“Sex cults are a myth”

Sure they are.


“invited by friends to what was billed as a party”

if they call it a sex party, you can’t call it an orgy!

To lure in normal people, they don’t mention the sex thing before you show up.

But they aren’t predatory, duh….. they just… lie…. say it’s a quiet little get together.

Lots of conversation… about Satan….

Some events like this are… professional. NDA-enforced rape, in those cases.

Voyeurism should be a choice, forewarned clearly in advance.

Who would believe a victim? “How could you not know you were attending an orgy?” Well, they predate on the naive. By lying, Your Honour?

It should be advertised in advance, clearly. Legally speaking.

They say they’re proud of it but their worst nightmare is publicity.

I think publicity of these crimes is exactly what the world needs.

2 responses to ““Sex cults are a myth”

  1. Hello.
    Do you consider men who have sex with prostitutes immoral, and rapists ?

    From what I understand, the women do NOT “chose” that profession.

    I believe they were coerced by evil forces (such as extreme child abuse, neglect), what’s more, they can’t get out because it is their only way to have a meal on the table.
    Some of them have low IQs, and can’t read, so they really are “stuck” in that horrible line of work.

    Thanks in advance for your opinion.

    • Threatening someone’s survival is a form of duress. If it’s do X or eat, it isn’t consenting.
      And no human can consent to debase themselves like a sex toy. Prostitution is a means for rich men to avoid consequences for raping the poor. Throwing money on a victim doesn’t undo the crime.

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