Banned science

When it doesn’t go their way, it should be a forbidden topic.

It’ll come out eventually. You can’t ban biology. Evolution didn’t stop at the neck and the process is ongoing.

Social engineering is based on a fallacious attempt to view everything as Nurture. Nobody has ever been that dumb. An African can’t randomly give birth to an Asian. Genes exist and they code for many, many things. They don’t want to change their policies, although it would help all groups involved if it conformed better to reality.

“Every part of his argument is attacked: the validity of IQ, the claim that it’s substantially heritable, and the idea that races can be biologically distinguished.”

Attacking an argument (really, they mean shouting down the person) isn’t the same as refuting it.

IQ is the most and only valid construct in psychometrics/psychology. It is the most predictive of life outcomes by far. It has decades of evidence, spanning every society. It correlates to genes (behavioural genetics). GPA is a weaker form of IQ as a measure. IQ is entirely an academic measure, useful mostly within the college system. They cannot drop it.

Well over 50% by now, you’re out of date.

What is white? Why, Loki’s gambit and the continuum fallacy won’t get you out of this one. Genetic distance and archaeological diaspora traced over millennia. There are many ways you can test the individual too (cultural values, as mentioned recently, even sports they have an edge in).

You don’t see them refuting dog breeds.

They did want to drug everyone with oxytocin a short while ago because they thought it made people relax their in-group preference. However, it backfired massively when it turns out it makes people more patriotic. They need people atomized and unhappy, to be a globalist (universalist by value system).

Here’s fake news for you.

Oxytocin: Scientists discover antidote to racism

Oxytocin Could Make You Racist

Yes, you can trust these people to fuck up everything eventually.
Suddenly their dependence on suicide pills makes complete sense. They cannot feel love.

Why mention Bell Curve, that hasn’t been updated in yonks?

They don’t want you to read A Troublesome Inheritance.


“steered around intelligence where, despite racial and ethnic gaps in test scores, no such pattern has been established.”

How does science get established if you don’t fund or publish the studies?

You need to look, argument from ignorance. #notanargument
“May play a role in neurogenesis and regulation of the size of the cerebral cortex.”

Well, is there a racial difference? Could it be measured?
“As a consequence, it has been impractical to obtain accurate thickness estimates for the entire cortex in individual subjects, or group statistics for patient or control populations. Here, we present an automated method for accurately measuring the thickness of the cerebral cortex across the entire brain and for generating cross-subject statistics in a coordinate system based on cortical anatomy.”

Click to access cortical_thickness.pdf

Difference? Yes.

Click to access Whole-Brain-Size-and-General-Mental-Ability-A-Review-2009-by-John-Philippe-Rushton-C.-Davison-Ankney.pdf

Is there geographic variation between “human populations”?
Yes. They’re scared to label it.
You are wrong.

They could study it any time they like.

The liars are quite easy to spot e.g.

“inherited social advantage”

if it’s inherited, it isn’t social

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