r-types think public nudity is normal 

Neighbours’ note says they are sick of seeing couple’s ‘big boobs and little willy’

A lot of these flashers are popping up now, thinking it “doesn’t count” as exposure if they pretend it’s an accident by repeatedly leaving the blinds or curtains open. There are types of porn based on this.

Okay, but it isn’t normal to have sex against a clear, uncovered window.

A lot of people have been doing that lately too.

Go to a sex “club” and don’t force your degeneracy on normal people.

If you want a thrill, go dogging. Well away from normal people.

This even affects house prices, as a nuisance.

The neighbours are well within their rights to take photos and video from the public street as evidence.

Just saying.

Most people don’t want to see you naked, they aren’t “prudes” (unless by prude you mean, normal).
So much for consent, huh?

Kids can walk by.

If you want to “spice up” your sex life, get toys. The motive is the same with all flashers – the risque taboo that people don’t really WANT to see them. They get away with it and then they do it more, to get a bigger thrill. I wouldn’t be shocked if these two timed it when people were walking by. And what are the odds both would be naked at the same time, in the same room and by the window?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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