok, will tear down society in the quest for satisfaction (that never, ahem, comes).

Why? Genetic load.

Michael A Woodley suggests that what was going on was much more likely to be mutation accumulation; with deleterious (but non-fatal) genes incrementally accumulating with each generation and generating a wide range of increasingly maladaptive behavioural pathologies; this process rapidly overwhelming and destroying the population before any beneficial mutations could emerge to ‘save; the colony from extinction.

World Wars 1 and 2 didn’t help the overall profile of a nation.
Sure, send the fit ones off the die, let the sickly ones stay home safe and fuck. Sounds fair.

Where did all the good men go?

No Man’s Land.

So the bizarre behaviours seen especially in Phase D – such as the male ‘beautiful ones’ who appeared to be healthy

ab implants
ass implants

the makeup of fake tan

bulging useless muscles entirely for show, in a coward afraid to break his nose
Fake masculinity in general. This bravado that a caveman would sneer at.

and spent all their time self-grooming, but were actually inert, unresponsive, unintelligent and uninterested in reproduction – were plausibly maladaptive outcomes of a population sinking under the weight of mutations.

I have never met an adult male that fits this description in modernity. /s

Vain? Immature? Dull? Sterile? Dopey? Effete?

What clearer signal is there to the world that your genetics suck than deciding not to inflict them on the next generation? They don’t even have the excuse of a specific disease they’re like nah, just me. Or maybe the r-selected have a deadened paternal instinct and view the duty as a millstone, Peter Pan style.

Can you imagine if they had to explain this to all of their ancestors?

“Yeah, I just… can’t be bothered.” At least those ones don’t confuse marriage for slavery.

There’s narcissism in believing you are the apex of your genetic line. There is also stupidity, since they all survived things you never could.

Thus mutation selection balance is in operation among wild mice, with very high mortality rates continually weeding-out the high rate of spontaneously-occurring new mutations (especially among males)

Natural Selection before….

– with typically only a small and relatively mutation-free proportion of the (large numbers of) offspring surviving to reproduce;

Sexual Selection. Darwin works! [The opposite of this situation would be India. Lots of men, lots of arranged marriages, lots of misery.]

and a minority of the most active and healthy (mutation free) males siring the bulk of each generation.

“In a Patriarchy, I’d be guaranteed a wife” noooo, you wouldn’t

Pictured: all women on the inside upon hearing this whiny entitled horse-shit.
It’s like the male equivalent of when an SJW pulls out the “I deserve” list and the guy is the billionaire from Fifty Shades, it’s like “OH, THAT’s why they’re single.” You might think that’s an extreme example until you ask these guys what they believe they can realistically get. They have no idea what women even value, we’re like aliens to them. In women, this entitlement gets bullied out of us as teens when we learn our level, men never do this – to their own detriment, leaving many men to falsely conclude they are valuable, “Just the Way they Are.”

Result? They never learn better (no wise elders with a strong pimp hand) and they die alone. Like those stupid rats.

Devaluing what a woman provides is #1 error, who wants to breed with that? Imagine investing in a business with a Communist who doesn’t believe in profits and even wishes to give away yours for you. You’d run for the hills too. You can’t work with that!

Allow me to explain logically: “In a Patriarchy, I’d be guaranteed a wife!”

When people had more standards? MORE standards than the ones you currently fail?


And if you were, you’d be guaranteed a wife of your level. Are you sure? You can currently get your level, you just don’t want it. Patriarchies have intact, open hierarchies so you would only be entitled your true level. Bravado won’t save you this time.

in every generation, there will always be losers
for biological reasons discussed herein, the majority are male

In a Darwinian sense, men are intended to compete and die or win and wife up.
Trivers proved Dads win, Cads lose. Don’t expect the genetic suicides to believe you though. Maths interrupts their mirror time at the gym. Instead they’ll stomp their feet and insist you can’t fire them, they quit!

These guys aren’t even free of STDs, let alone terrible mutations (which STDs can cause in the germline). Have you ever paused to consider the anatomy of the term fuckboy? Or the politer, older, Boomer term, playboy?

Play – Immature

Boy – Unfit for breeding

However, in Mouse Utopia, there is no predation and all the other causes of mortality (eg. Starvation, violence from other mice) are reduced to a minimum – so the frequent mutations just accumulate, generation upon generation – randomly producing all sorts of pathological (maladaptive) behaviours


There is very dark rumination in that type, revenge fantasy, explicit painful porn scenarios, random escapism with drugs and drink. They pattern like a male borderline. They weren’t before but they begin to act like it.

This includes murder of their own children and its mother. Noticed those types of crime are on the rise?
And if women’s instincts are functional to reject them as suitors, rape or murder spree. The need to die with a thrill. War provided many good functions for society but cleaning out the gene pool is among the noblest.

Craven men would never believe in a Good Death like the ancients. We live in a West of honourless men. This is the cause of most of its problems. Being children in their minds, they are both immortal and too mortified by the idea of not getting what they want it paralyzes them short-term, long-term enrages. Mantrum, a senseless rage ill-directed to a weaker still target (women, children, animals) and classically punished for it. The decadent fury of the Little Emperor. It’s like hysteria but real. Women aren’t the sex with emotional regulation issues, on the whole.

