cough cough “incels” aren’t what you think

Because to get laid a lot you have to lie to women. Tattoo that on your brain, because it’s true. You have to tell what what they want to hear. And since so many women are greedy, lazy, envious, vain children, you have to appeal to that.


Making women chase men, which we aren’t evolved for, leads many stupid women to chase short-term gains with men who have all the style and none of the substance. We haven’t evolved to read these cues but the most r-women do not care anyway. It’s temporary and driven by social factors (didn’t happen before the Sexual Revolution).

I’ve mentioned before about the must successful PUA I know. (I will again repeat he ruined his life because of it). He was good-looking and fit (also necessary) but more than anything else he lied to women. He said he told them “what they wanted to hear.” That’s a direct quote.

..My friend, who is cowardly, impulsive and imprudent (what PUA isn’t?), really did a number on his life. He whined he “got a taste of my own medicine.” To him women were Narcissistic Supply to fill the void were his character used to be.

You can’t just wreck the other party’s pair bonding, it also ruins your own.

So-called player burnout is just that. Fried circuits.

To the extent where they can’t even pretend anymore. Like a candle wick that’s strong at first, gets weaker then totally goes out. Maybe they don’t have an identity any more or maybe they never did (male borderlines are under-diagnosed and mostly very slutty). It is important not to conflate groups of like pathological behavior.

I think a lot of male virgins who believe things they read online inaccurately view these men as happy (nope! find a happy one over 50! they disappear from 30-40) and compare it to their own depression (caused by lack of emotional intimacy and support networks, so you don’t see it in women as much).

Men need the financial backing to marry and have kids, the ones who want this can’t really afford to. This is generational to Millennials and Z. But those ones aren’t going out killing people.

They can’t fulfill their gender role but neither can women (that comes after marriage)…

Virginity isn’t a character flaw though. It never has been. There are many reasons, some good and some consequences of anti-social personality (preservation on the part of others).

In fact, the virgin by choice (celibate) men I’ve seen who had emotional (and cultural) support were happier than married men (no dependents in a crap economy versus a neuroprotective effect from marriage),

who in turn were far happier than the desperate (can’t get any or can’t go without any, in their head).

America’s culture is poison to character, it treats virginity (a consequence of religiosity) like a disease.

The problem isn’t continence.

Abstinence is not a problem (lower age at first sex actually predicts bad life outcomes) and Gen Y sleeps around less than Gen X and Boomers if you care to check. There isn’t more sex going round but it’s like seeing only a handful of super-rich mega-corps, the few sluts that have always existed have ample opportunity (but most of them are ugly, look, they learn to lie because of it).

Slutty men don’t invest in their children/relationships because they can’t. It’s proof of inferior quality. That’s why humans have a deep-ingrained visceral disgust to irresponsible people. Trivers proved that parental investment is evolutionally selected. They’re anti-evolution, the spread betters.

As for those men who are interested in romance… well, the word Incel doesn’t exist because some guy got bored and decided to make something up.

miss you man

And the Manosphere does seem to be obsessed with sex, which means many are not getting much – or any.

Why sleep with a man who doesn’t want to marry you, that you don’t want kids with and when you can’t afford kids yourself for the time he bails like a big chicken, since nobody puts a shotgun to his back for the sake of the kids? Women have no impulse to sleep around, look at the ratio of m/f hookers. We have hardly any sex drive. How many non-pedo female rapists are there every year? Chastity is a good thing, remember? A virtue to be encouraged? Good on a personal level and an economic one, it’s better for society than having another kid the State has to bail out.

They’re thinking of all women like the whores they view in porn. No. Those women are acting (lying) to men and they lap it up. Where they expect those things from normal women is messed up.

That’s not normal, either. And the first time I read the word “incel,” I thought, what the hell is that? When I found out what was, I thought, “Oh.”

I figure it just doesn’t mean “involuntary celibate.” It means “ignored, ostracized, not touched because many girls consider me repulsive.”

Undesirable men used to die in bar fights, sports and wars.

Wannabe cads are being rejected!
Women are massive sluts and love cads!

Pick ONE narrative and stick with it.

It’s almost like they’ve deluded themselves into thinking porn is other than entertainment, that it isn’t fiction. Why would there be a demand if those things were obtainable in real life?

