Math or maths?

It is a technical specialist term. Layman and verbal use means diddly squat.

Real English (based off Old English) is superior to Americanisms. Americans do not have a language, they stole one and that’s called barbarism in linguistics. None of the origin rules are observed.

Math is normally the shortened form used on American college classes.


Math 101

Math is not a singular like Science.

Science is a single paradigm, all the same rules and assumptions and operations governing within it.

The Scientific Method.

While it has plural divisions (biology, chemistry, physics, so on) the same assumptions remain throughout.

Sub-divisions exist e.g. neurobiology, evolutionary biology so The Biological Sciences, plural, would also work, at a level reduced from the total.

“Math” is a plural subject.

“Mathematics” is the term encompassing many branches, all with different rules and aims and calculation methods.

To calculate in geometry is not how one calculates in pure mathematics.

The rules are literally different.

There is no unifying math. There is mathematics.

Why is it referred to as singular? With is?

  1. It is considered as having higher-order similarities but it is not practically the same. For example, it uses symbols, heavy on the numbers in digit format and in line with co-ordinate meanings (linear sequence of computation, down).
  2. History. In older books you will find the term “histories” as in “the histories of Europe” and this would of course refer to geographic nations, plural. The term history refers to its united way of parsing evidence once it has been gathered for the unified purpose. Science is comparable, history is comparable, maths is not comparable. e.g. A number 3.14 means something totally different in algebra as geometry.

Are we done?

Can I stop explaining this now? Forever?

[Technically, a language only counts when it is formalized in written form, codified. Hence, there are no languages in pre-recorded history that count in linguistics. On the contrary, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics count despite no verbal equivalent.]


What about sports?

(Ignoring the fact you base your language off of TV announcements and expect me to take it seriously.)

Sport is related to archaic terms like sporting. You cannot be sportsing, America.

To be a Good Sport.

It’s also a verb.

Do not conflate with Sports Day.

Note the apostrophe.

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1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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