“Our NHS”

Baby decapitated inside mother’s womb when ‘NHS doctor carried out bungled delivery’

This is what happens when you hire low IQ.

“It is claimed the mother was not even in established labour at the time.”

Wait, was the mother white, and especially pretty? Might have been deliberate.

To pull on a baby with enough force to tear it is murder. She literally ripped its head off while trying to cut its mother in a way that would likely make her infertile.

No use getting the birth rate up to encounter this chamber of horrors.

“The patient then looked away as Laxman’s QC apologised on her behalf.”

Smells intentional.

“told the hearing it was the first time she was due to give birth.”


“She added: ‘The only pain relief I was given was a spray on my tongue.”

That wouldn’t work on a headache.

“I was told it was meant to loosen my cervix but I was not given gas and air – I was in pain.”

Torture. This isn’t fucking India, use the meds.

‘I tried to get off the bed but they pulled me back three times and just said they had to get the baby out. They twice tried to cut my cervix and nobody told me they were going to do it. ‘There was no anaesthetic. I said to them “it doesn’t feel right, stop it, what’s going on, I don’t want to do it” but nobody responded to me in any way.

No consent, possibly digital rape.

One response to ““Our NHS”

  1. Jesus Fucking Christ (and Im not even Christian), this sounds like some sort of sick ritual sacrifice to Kali or some Thuggee-tier shit.

    Facebook and Google and whoever don’t need to block anti-abortion ads in Ireland when this sort of shit is in the news.

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