If you won’t get married before breeding

don’t be surprised when you can’t provide.


What scum.

Like marriage was just a “bit of paper” instead of security?
Like religion is just a bunch of fairy-tales than a healthy life philosophy?

She chooses to make four children (she didn’t abort) but the taxpayer, who can’t afford them, and is having to have fewer kids themselves, is expected to foot the bill? Why can’t they get jobs? They’re teens and adults. If you need extra money, ask them instead of complete strangers.

Oh, they can afford to get their hair done and fake tan and designer glasses and nice clothes. Those people are not poor. Poor people look it – shabby clothes, greasy hair, bad diet skin. Go after the father, tarts. If he’s dead, his family. If he won’t do his duty, you shouldn’t have done yours. If you act like a wife (motherhood) with none of the expense (mostly for the children’s sake, as she is learning), you’ll attract the crappy quality men who will take advantage of that. A man who won’t marry the mother of his children is defective. It’s like buying a dog and no dog food. Those people exist and shouldn’t be encouraged.

You gave the milk for free.

You can’t start asking strangers on the street to pay for someone else’s already-drank milk. It doesn’t work that way.

“I made a mistake” they always say – no we pay for abortions for free. Nobody forced your legs open. Sex toys exist if you’re an “addict”. You made a series of bad choices assuming a cushy lifestyle using children as ATM dispensers


and a nice, undeserved bailout if anything changes, four huge choices in that selfish direction.

(sociopaths, look it up)

I know plenty of young people who can’t afford to get married, let alone have kids.

They’re good people. They’re responsible. They might never have children.

Fuck. You.

One of my friends went around mothercare stroking the strollers! “One day”, she muttered.
It clean broke my heart in two to hear that. If you could hear the private sorrow in her voice you’d be angry too. Her taxes paying for some whore’s spawn is evil. It’s barefaced evil, completely immoral under any fair system. Not equal, FAIR.

So much for the sodding Sisterhood. (That’s why Gen Y women aren’t feminists. We’re tired of working overtime to pay for tarts who say “we’re all in this together, men are the enemy!”). Why do Labour keep losing? Ask women who can’t afford marriage and kids. Go ahead, ask.

Genocidal conditions, suppression of native birth rate. We’re not only second class in our homeland and frequently the targets of verbal abuse (not just catcalling from rude foreigners) but we aren’t allow to live. We cannot pass key milestones, the rites of passage are forbidden unless you become a parasite on the State teat. You have to fund yourself so your taxes fund the people who hate you here and abroad, will happily euthanize you for being white if they get the power and force you to pay for their orgasms with the Pill, their abortions if you’re a Christian and their little shit brats that never stop screaming in public – their roof, food and schooling.
Nobody wants to be host to leeches.

Women used to have hope but many now are jaded. We hate materialism, actually. It’s socially expected (like makeup being only in the female uniform code and makeup wearers earning more). To attract the husband material is an investment in presentation e.g. if you can’t go out, you’ll never meet any one. This investment used to be well-known, respected and expected. Men did it too, it was just part of growing up. Now, we’re punished for wearing a skirt (too short, whatever the length), wearing trousers, wearing shorts. It’s a treadmill of gaslighting bollocks designed to make us neurotic little drones, desperate to please authority.

We can see it, and we’re pissed.

Nobody conducts big surveys in the Guardian, do they?

You never hear about us. It’s easy to forget this demo exist. We’re told by Boomers we want to be “child-free” i.e. predictable workers that don’t take time out of the economy to be a decent parent, unlike them. Look at our own surveys about our ideal future (1) to know why that’s a load of shit.

1 plot twist: we almost all want kids, but need to buy a house first -after or around marriage- to use the former rent money on raising them properly, unlike Gen X. We don’t just want an empty house, WTF.

We know from child studies what kids really need (why else the emphasis on our diet when we’ll need to work forever?) and it’s all eye-wateringly expensive now. Thanks, Baby Boomers!

If you want to be “traditional” in any way, or hell, only want one parent working like in good economic times, the compassionate, considerate, caring Left will decry you as a “fucking Tory scum” to die in the winter frost of identity politics. Gee, why did the Tories win the last election?

Big fucking mystery, that one. We hate May because she’s a childless hag. We fear becoming that.

