It’s almost as if any company to misuse Tesla’s name is cursed.

and now

I said naming it after a dead guy seemed bad luck and that April Fool might just be Musk.

Bad taste, at least. People rely on him.

Elon Musk announces ‘a thorough reorganization’ at Tesla, will be ‘flattening the management structure’

Because Communism has never been tried.

He didn’t pay himself a salary, that was the first sign you’re dealing with an idiot.


I wonder if the mass slaughter of the unicorns will have a peppy name in the history books.

Like Night of the Long Knives but business shivs?

I vote for Mass Slaughter of the Unicorns. Sounds very Potterhead.

Magical, like our fiat debt cyst of a stock market.

Will Tesla be the black swan?

I hope I’m wrong but…

come on. It’s me.

“Government subsidized technology is developed and Musk cashed in. Then cashed out. Then left stock holders holding the bag. It’s like the Simpsons monorail episode…”

It does sound like that, exactly. He was so wise.

In Tyler we trust, right guys?

Anyway, the timelines might be blurry but I have a great batting average.

There’s a snowball effect with this here can.

Snapping at a question, temper temper. You’re not married to those people.
And they’re investors, you can’t (threaten to) fire them.

Production in China? ….RIP.

Ousted from his own company after being a sneaky cow at Paypal?

Exactly like Edison, amazing.

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