Rather than be less repulsive, they’d rather blame the opposite sex for having the biological discrimination necessary to avoid the nuclear genetics themselves. I’m thinking of fat acceptance for some reason.

They are socially unpopular from certain personality traits they refuse to seek help on. The sexual stuff is a consequence of childhood social mal-adaptation and dysfunction.

Reminder: He pre-empted Gorilla Dick’s prediction.

Individual men and women are not equipped (neither by instinct, nor – in modern societies – by training: quite the opposite) to make wise choice of a husband or wife, unaided.

Individuals are seldom validly able to choose their own spouses in isolation from a community which provides reputational background knowledge on the other person and is or her family, over a period of time – and which takes into account long term aspects.

Because of these things, the Manosphere is going nowhere until it gives up its adolescent beliefs that Alphas/Betas/Gammas/ Omegas really exist. Or that a “Dark Triad alpha” (a narcissist/psychopath) is “the perfect man.”

They insult cave men too. Cave men were mostly great guys, civilized. The reason we’re here discussing this.
They don’t know alpha is a breeding pair, FFS. Read more.
Psychopaths have average or below IQ, as you’d expect in a case of brain damage. Hannibal is fiction, very few are above-average. Yet they lie and say it’s higher, that they’re all in that group (the narcissism).

Any philosophy that splits people into “all-good” and “all-bad” will never last. And that is why the Manosphere, for all the good it’s done, will never last and ultimately will be absorbed into something else and changed into something more realistic.

True, it’s like people who type r/K as a hard and fast thing. It isn’t. That’s why it works. I joke about it but I fear people might miss it. To writ: There are good r-types (I’m thinking classic liberals who love their country and want to keep it free) and bad K-types (although rarer, say CHINOs).

We don’t see many virulent Ks because we live in a time of unprecedented r-selection.

We don’t see many Ks at all. They did exist but hanging used to deal with those too.
So we see many virulent r-types and r-traits but it’s a modern thing by social condition for the most part. K hasn’t the chance to show any negative manifestations since it’s so smothered e.g. many wars are likely under hard K, for pride.

I don’t think he’d be surprised by all these nubile female murders. Spiteful men have always existed, we just called them cowards. Like the men who murder their own children to hurt the mother. Men without a stiff upper lip to get over minor or imagined slights (or the common difficulties of everyday life) act like a savage. They snap. They’re just weak (and too weak to seek treatment of underlying issues). In their mind, they’re killing the Patriarchy they can’t afford to join.

“If I can’t have you, no one can” to a happy lifestyle. This is why women got the creeps, fyi. If women are expected to avoid threats as much as possible (it’s never 100%) we can only do it safely passively (avoidance) and with many false positives (rejecting anyone who pings a threat) – to be on the safe side.

“Because for whatever reasons, both systemically and individually, men think they’re entitled to having sex with women that they want to have sex with.”

Entitlement: I deserve something because I want it. No.

“give your possible rapist/murderer a chance!” Shaming women for healthy sexual disgust.
Give the fat/ugly girl a chance then! If they’re desperate? No? Still not attracted?
But she has such a great personality! She’s such a nice guy girl!

It’s about other men. They’re killing off the potential mates of their competition.

They’d love to kill these self-proclaimed “chads” but men would fight back.
Either way, this is why killing is in the Bible and the 10 commandments. There are people who, if their life sucks for reasons they are responsible for, will end it but not without bringing down the happy, adjusted people around them.

So-called incels want to behave like animals, total bonobo mode, but can’t for some reason. Those have always existed, they’re called rapists. If we didn’t have DNA tests, a lot of them would. You can see in their discussions on their forums they have no moral problem with rape, that’s pure r.

They’d happily enslave all women to them, sexual slavery. They literally call for a rape culture. That’s why no sane woman wants them (they only pretend to be romantic, like a pedophile baits with candy, as you can guess, they’re sadistically abusive but in the honeymoon idealisation lovebombing phase) and they don’t pass on their genes. Because women aren’t falling for it.

Women are sharing information IRL on how to spot them. They can’t stand it.

Women are dumb but… not falling for your shit? This is a mantrum. Well, narc rage, technically.

These guys seem to prove the superficial “men only want one thing” with a caveat “and if they don’t get it, they will hurt you.”

Stop taking rejection personally. It probably has nothing to do with you. post/86878546927/on-nice-guys-and-the-friend-zone

See how many of these you can read through.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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