Yes, let’s import the slags from Spain and France and Italy and pay for their uterus fruit too! Why the hell not? We don’t need the jobs their men take up anyway. They might as well take our tooth fillings. I wouldn’t be shocked if they made egg donation compulsory and really rubbed it in. A nice slice of genetic rape there too, since you’re too dumb to decide who to breed with, while we’re all being fucked by the phallus of dysgenic fiscal policy.

This can last forever! Free rides on Santa’s sleigh, promised Labour, and a unicorn pony for every child in a dress.

We’ll just pay for it later! Clue: us, it’s us, we’re paying for it now and forever. The left-voting ones still haven’t figured this out.

Conservatives won, the party of families, wow, did not see that one coming. As people go hungry while you sell our nation’s food at a premium to Chinese middle-class cunts, that sneer we must learn Mandarin.

Why didn’t young women back the free shit parade?

We’re hungry and hungry for change.

Almost like ignoring our one deep need and instinct will make us hate you.


The pink bus really sealed it. Hey, you’re important voters as the dusty Union pigs are dying off but we’ll basically roll out the semen-encrusted sock puppets to amuse you. All your concerns and wants are expendable for virtue signalling points. Think of the abused toddler on the beach! He didn’t need to be there! (agree) As we sweep little children under the rug, labelled as hookers for being raped.

Yes there is a rape culture, everyone is being fucked.

Suppression of childbearing instinct is turning women K, even non-white women are getting riled up and rightly so. We can see the type out with the prams, all smug and cheerful. No wedding ring, no manners. You aren’t allowed to say a word, there’s a cult of silence among women or you’ll get mumsnet bearing down on you with its full vaginal prolapse.

“As a mother-” (proceeds to dehumanize you for common sense).

Unless you were raped, you are responsible for the things you make in the bedroom.

Not me, not the woman next to me, not the Prime Minister. Your body, your burden.

Oh, you can’t see the future? It’s called saving, preparing, like everyone else. You wanted sexual liberty, we want financial liberty from the consequences of your “lifestyle choice”. You can’t steal a house but you can steal the value of one over decades. You can’t take food from a supermarket but you can force me to pay for it. Not for long.

Well, thank God for Malthus. None of us have sympathy for the breeding sows. We despise them. We are the silent majority. There should be an option not to support certain categories of poverty on your tax form, according to conscience. There is the deserving and the undeserving poor.

I don’t gamble away all my money then plead poverty. Nobody would owe me.

“It’s difficult” – if you’re old enough to consent to fuck, that isn’t an excuse. Get a real job or give it up for adoption. Oh, but then they can’t signal with it. Rugrats are the status symbol among this selfish type.

“I’m making you pay for all these and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

We’ll see about that.

They are completely useless, learned helplessness, they’re healthy but lazy. It’s a character defect. In any type of societal problem, they wouldn’t last five minutes and since they all collectively owe us so much, we certainly won’t give them anything more. You make a lot of enemies, rub your ill-gotten gains in the nose of the real victims, don’t be shocked you have few friends when the chips are eventually down. Even Governments change. We are not stupid like they are, we have long, long elephantine memories. We talk about them quite a bit. They’re screeching about Patriarchy to guilt-trip cuck men but what happens to the collective women scorned?

You’ve seen no fury. We’re patient. Good things come to those who wait and when the opportunity arises, we will strike as one. This needn’t be planned. We all feel it.

If you can fuck, you can fuck up. There shouldn’t be a safety net for chosen stupidity.

Emotionally, we are totally cut off from deadbeats of all stripe. It isn’t in the news, it isn’t taught.

No, the worker bees are expected to slave and die for welfare queens. Well, we’re fucking sick of it and going Galt, for the most part. Everyone that has the choice to do part-time, is.

You have a nice plan of obedience there… I don’t think so. So they scurry for new quarry like this one but the tiny resource contraction now is nothing to full tilt K-shift. I fear it myself and I’m self-reliant with low time preference.

They feel it in the air. They think the threat comes from men. No, the call is coming from inside the house. Don’t be surprised by things that happen in the coming years. The women they trot out on the news are the exception.

Just ask about food prices, it’s a good test subject. This applies across the West, in all cultures and racial groups. The women are scorned and we will not have it. Telling us we’ll need to wait until our 30s/40s (when we know many are infertile) to breed as they pop them out one after another, the cheek! Good luck calling us misogynists, bitch.

