Why the anti-Semite row?

People aren’t rolling over like dogs any more.

An observation, Jews will have to earn their position like everyone else.

The Torah Party has always been Jewish since it was neocon (globalism gives it away).

The media barrage is useful.

  1. they might move
  2. they’ll stop personally cucking
  3. they’ll understand they painted themselves into a corner by importing groups who speak on Speaker’s Corner about wanting to murder them
  4. they might have to pay their fucking taxes
  5. their own schools are finally being over-run with Cultural Marxist propaganda and failing inspections for rejecting it
  6. since the media is telling them and know they own the media (wink) they’ll believe it
  7. identity politics gets more entrenched because they wanted it
  8. they started it and won’t be allowed to switch course
  9. tactically, it will be openly rigged as a 2-party system between two religions hostile to the native culture
  10. while enjoying its luxuries
  11. people will notice
  12. The Israelis are scared of a fight, they don’t want to risk anything to defend their existence. They have to fund weapons to stay as far away from the front line as possible.
  13. That national character will become a more extreme aversion to real conflict (r).  Triangulation will be employed to make us fight their battles. It won’t work.
  14. if it becomes Muslims v. Jews, let them rip one another apart, none of us care
  15. they can choose to pick up their middle eastern conflict
  16. we don’t even want Jerusalem, it’s a shit-hole
  17. third party systems that actually serves the producers will come in
  18. we have numbers
  19. questions are being asked about undeserved, unchecked power, good!
  20. we’re all equal, so they must answer to the rest of us.

Let it go, let it go….

Anti-nationalist against anti-nationalist.

We’re supposed to care?

Anti-social versus anti-social.

Either way, we all win. They aren’t children what do we owe them? They have many places they can go. The Jews can go to Israel, the Muslims most places, if they feel hard done by. While the rest of us have to cultivate the roots here.

These people hate us. Their religion tells them it’s virtuous.

Why intervene? They have so much social power, they can do it themselves.

The working class infantry won’t march in since you abandoned them.

The foot soldiers have deserted the shitty generals.

“Fight your own damn war!”

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” – Napoleon


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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