Cultural Freudianism?

I realised some time ago that professional psychotherapy was an essentially immoral activity. But I did not properly appreciate how far it had gone in the USA until I realised on a month long visit that, of the people I met (mostly academic faculty, doctors and graduate students) all but one had had, or was still having, professional psychotherapy.

In a nutshell: from the summer of 1967, Freud replaced Marx at the core of international Leftism. 

Nowadays, Leftism is a purported system of therapy. Leftism is ultimately evil; but with the sixties New Left the excuse for Leftism changed; it changed from economic (alleviation of poverty) to therapeutic (alleviation of victimhood).

It’s obvious with marriage counsellors.

If you love your spouse, you’ll enjoy intellectually cheating on them with porn. Don’t make porn of your spouse or use an old photo, it has to be someone else.

When you fancy other people, you’re the problem. It isn’t the porn, watch more porn.

Don’t be repressed, try anal. It doesn’t make you gay.

To the other spouse: have you tried degrading yourself like a cheap street walker to make him respect you again? Spice things up because you’re inadequate?

Have you tried cheating on each other with an arcane system of car-key swapping? Marriage isn’t meant to be happy, it’s meant to be HOT.

There’s one actor I won’t name but his mother is a famous marriage counsellor and that explains everything about how fucked up he is. Imagine your mother sat you down and tried to discuss your masturbation frequency.

Namely, it isn’t enough.

Then imagine, years later, she tells the papers your sex scenes weren’t hot enough.

They needed to be raunchier.

So you take a job on a show involving basically porn (so HBO) and she still isn’t happy.

Out of spite, you never marry.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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