The real misogynist is the woman who selfishly ruins another woman’s life.
All our potential is being stolen by this type, like the life draining machine in Princess Bride.

We shouldn’t be anyone’s slave, including the whores of yore.

This one should be saving for retirement (ha!), middle-age is too old to be handled with kid gloves. I’m young enough to be her daughter and we’re sickened. They aren’t special, the rest of us are sacrificing, why not them?

Would-be mothers (and fathers) do not exist to psychologists. They bloody should.

If a person is infertile by nature the NHS steps in.

What if a person is infertile by theft? Their conscience forbids them from stealing?

The invisible parents will decide the elections, mark my words. The time of begging bowls and “but I don’t like condoms” are truly over. If you want to be a prostitute, you’re going to have to start charging the receiver.

The younger generation cannot save. The market punishes savers with cruel inflation. The savings rates do not exist. The money disappears. Most people want children, most want to get married. It should be possible, it’s a human right. I keep thinking of that girl who dragged me into mothercare, I’m glad I didn’t stop her. I hope she does have children, happy ones.

Well, not if her taxes are going toward these pig-ignorant sows.

I finally understand why nuns didn’t give unwed mothers pain relief. Not that the “father” should get off scot-free either. Bring back debtor’s prison, breaking rocks. To bring a life into the world and choose by circumstance to make it suffer is abuse.

If your kids are worse off, that’s your fault. You have nobody to blame but yourself. We didn’t consent to make them, did we?

A woman’s fight for access to a widowed parent’s allowance is testing the rights of unmarried couples across the country at the supreme court’s first hearing in Belfast.

The state’s refusal to pay Siobhan McLaughlin the benefit amounts to discrimination against children born out of wedlock, the UK’s highest court has been told.

No, you chose not to marry before putting out and breeding. You chose not to discriminate in your mating choices. That’s none of our fault.

Talk about the wages of sin.

I count now, every single time a person does something unholy, I count how many times it backfires with predictable negative effects they play dumb to. Normally at least three things. Still, they are blind to this. It’s just a set of random rules, right? No reasoning. No wisdom.

“It is wrong that a child born out of wedlock is not seen as deserving as one born to a married couple,” she said before the case started at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast on Monday.

He didn’t want to marry you, go tell him off.
It’s a specific allocation. You could’ve chosen to qualify for years, could’ve married for peanuts at the registry office. That’s your failing. You gave your children that status, it’s on you.

It reminds me of the people who say insurance is for idiots then whine when they need to claim.

You didn’t beat the system, you handed it a club to beat you.

It’d be like giving everyone disability because we all suffer in life. These people are insane.

In a world of untold free shit and literally no standards, they STILL fail.

McLaughlin, 46, who had to supplement her income by taking on additional evening cleaning work

Lazy cow, do your duty like everyone else.

I know people working extra hours just to avoid homelessness, what a bitch.

“It is heartbreaking to even contemplate the difference this could have made. It might just have made life slightly easier.

In the words of the great philosopher Britney, you want ___? Better work, bitch.
The State isn’t meant to provide luxuries. I’ve seen people reuse foil. It’s disgusting.

We all want more leisure time, some one is paying for it.

It might have meant that I could have been at home every night to prepare the supper as I had been when John was here.

They’re old enough to make their own food, many to marry off. Is a microwave meal really all your life purpose amounts to? Is that your sum value? Shit parents are so precious. “I keep them alive, don’t I?”

Doing the absolute bare minimum still makes you a terrible person.

“But because I had to go back to work, I am no longer there, so not only did they lose their dad they also lost me and that stability. But I have to provide for them,

like this is a revelation? like you’re a Saint?

to pay the rent for the house and you have to go on and that’s hard.”

Woman compares herself to dead person because she has to work a bit.


Imagine being so useless you feel dead?

McLaughlin applied for a judicial review of the decision, claiming unlawful discrimination based on her marital status. She won her original court case but it was overturned by the court of appeal in Belfast.

She had a “partner”, she’ll lose. She chose not to wed. You can’t be compensated for a dumb decision.

She said: “I get that the benefit is called a widowed parent’s allowance and that the child element is branched within that. I get that I am not allowed to class myself as a widow. It was a family unit: the children have John’s surname, his name is on their birth certificates.

so fucking what? That is a bunch of noise that means nothing.