A long, boring drawn out expression of rage the human male expresses when he notices that life and the world didn’t give him what he deserves, such as the perfect career, car, life, etc. Sometimes starts as young as 25, generally crops up when the late 30s are reached – either expressed in annoying (to women) outbursts of rage and self-pity or (equally annoying to women) a red convertible.

You can spot them with the same priorities of a fifteen year old, old enough to father one.

If you cringed at that, “you’re just jealous!” Yes, exactly like a fifteen year old.

Back to rats

Phase C = Baby Boomers made.

Phase D of population stagnation phase lasted a further 360 days = 2.4 mouse generations”

Phase D was enacted with the official Sexual Revolution, I think.
In fact, fornication took off in the 1920s, as fertility rates started to shudder. Quelle surprise.

Mid-Gen Y fertility peak, early Gen Z. AKA Now. = D or E.

This is accurate.

Millennials cannot afford children.

Their tax money pays for children though.

Again, totally fair.

“Therefore, Terminal Phase E the last conception (and de facto inevitable extinction) was 816 days after breeding commenced = 5.4 mouse generations.”

From the 20s? When clubs and partying took off.

That’s without outgroup pressure, economic factors, stress and STDs impacting fertility…

2 generations from here, at best. All things considered.

That’s a neat 250-odd years after the Industrial Revolution, 250 being the cycle of the average Empire: growth to collapse.

Then Malthus’ trap kicks in if it hasn’t already (1 gen, tops, imho, triggered by this economy). Quantity belies low quality so Children per Woman is the wrong metric and Children per Couple or per Citizen might be better (albeit more dire and traditional).

Men have pretty much decided (?) they can get away with never marrying (wrongly) so I’d reckon Phase E now is possible since No ring, no baby!

Let’s apply it to now and think.

In the late phases of the mouse utopia experiment the birth rate dwindled to zero – but there was a plateau phase when the population numbers remained approximately static because the fewer mice were being born but more mice were living to an extreme old age – a lifespan of four years and longer, which is considerably older than mice would expect to live in the wild.

Yet these mice were grossly abnormal, indeed pathological, in their behaviour. – in particular suffering what might be termed psychiatric abnormalities that impaired social interaction (and reproduction) including a strange narcissism in some male mice (the ‘beautiful ones’) which looked like superb physical specimens but did not mate.

an ageing population

dying population, China is worst off

Never before has China had a population density like this, Japan is nothing to that. Japan is stabilizing somewhat given its available landmass. In times before, they’d have had a war or famine a decade ago. What goes up…

At the moment the young are on strike until the old die and they’re freed from cultural expectations to be happy little leech hosts for Nanny and Pops, who retired fifty years ago.

India is second but has more space and farming.

What are they doing?

Funding pensions.

India is smarter.

Really, fifty years.

Japan doesn’t get it. A society prioritizes funds from the taxpayer to the elderly OR to the young, to plan families. Do you see any societies that survived with huge pensions? Clue: Greece and Rome had these before collapse.

The Decline & Fall of Rome was driven by the UNFUNDED guarantee of PENSIONS and like social security today, there was nothing actually put aside. It was always assumed that the state would be able to fund its promises.

During the Republican days, 25 denarii paid 52 percent of the cost of his family’s annual needs for grain. By the 3rd century AD, it would take 6,000 denarii to create the same standard of living. Inflation was the RESULT, not the SOURCE, which was the fiscal mismanagement of Rome.

Rome’s decision to continue to grow the size of pensions without funding them eventually resulted in rapid inflation and devaluation of its silver currency, and he argues that it the guaranteed government pensions were designed to entice people into the military.

You tell me, are the Chinese smarter than the Romans?

The modern Greeks don’t get this!

Why should the rest of Europe work so you can sit around?

To the lenders, the pension system is still too generous compared with what the country can afford. Greece spent 17.5 percent of its economic output on pension payments, more than any other EU country, according to the latest available Eurostat figures from 2012.

With existing cuts, this figure has since fallen to 16 percent.

Fucking Communists. There is no legal right to a pension, it’s at the state’s discretion.

However, one person familiar with the talks said wages and pensions together still eat up 80 percent of primary state spending, before debt servicing costs. “The remaining 20 percent is already cut to the bone, indeed too far,” he said. “Civil servants have no pencils to write with,

you are paying tits and wine money, you deserve to crash
They had ALL THAT TIME to save, unlike the young. Yay, a 0.02% savings rate!

buildings in need of maintenance are crumbling.


this is what happens when you spend on Communism

stuff breaks

nobody wants to pay for the stuff

It’s not possible to make public finances sustainable without working on wages and pensions.”

Despite years of reforms, many Greeks can still retire early, especially workers in the public sector and professions classified as hazardous such as the army.

I see a pattern.

Most of these people deserve to burn. You don’t reap what you don’t sow.

You take on all the risk you like. The young won’t be paying for it.

“If stock prices fall, pension payouts would further decline. I’m afraid many might commit suicide if all their pension is gone,”

That’s low. Imagine being so lazy that killing yourself seems like a better idea than working.

Emotional abuse + Mugging. Why are they bailing out the generations who failed? Well, it comes at the expense of growth and the prosperity of the young. You starve your children to make your elderly fat and entitled.

It’s lost.

Well that’s one way to get the proper wealth transfer. The old have one job, make sure the next generations are better off. History won’t be kind.

Officials have found that hundreds of the missing would be at least 150 years old if still alive.

Wooooooooow. Japan is hardcore.

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