The Utopian Fallacy

He misses out the philia of fraternité. Everyone does.

The French Revolution was possible. They wanted to have no protection of aristocracy, to live with other French Catholics. That was it.

The planning fallacy assumes all humans are homogeneous, laughably wrong. In a united society, it’s easy to pull together (Christianity has this function). You also need a high level of national competence (measured by IQ) and anything beyond a nation cannot be controlled into a singular direction, this is why Empires fall and nations fell back always to Napoleonic sizes – leadership cannot scale to so many genetic diaspora of conflicting interest (tell a Frenchman and an Italian they’re the same). There is also the problem of the alien leader – ask Germany.

Britain had that problem with the Normans.

Justice is an eye for an eye. It doles out punishment to all, blindly (Kings and paupers), much more than reward (and never a reward for mere existence, reward for acts of character). There is no such thing as a guilty scapegoat. If they are a wrongdoer, a sinner, to treat them as such is just.

There is a difference between clemency for the honest mistake and weakness in the cowardice of avoiding the punishment of the deliberate criminal.

Weak judges make for weak societies, ruin them by pollution.

You can’t expect a culture of honour and chivalry without God and knights.

You can’t expect professional businesses in a culture of thieves (coughs China).

We do not live in a crime-low society, it’s just that most crimes aren’t recorded (fornication, burglary, rape, adultery – illegal in traditional societies*) and of those, few kept on record. We live in a low-trust (aka diverse) society. As a balance, we have so many criminals we couldn’t possibly bring back the death penalty – or they’d riot and kill us all.

Worst, we enable them with a tithe of good people’s tax money.

We have people of personality (bland inclusive bullshit) and no character. There can be no outcomes of character without it and no virtue while we deny the existence of vice, it’s a little like handing someone a pair of water wings while securing a millstone around their neck. You rid yourself first of the “ties that bind”, the depressive forces of an individual (weaknesses, faults) and like weeding a garden, the spiritual virtues can develop naturally without undue effort. If you do not – like the Alt Right – the weeds will strangle the good fruits in their crib.

Justice is the diametric opposite of-

Equality denies the innate quality of the Universe’s hierarchy. Even Far Left groups have clearer hierarchies than any right economic group. Anything that has to be enforced by Government is by definition unnatural.

Equality is unnatural. Except graves, we’re equal in death.

Social justice – where the misery-guts demand company.

To treat people as sinners but deny sin is like telling people they’re stupid but IQ isn’t real and they’re racist but race isn’t real. They’ve argued themselves out of rationality. I am speaking but there is no such thing as oxygen.

These people will fail for a simple reason. They want power without responsibility. They want to wear the crown, ermine and think it’s all lemon cakes and sitting on a golden throne with servants. They refuse to see the Sword of Damocles. These people don’t like to think deeply.

The infantilized group will eventually become bloodthirsty once you finally stop the gravy train.

No, you have a duty to the electorate. Otherwise, bloodshed. In the history books this always happen (and usually their most ardent supporters are fastest to devalue and instigate it). When this debt bubble of everything pops, these little Hitlers will be slaughtered by their pet groups. Be careful what you wish for.

The worm turns.

They mistakenly think they can turn these new recruits on the groups of people who didn’t promise them Free Shit. Nobody will be going after the Tories while Labour members are around.

Why are politicians in this time so shit?

They aren’t elected to represent the people, (American lie, they are not criminals), they are elected to protect the people. When they refuse to protect the people, the people protect themselves – against the Government. It involves a length of rope, cheap in the worst economies.

They designed modern lamp posts to have a short extension into the road.

And to be too high to easily climb.

I noticed.

Every revolution started with food.

Spend too much > Encourage parasites > Spend in debt > Currency devaluation > POP! > Food shortage > Food riot > Political Revolution > Character rewarded > Prosperity > Spend too much….

Marxism cuts out the [Character rewarded>Prosperity] bit. The death spiral of famine and Mao’s cannibalism.

Muskian Mars and trans-humanism is Nerd Rapture, like AI’s Singularity.

There are sinners who would rather kill themselves (at a suicide “party”, natch) than do good. Those are Satanists, those overjoyed with sin the way normal people are with goodness. Much of the Left wing, by demographics, would rather top themselves, than rely on themselves. When they get into fits of histrionics and claim losing “their” welfare money will kill them, this is what they mean. Remember this when the SS money doesn’t materialize (Social Security is not a legal right).
I haven’t even included the ones on meds (most of them, most of them are on zombifiers). I believe many left/right studies are confounded by that fact. Their meds prevent them from perceiving threat, the Left wing thing is a consequence. When they go off-meds, post-Uni, the goggles come off. As if by magic.

*Think did this happen in Sodom? Seduction law and adultery suits are still on the books, a Patriarchy would enforce them. They protect the institution of marriage like nothing else (pre and post). Rape by fraud is already illegal under seduction laws. Always has been…. as is breach of promise. Taking something under false pretenses has always been illegal, what all those crimes have in common – property right. The original right is over one’s body. It exerts and extends to owned objects.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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