Expect to see more atheists trying to claim Christian money in truly shocking displays of bad faith. They have no shame. Who doesn’t “need” marriage now? She won’t mention she gets more cash over the years for being unmarried. That’s the real reason. Bad incentives cause this rotten system. The appeal to universalism doesn’t wash in the case of parenthood, you are the sole beneficiary of your child’s affection. You were rewarded by a genetic legacy. Other people directly lost out for that. Other people already sacrificed for the life you lead. She wants this money as the kids all grow up and leave her because it means she won’t have to work more since she’s too past it to have more kids (and the baby daddy died).

Reminds me of Amanda Abbington, she actually thought a man who didn’t want to marry her wasn’t planning on jumping ship after using her for a baby factory. Stupidity is the cardinal sin of nature.

“I didn’t buy home contents insurance but the company should still let me claim because I lost some stuff!”

Marriage is a form of insurance, personal insurance.  Men have rights to their children 2 (and paternity), women have rights to provision (for the time out of the economy to self-earn and for the children). The children themselves, have better upbringing and more rights e.g. inheritance.

Did he tell you he was immortal? Did you magically think he’d never abandon you?
Why didn’t he have life insurance?

What do you think a marriage is? Not wedding, marriage. It’s security for the whole family so they can safely invest money and TIME.

“Win or lose, it has brought the issue to the forefront of people’s minds. It is something that many people were not aware of.”

Wrong. They always presume pity.

It takes one google search on your iPhone to see your non-existent rights. The Government has pages on it. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse?

There is no common law marriage. America has it because they’re backwards. Minors shouldn’t marry but they had to in Colonial times.

It doesn’t work. It actually refers to an old prostitute arrangement, like the Russian mistress apartment of today. Instead of paying for sex directly, he’d pay for lodgings and food.

Seriously, it’s literally what happened. The Victorians hated hookers – that’s mostly who they meant.

Men who didn’t want to invest in their family but felt entitled to one.
Women who wanted to live like wives without the duties. The children suffered most.

The temporary 16 consent age was meant to go up and was placed so little girls couldn’t be tricked into this “arrangement” by poverty.

To this day, landlords seek “sexual services” as payment – but try to deny it’s prostitution.


Interesting excuse for rape. Expect to see more rapist landlords. Ownership > Entitlement.

If you give sex in exchange for something material, you’re a hooker. If you want sex in exchange for something material, you’re soliciting. It’s very simple.

Many actors are hookers, if it gets them work. This isn’t hard logic.

These r-select people expect us to pay for them to get paid twice – first by whatever the sex is in exchange for and second to pay for the loin product nobody wants.

There is no marital connection between two people without a marriage. The feminists wanting contract exchanges are dumb to the point – a consenting contract is …a marriage license. It has to be official to keep the parties honest in a world without reputational standing (since the law won’t allow personal enforcement of punishment, we outsourced violence to the State). Rape by fraud is false light, breach of promise, seduction et cetera, et cetera. Still on the books, needs to be enforced. For marriage to protect anyone.

I’m not entitled to a friend’s fortune if they die because I am fond for them.

Freedom or security, pick ONE.

“In Siobhan McLaughlin’s case, the fact that she is not entitled to bereavement benefits has left her four children in poverty because of the different treatment by the state of their parents’ relationship than if they had married. In a civilised society, that cannot be right.

In a civilized society, she’d have gotten married if she cared for them so fucking much.


15, 16, 21, 23

No? They can get a paper round. Most of them can be married off. To a Russian.

“State benefits are available to cohabiting couples during their lifetime; there is no good reason why they shouldn’t be afforded the same treatment on death.”

They shouldn’t be. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

If you can’t look after each other, you shouldn’t be together.

A parental unit shouldn’t be dependents themselves.

Free fertility is a mistake.

Will she pay death duties on support money? I don’t think so, do you?
Well, a real widow pays taxes. Why the special treatment, that’s discrimination!

They’re discriminating against the people who make the prosocial effort to marry (better for the kids, State too) by handing out their perks to other people.

No comments allowed. Among Guardian readers! Says it all.

2 So no, an unmarried man, a bachelor, has NO rights to “his” children at all. He didn’t sign for them.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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