Admissions is rigged

Ah but they can’t admit they do know about the HBD findings they’re ignoring in practice.

whatever happens will be priceless

and just, probably

We have a myth of meritocracy. In a diverse society, meritocracy is impossible. At best, it becomes politicized and success OR failure is blamed on what you ARE instead of what you DID.

However, grade is not IQ. Schools should just be honest and test for IQ, it’d save time and be harder to rig with special tutors and prep.

If you let in 100% Asians, they’d still complain. About the type of Asian, sex, something.

They’re taking the piss. They don’t actually want a fair system. This is a malicious prosecution, they don’t belong in an honest legal system if they’re wielding laws as a weapon in bad faith.

Look how many skip the country, taking all the newly installed economic value with them. This is without going into espionage cases like Russian plants of yore. Why aren’t there laws restricting this capital flight in the case of students?

Why else can you justify the groaning taxpayer investment? If they fraudulently present themselves as willing contributors to your economy, so you give them loans and train them up, then they leave. Well, abandonment of duty is a crime. Fuck their feelings.

In the information economy, education is money. They are stealing national resources. They’re robbers.

China is outsourcing its duty to educate its citizens to cuck-America. Er, aren’t their own universities good enough? Isn’t that their job? Who do the universities exist to serve? Who funds them with their labour?

Someone needs to tell the hyphen Americans that just because you want something doesn’t mean you deserve it.

Sometimes in life you work really hard and nothing happens.

That isn’t human factors at play, it’s LIFE.

Asians are privileged in the West, get over it.

Yeah, I can’t respect people who cheat on tests as a common, expected practice, drown their children, abuse stolen pet dogs and run corrupt governments with inferior products and brattish rich kid children.

nb The Left eats itself because the pie (white people’s money) is dying off. Literally.
It will get worse until they learn to self-sustain (never) or the structures supporting them implode.

These are the finest hair line cracks in the system, the first tremors of imminent demise. And the call is coming from inside da house!

It’s funny. When white Christian men ran universities, they ran well and with good standards. Funny that. Put the left in charge of something good and it turns to shit.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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