Deviance for “art”

I read an actor claim almost the exact thing, that you are allowed to be as evil as you wanted in this world and tread on anyone, as long as the “passion” made your work better.
A windbag vanity.

“I consider it to be contrived, pseudo-poetry; concocted from a talent for verse, and pretence.”
Degenerate art is empty, no good was used in the making of it. You can see the flatness of the artist in it.
The soulless quality is visible and their fans will disappear with them.
None of the work is lasting and the work falls apart quickly in their lifetime and almost totally after their death.
A STEM example would be Musk, who tries so hard to change the world but refuses to change himself.
Who wants to make everyone happy, except his trophy wife of the year.
Such a man of the people, hiding in a chain of mansions and injecting Botox in his face.
Who won’t keep promises to forsake all others, but trust us, Hyperloops and Mars are feasible despite National Debt!
That is a bitter, wasted shell of a life and no good can come of it. Fame and cash can’t paper over incompetence.
“secondly that this was related to an extremely deep and continuous pretentiousness, insincerity… dishonesty.”
It reminds me of Edison. I’m serious. He believed his hype and it made him more immoral in doubling down and that is why he failed where success was an option, if he were a good man.
They are used to delusion making reality, if they play-act long enough it becomes real.
“a man who played roles all the time, with everybody, including himself – and if there was a real CW – a CW who was communicating-directly and spontaneously, a CW who dropped the pretence – then nobody ever seems to have seen it; nor does it ever appear in his writings.”
Don’t trust those men.
They might be psychopath, narcissist, borderline, but whatever it is, don’t touch it.
“It seems to me that in his twenties, Williams chose a path of play-acting, power-seeking, pleasure-seeking, and palliation; he tried to distract himself from himself,and from the human condition, by pathological busyness, pathological socialisation, strategies of self-indulgence… and this negated any possibility of genuine achievement”
Decadence and then deviance, when that isn’t enough.
“best work is something of an ink-blot – there are potentially fertile ideas outlined, hinted-at; but never actually-actualised”
“fails to develop interestingly” that’s the sign, all talk.
Also applies to Peterson with the busy and the inkblot.

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