Why does shunning make locusts leave?


And nothing less.

If you want someone to leave an area, don’t make them feel welcome.

If you befriend them, they’ll never go. NEVER EVER EVER.

A lot of men are weak on this point. “He’s an alright bloke, it’s just all the people like him that are the problem!”

They didn’t even need a horse, FFS. They just turn up and these morons go “this is fine” like nothing will change. There’s never just one and they send the nice one first.

It’s called boiling the frog.

Foot in the door.

You feed one cat and suddenly all of them are there, waiting.

If you feed a sense of belonging, they stay. They have attached like a leech to your philia and suck and suck and suck until you finally notice.

That is pathological altruism. Idiots.

One response to “Why does shunning make locusts leave?

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